The Quirkiest Stationery To Get You Ready For School

Get the kids ready for school with these quirky stationery items. 


Wrote-A-Note 2000

Post-Its are worth their weight in gold. Quirk up your notes with the Wrote-A-Note 2000 which is a typewriter shaped post-it dispenser that fits neatly into a pocket, drawer or even pencil case. It’s the fun little things such as this that make work, study and general stationery tonnes of fun.


The Typo Star Wars Collection

From a galaxy far, far away to a Typo near you comes the most stellar of must-have stationery to beat Han’s record on the Kessel Run. How’s about a notebook boasting a Stormtrooper trying to hit his target, an Episode 4 laptop bag and much more cool stuff. It’s important for kids to know Star Wars. Just remember to teach them that the original trilogy will always be better than the new episodes.


Monster Pencil Sharpener

Look! It’s a magical-pencil-munching monster hanging out on my school desk! This pencil sharpener modelled to look like it’s escaped from a Pixar film. Spice up your stationery game with this quirky little thingie-majiggie designed to keep your favourite writing tools looking sharp-sharp. These are hungry little things so make sure you write up a storm this school year.

Pizza Slice Space Case

A slice of pizza is always good… even if it’s bad pizza. Impress your buddies with this tasty pencil case that looks just like a slice of cheesy-pepperoni pizza. It’s big enough to up to 15 pens and one of those little 15 cm rulers and is the perfect size and shape for ever-growing school bags. Too bad you can’t eat it too.

By Shawn Greyling

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