Thabiso Mjo Takes The Spotlight At Design Indaba

Thabiso Mjo may not be a household name yet, but she is well on her way to becoming one. Combining western design lines with African intensity, Thabiso has rattled the right cages in both local and international interior design circles.

Taking the scenic route towards becoming an extraordinary interior designer, Thabiso did not fall into the business with a set goal at hand. She majored in production design and after working in TV – and with product design as her day-to-day – she took naturally to designing her own fixtures and furnishings.

She is not specifically inspired by one specific culture in South Africa or Africa – what inspires her is more the emotions that are evoked when we think of Africa and African design. This lens through which she sees the world is what led her to design the Tutu 2.0 light, judged as the ‘Most Beautiful Object in South Africa’ by public vote at Design Indaba 2018. Thabiso is also the designer behind the furniture found at David Higgs’ Saint Retaurant in Sandton. Lately, Thabiso has become a young creative ambassador for Brand South Africa. Her relationship with Brand South Africa is unique in the sense that her designs are inspired by this beautiful country.

Thabiso likes colour; things that are bold; things that are unapologetic and experimental and in your face.

She loves that soul and that’s what African design has. African design has soul and taking that and juxtaposing that with a Western aesthetic creates an interesting marriage.

What Thabiso thinks is the really cool thing about art and design is how its open to interpretation – that there is no one right answer. She just wants you to feel something.

Making it Uniquely SA

[WATCH] Entrepreneur Thabisa Mjo, founder of MashTDesign shares on her award winning product designs, inspired by South African cultures, colours and vibrancy. Made in SA, admired globally. #UniquelySA #BuyLocal

Posted by Official Brand South Africa on Friday, March 1, 2019

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