The CH Pink Initiative – Supporting Breast Cancer

Last week, in support of breast cancer awareness month, Carolina Herrera and her daughter visited South Africa to promote their CH Pink initiative at Helen Joseph Hospital. Launched in 2013 with the Breast Health Foundation, the campaign formerly known as “Support with a Smile” provides palliative care to breast cancer sufferers in South Africa. Through this initiative, the Carolina Herrera brand has made a 5 year, R5 million commitment of local support.

The CH Pink Initiative – Supporting Breast Cancer

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About Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is a brand that has long been recognised for empowering strong and independent women. Her message to all women fighting breast cancer today is, “Don’t give up. You are not alone”. Founded in 1980, the brand quickly became known for its style, elegance and femininity. Therefore, it makes sense that it should play a role in the international fight against breast cancer, by supporting the brave and determined women who battle the disease every day.

This year marks seven years since the company launched its international breast cancer awareness campaign, and two years since it partnered with the Breast Health Foundation in South Africa to launch the project. Together, Carolina Herrera and her daughter work tirelessly with partners and local organisations around the world to promote and grow it, ensuring that it reaches the women who need it most.

The CH Pink Initiative

The CH Pink Initiative will be launched in October 2015, Breast Cancer month, and it will be supported by activities around the country. The Carolina Herrera brand has been working closely with breast cancer organisations around the world since 2008. Today, the charity is making a meaningful difference in the lives of women who suffer from breast cancer in Brazil, Mexico, Spain and South Africa. This campaign is aimed at providing hope, education and insight into the fight against cancer, reminding women that the battle against breast cancer can be won.

The campaign also includes a video featuring mothers who are suffering from this disease, and those mothers’ main motivation for survival: their children. The video shows boys and girls of all ages painting two pink lines on their faces as a sign of their love and support, while also sending messages to their mothers, reminding them that they are not alone.

The local associations with Carolina Herrera are dedicated to the fight against breast cancer in each country and provide a local knowledge that allows the programme to address issues that are specific to the region and culture of the women. Both Carolina Herrera and her daughter took a personal interest in the project. Carolina Herrera de Baez, for example, was extremely involved in the filming of this upcoming campaign – talking to the mothers, and encouraging the children to express themselves. The end result is an honest and moving depiction of the battle with breast cancer.

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For more information about the CH Pink Initiative and Carolina Herrera, visit their website at

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