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The 101 On Pre-Workout For Women

The 101 On Pre-Workout For Women

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This week, The Lean Girl – Angelique Daubermann – gives us the lowdown on pre-workouts for women. To take pre-workout, or to not take pre-workout – that is the question she'll be answering in this blog. 

Let's be honest - sometimes just jumping around trying to get our high waisted gym pants on seems strenuous! Never mind actually giving our workout the kind of intensity that's needed to make some real progress in the gym!

So sometimes a girl can use some help when she's feeling a little flat!
Welcome, the pre-workout! A unique combo of ingredients that can boost your performance and workout intensity in the gym when you need it!

In my latest vlog, I am talking all things pre-workout and answering all of your burning questions like:

  • Should I be taking a pre-workout
  • Do they actually work
  • Which is the best one
  • Is it safe to take daily

So if you're curious too - enjoy the vlog and be sure to download my lean girl guide to pre-workout where I breakdown the pre-workout facts to make the Dischem supplement isle a little less scary!

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