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The Doors Nightclub

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The Doors, as you can imagine, is a rock orientated club. Named after the popular 60’s rock ensemble, the Doors nightclub lives up to it’s larger than life namesake by being a constant staple in the Johannesburg live rock music scene.

The venue boasts two floors and countless bars for busy nights and a really high stage, which give you the proper audience/performer feel as apposed to these little two feet ‘band stands’ which you find in the average live music club. The clubs longevity speaks for its popularity in the scene, the doors has been around forever and keeps bringing in the new crowd year after year.

From the outside you might think you’ve landed in Seattle by a mistake, the entrance area from van Riebeeck Avenue is worn down from many years partying and is on a main through road in Edenvale, but don’t let that scare you off, once inside you will see and hear what you were expecting. The music is rock n roll, although most Joburgers will tell you that it’s mainly a metal club (which is true). Bands such as 16 Stitch, Perez and Mislead are often on the menu.

Venue: The Doors Nightclub, 19 van Riebeeck Ave, Edenvale, Johannesburg

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