The Lads’ Night Out


Your wife/girlfriend’s gone away for the weekend and you have full reign over everything. No going to bed early, no healthy eating and best of all you can rekindle with your mates. What are we going to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got a plan. Here’s our itinerary for an awesome lads’ night out.



It’s Friday and we’re hungry – we’re man hungry. So of course we’re not settling for anything but the best steak in town. According to Conde Nast Traveller, the best fillet on the continent can be found at the Grillhouse in Rosebank. So let’s all meet up there, have a pint and some grub to line the stomachs with.

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Fancy a lad’s drink? Let’s head over to Workshop 55 in Parktown North. Gin bars are slowly but surely picking up in South Africa. It’s taken the UK by storm and it’s sure to replace craft brewing within the next five years. Guys have started making their own spirits at home and some have gone so far as to even concoct their own vermouth. What’s vermouth you ask? It’s a fancy way of saying spiced wine, bro. Culture yourself.

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That was cool, right? Feel that buzz from all the gin we just had? That’s a sophisticated kind of tipsy, friend. But now we need something to boom off the night, right? We need that coup de grace which hammers the final nail into the coffin of this boys night out. The steak’s settled and the drink’s in so let’s head over to Black Ops Tactical Laser Tag. This is the closest we’ll get to real fire fights and playing around with automatic rifles. We’re talking about kitted out AR15s, baby.

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That was a tonne of fun, right? But are you guys tired yet or can we keep going? Maybe we should end the evening off with a bit of BroForce. Keen? Of course! We are men! There’s nothing quite like ending a lads’ night with a bit of action. Especially if that action was produced by a game developer from South Africa. Check ’em out.

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guns n steak

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