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Over 4 million South African children don’t have a desk to work on at school. They sit on rickety chairs and try to balance books on their knees, or they sit cross-legged on the floor or ground and try to read and write that way. You can imagine what this does to a child’s sense of self, their ability to concentrate and learn – and even their handwriting.

The Lapdesk Company has created the “lapdesk” – a moulded plastic sheet with a smooth surface which is portable, light and durable. A child can hold it against his or her body to create a proper working surface which can comfortably accommodate both a notebook and a textbook. If children need to move between classrooms, even the little ones can easily carry their lapdesks with them. Archbishop Desmond Tutu is the patron of the lapdesk.

Companies across South Africa have sponsored lapdesks in different provinces. Heinemann Educational Publishers has joined the drive, and they will be donating as many lapdesks as they can raise money for when schools re-open in 2007. Heinemann is sponsoring the first 1000, and are trying to raise funds for as many more as possible. The lapdesks will be donated to the children, not the schools, so each child will have his or her own and will be able to take it home for homework purposes. Each lapdesk costs only R65.

If you are able to help one or more children with a lapdesk, you can do an EFT, deposit a cheque made out to Heinemann Publishers (Pty) Ltd or send a cheque to Heinemann through your contact person. Proof of payment can be emailed to

Banking Details:

Heinemann Publishers (Pty) Ltd


First National Bank, Oxford Park Corporate

Account Number:


Branch Code:


Please use your name and the word “Lianne/Lapdesk” as reference so they know where your donation belongs.

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