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The More The Peri-Er With Nando's Platters

The More The Peri-Er With Nando's Platters

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Wind down the year by turning up the heat with a Nando's platter or three! Nando's logo

Peri-fy Any Occassion With Nando's

Woza Dezemba! It's time to kick it with friends and soak up the sun. So, peri-fy the occasion, with a platter from Nando’s. With three new sharing offerings to choose from, it's the perfectly delicious excuse to peck away at something while you tell jokes, dance, and flirt your holiday away. Then click here to order yours now!

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The More Peri-er Platter

A mouthwatering variety of Nando's flame-grilled chicken, guaranteed to delight for only R540!

  • 2 Full Chickens (cut into 16)
  • 16 Winglets
  • 2 Flame-grilled mielies cut into 3
  • 2 Sharing wedges
  • 2 Dips (Perinaise and Creamy)

More To Share Platter

The succulent selection of famous Nando's menu offerings will bring a glow to the cheeks of everyone of your party people for only R510!

  • 1.5 Full chicken (cut into 12)
  • 4 Kids' burgers
  • 2 Flame-grilled mielies (cut into 3)
  • 2 Sharing wedges
  • 2 Dips (Perinaise and Creamy)

Hands-On Delicious Platter

Make merry with PERI-PERI. The Nando's Finger Food platter is ideal for the sort of occasion where guests will be chatting, dancing, and flirting up a storm! Feed them for only R540!

  • 3 Chicken wraps (cut into 6)
  • 3 Sticky prego pulled chicken wraps (cut into 6)
  • 16 winglets
  • 2 Sharing wedges
  • 2 Flame-grilled mielies (cut into 3)
  • 2 Dips (Perinaise and Creamy)

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Ways To Get Your PERi-fix

  • Visit your nearest Nando’s and pop in for take-out, dine-in OR drive thru
  • Download their app on Android or iOS app store (it’s FREE)
  • Or call them on 087 997 1955 to place your order for:
  • Kerbside collection: delivered right to your car
  • Nando’s delivery: delivered right to your door

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Terms & Conditions Apply

  • Serving suggestion only.
  • Tableware not included.
  • Ingredients and allergens list available on request.
  • Price valid while stocks last.
  • One flavour per platter
  • Prices valid until 9 March 2021
  • 1 Platter feeds 4-6 people as a meal or 7-9 people as a snack.
  • No swop outs

For More Information

For more information about Nando's and what's currently on offer, visit their website at

Don't forget to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news, updates, delicious offers and more.

Click here to order your PERi-fix online now!


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