The Counterspace Of Pop Culture In Zaire: Magolide Collective

The Counterspace of Pop Culture in Zaire by the Magolide Collective will be exhibited at the TMRW Gallery in Rosebank from Saturday, 27 July 2019 – Sunday, 31 August 2019. 

What Is It?

The Magolide Collective – made up of artists Mzoxolo Mayongo and Adilson De Oliveira – present The Counterspace of Pop Culture in Zaire at the TMRW Gallery from Saturday, 27 July 2019. This collected body of work aims to re-imagine African art histories. Featuring guest artists Gabriel Baard, Hafiza Asmal and Vincent Baloy, this exhibition promises to capture your imagination and delight your senses.

The Counterspace of Pop Culture in Zaire is a multi-sensory digital art installation. Combining video art with performance, this body of work seeks to address the intersections found between spectacle, pop-culture and black identity. The spectator is encouraged to move around the space, taking in the landscapes and portraits before them. So, open your mind to new possibilities and explore art in a way you never have before. Because, technology has not only changed how we consume art, it has changed how we create, critique, and share it. Don’t miss out on the art evolution!

Overall, this collaborative exhibition is intended to break down Western modes of consuming art. Welcoming technology into the gallery space, this immersive experience is definitely one you will remember.

When Is It?

Saturday, 27 July 2019 – Sunday, 31 August 2019.

The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday at 10:00 – 16:00.

Where Is It?

TMRW Gallery, 1st Floor, Trumpet Building, Keyes Art Mile, 221 Keyes Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Entrance to the gallery is free.

For more information

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2019-07-27 00:00:00 2019-08-31 18:00:00 Africa/Johannesburg The Counterspace Of Pop Culture In Zaire: Magolide Collective 19 Keyes Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg.

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