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Tasting Experiences To Try In 2019

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With the start of a new year year, we all make New Year's Resolutions. Sometimes, one of these resolutions is to try new things but where do you start? Well, why not try some new tasting experiences this year? Joburg is a hub of tasting experiences and we've given you a few to try! tasting experiences 

For the wine-lovers!

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Gerakaris Family Wines

Gerakaris Family Wines is a great place to go for some wine tasting in Joburg. It's also the only open vineyard in Johannesburg. Started by Kath Gerakaris as a marketing company looking to bring Cape wines to Joburg, the vision quickly evolved into the company producing its own wine varieties. The tasting room is open Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and throughout the weekend.

Vaal Wine Route

If you don't mind taking a bit of a drive, the Vaal Wine Route is a great place to go and discover some new wines. This annual wine expo takes place over a six week period in winter and showcases many of South Africa's best wines. The 2018 festival hosted more than 30 wines from around the country. This unique wine route offers a number of ways to travel between wine venues, and it should be on every connoisseur's to-do list! It's also a great way to beat the winter blues!

The Wine School

The Wine School isn't your traditional wine tasting experience. They offer wine courses and a few events to drink wine for enjoyment. On offer are Uncorked One (for those looking to go from beginner to wine connoisseur) and Uncorked Two ( for those who've aced Uncorked One or just want to be a pro at everything wine). For those who just want to drink wine for the fun of it, there's Thirsty Thursdays, which usually takes place on the last Thursday of the month.

Not everyone is a fan of wine, but fear not — there are many other types of tasting experiences to enjoy!

For the Gin-lovers!

tasting experiences

Time Anchor Distillery

The makers of the oh-so-delicious Mirari Gin range (and other gins), Time Anchor Distillery, is probably one of the only female run gin distilleries in Joburg. Located in Maboneng, they offer bespoke gin tasting events, where the co-owner and chief alchemist Shanna-Rae Wilby provides a lesson on gin. Their events usually happen once a month so keep an eye on their Facebook page for their next event.


Tonic doesn't exactly do tastings but I put them on my list for their wide range of gins! The bar is literally a celebration of everything gin. Don't believe me? Well they stock over 150 gins from around the world and South Africa, so it's safe to say that they have range. It's definitely worth the visit but make sure you're prepared to fork out cash for their cocktails.

The Gin Box

The Gin Box doesn't offer gin tasting, but if you become a member they'll send you a box of gin and everything you need to mix your perfect gin cocktail every month. They also have monthly, bi-monthly or tri-monthly options to choose from so you don't have to pay every month.

If you're into Whiskey!

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WhiskyBrother Store sells some of the best Whiskey's on the market online, as well as at their Hyde Park store. They are Johannesburg’s first and only speciality whiskey store. What started as a Whiskey blog blossomed into a store offering more than 400 different Whiskeys. They also do many tasting events at the WhiskyBrother Bar. They also offer private tastings for groups and corporate events. No matter the size of the group, they have you covered.

The Whisky Rebellion

The Whisky Rebellion offers bespoke Whiskey tasting experiences, but they don't stop there! They do Gin, Tequila, Rum and Brandy/Cognac as well! You just select which spirit you want to learn more about and they do the rest! They do private and corporate events.

Cafe Hemingways

Cafe Hemingways is a New York bistro-style bar located a little further North of Joburg, in Kyalami. The bar, Bar Hemingways, offers bespoke Whiskey tastings and pairings. Tastings are usually offered for groups of 10 or more.

If Beer's your thing!

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SAB World of Beer

Not only is SAB World of Beer a museum dedicated to beer, you can also taste some of the beers they produce. You can take a beer tour, get educated on beer at a beer tasting and enjoy some food from the Taproom.

MAD Giant Brewing Company

Mad Giant Brewing Company is one of those places that combines food and drink. The brewery is located right next to Urbanologi and brews their beers on site. The brewery offer tours of the brewhouse, which you can take with a cold brew in hand.

It's not just about alcohol!

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Joburg has a lot more tasting experiences that go beyond just drinks, but my favourite is definitely chocolate!

Lindt Chocolate Studio

Our favourite Swiss Chocolate brand, Lindt, offers chocolate tasting at the Lindt Chocolate Studio in Joburg! They offer a range of Masterclasses as well as tasting classes for all ages. I mean, what's better than that? Their pairings also cater to different groups, with both tea & chocolate and wine & chocolate pairings. Probably one of the tastiest tastings on this list by far!


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