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Taste The Finest Artisan Brews at Royal Coffee Roasters

Taste The Finest Artisan Brews at Royal Coffee Roasters

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Royal Coffee Roasters is one of our longstanding top spots for a caffeine fix. We visited them recently to see what's new on the menu and to sample some of their artisan brews. Needless to say, they're still our favourite coffee shop on the east rand and we bet they'll be yours too. 

We first discovered Royal Coffee Roasters in 2017. Since then, we've been hooked on their amazing coffee and delicious café fare. That's why we had a mild panic attack when we thought they'd closed their doors. Thankfully, they've only relocated to Randhart and we can still get our greedy little hands on their artisan brews. We stopped by recently to get a feel for their new home. We also browsed their menu for new additions and the good old favourites. Here's what we found:

Coffee Perfection 

Royal Coffee Roasters new location is warm, welcoming and bright. Their free WIFI offering makes this the ideal space to get some work done, so long as the constant whir of the coffee machines won't distract you. If you'd prefer to sit and kuier over a cup of coffee, we recommend sitting along the wall on a booth seat. There are lovely big pillows to rest your back on, so you can chat away for hours.

Royal Coffee Roasters

The coffee will keep you going for a good amount of time as well. Royal Coffee Roasters knows precisely how to grind, roast and blend their coffees to get the fullest flavour quality. Sit and savour their Royal Blend filter coffee to get the purest taste of coffee aromatics and earthy undertones.

If you prefer your cuppa with milk, froth or cream, take your pick from their selection of cappuccinos, café lattes and gourmet coffees. They've got milk alternatives for the lactose sensitive and vegan coffee lovers, so no one will be left out on an excursion to Royal Coffee Roasters. They also cater to tea drinkers, hot chocolate fanatics, milkshake fiends and cocktail sippers. Give their Espresso Martini a try for a royally good kick!

Breakfast feasts

We are suckers for a good breakfast. Royal Coffee Roasters delivers just that. We ordered the wholesome Boerie Breakfast and the elegant Salmon Croissant. Paired with two tall glasses of zesty orange juice, this was a meal fit for royalty. We had planned to order something sweet to end off the feast, but there was simply no room to spare. We know from experience however, that Royal Coffee Roaster's selection of cakes, pastries and baked goods is heavenly. We'll certainly be back soon to enjoy a slice or two of their signature chocolate coffee baked cheesecake.

Royal Coffee Roasters serves a variety of light meals, toasties, Turkish flatbreads, pastas and salads, as well. So whatever time of day you stop by, there'll be something to quench your appetite. As such, we officially declare this coffee café one of our absolute favourites in the city. Comment below if you've visited them and agree!

For More Information 

Visit their website for more information, or follow their Facebook page.

Details: Meyersdal Square, C/o Jochem Van Bruggen and Michelle Avenue Randhart, Alberton | (Tel) 011 452 2751 | [email protected]


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