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The New Maxim Lounge

The New Maxim Lounge

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Looking for the perfect whisky bar around the corner? Look no further than the newly launched Maxim Lounge in Sandton. Here's what to expect... scotch

The Maxim Lounge, or Maxim for short, used to be a cigar lounge at the DaVinci Hotel in Sandton. But it's been reborn and remodeled into the only whisky bar within the richest square mile in Africa. From the 1st of June 2016 new whisky keeps and softer lighting has been installed in the venue. Barmen uniforms are branded with Johnnie Walker, with the iconic 'Striding Man' on the cuffs and chest. Maxim has collaborated with Scotch Whisky stalwarts, Johnnie Walker. Needles to say that the Maxim Lounge serves some of the most exclusive and rarest whiskies in the world.

"Whisky has a rich and captivating history but in the last decade or so we've seen whisky culture take a turn, from the different ways the spirit is served and enjoyed, to the huge variation of flavours and the ever-growing “elite segment” the spirit captivates," says Robert Hodson, General Manager of the DaVinci Hotel and Suites. The Maxim Lounge allows members to store their bottles of unfinished whisky and cigars in a locker which they may return to and enjoy alone or with friends.

"Whisky used to be perceived as 'an old man's drink' but this status has certainly changed to become the choice of drink for the elite and established few. While there is arguably no right or wrong way to drink it, nor a right or wrong place to enjoy it, and equally no right or wrong 'nose' or 'palate' preference, but by giving consideration to all the above, the experience of drinking whisky can be heightened and made even more pleasurable. This is the thinking behind the new Maxim Lounge. We wanted to not only create a highly personal and unique experience for each whisky aficionado, but help you find the serve that's right for you, and perhaps even induce you to try a blend you wouldn't necessarily be drawn to."

The Maxim Lounge offers an opulent selection of cigars. As for the food, a canapé menu will be served, prepared using only the finest ingredients.

By Shawn Greyling


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