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The People Of Braamfontein

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We spent some time in Braamfontein asking the locals questions about Braamies - here's what they had to say.

Name: Scotty

Age: 27

Occupation: Phd Student At WITS

My Favourite Breakfast Spot In Braamies: Double Shot Tea & Coffee

My Favourite Party Spot In Braamies: Neighbourgoods on a Saturday! The rooftop section is pumping and packed with the coolest people in town.

What I Love About Braamfontein: Seeing as I am somewhat of a career student, I enjoy being around my peers... so, it makes life a little easier, you know? Besides, Braamies has free Wi-Fi and good coffee. What more do you need?

Name: Kenny

Age:  22

Occupation: Ninja

My Favourite Breakfast Spot In Braamies: Post.

My Favourite Party Spot In Braamies: Kitchners is really cool over a weekend. I met my girlfriend there, haha so it's held a special place for me ever since. Besides, the beer is cold, the music loud and the crowd always fun.

What I Love About Braamfontein: The fact that it's the sneaker capital of South Africa! I mean, have you taken a walk around Braamfontein and looked at people's shoes? Sneaker game on fleek for sure!

Name: Rishni

Age: 25

Occupation: Lawyer... in training.

My Favourite Breakfast Spot In Braamies: Love Food. Oh my have you been there? It's one of my favourite places in the city.

My Favourite Party Spot In Braamies: I don't really party in Braamfontein, or anywhere for that matter. But if I had to pick, defs the market on a Saturday. Chilled vibes and stuff.

What I Love About Braamfontein: It's a world class African city, haha! The people are cool, like really cool. I like that it's fairly safe and not nearly as crowded as Maboneng... but then again... on Saturdays it can get pretty hectic - especially close to the end of the month.

Name: Leonard

Age: 30

Occupation: film maker

My Favourite Breakfast Spot In Braamies: I don't eat breakfast.

My Favourite Party Spot In Braamies: Bannister Hotel on a Friday night. Sometimes they've got live DJ's and stuff. They also sell Poison City beer from Durban which is really good.

What I Love About Braamfontein: There are quite a few art galleries in Braamfontein - like the Stevenson - which is dope. Another cool thing is that I see a lot of skateboarders in Braamfontein and harassment from security isn't as bad as it used to be. So, it's cool to see that skateboarders have a place to go now.

Name: Tebogo

Age: 25

Occupation: Student

My Favourite Breakfast Spot In Braamies: WAM cafe. I am a Fine Art student at WITS, and I love spending time at the eatery inside the Wits Art Museum.

My Favourite Party Spot In Braamies: Great Dane.  The first time I visited that place it was almost empty because nobody except for us and a handful of other people knew the password. I saw Yolandi Visser from Die Antwoord there that night, which was awesome!

What I Love About Braamfontein: The people! That's what this article is about, right? Very cool. People watching in Braamies is a fun thing to do in between classes.

Name: Charle

Age: 33

Occupation: Barman

My Favourite Breakfast Spot In Braamies: Post. Those hipsters know how to make a mean cup of coffee.

My Favourite Party Spot In Braamies: Not a lot of people know this but the bar at Once In Joburg  can be a lekker place to hang out. It's always packed with tourists from around the world. As a barman I like to listen to stories and some of the craziest things can be overheard there.

What I Love About Braamfontein: it's the gateway to the city, man. Braamfontein is so full of energy and stuff. It's like the first stop before the Nelson Mandela Bridge takes you into the inner city.

By Shawn Greyling


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