The Lion Park

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The Lion Park

The Lion Park is an eco-tourism destination, breeding ground and sanctuary that focuses on the well-being and regeneration of the endangered Wild Dog, the rare White Lion and Cheetah. The focus of the park is to provide an opportunity for people, both local and overseas tourists, to learn more about these wonderful African animals.

There are opportunities to go on predator tours, night feeding tours, cheetah and lion walks, mini safaris, and a huge bonus (which is loved by most visitors) is the lion cub interaction sessions. Self drives and full safari tours are also an option.

The Lion Park has separate grounds for each carnivore species, as well as for the other animals housed at the park. Visitors can also expect to see zebras, giraffes, Blesbok, Gemsbok and Springbok.

The lions kept at the park are from Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Northern Gauteng and Botswana. On occasion, new lions are introduced to prevent inbreeding.

Visitors to the Lion Park will be delighted to know that it stays open 365 days a year (in the evenings too!). Bookings must be made for the Cheetah Walks, guided game drives, Night Drives, an Alex Larenty (the world-renowned Lion Trainer, animal behaviourist and Filming Wrangler) tour or stay in the tented camp.

To find out more about The Lion Park, click here. 

Phone: 087 150 0100

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