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Take A Stroll Through Sylvia’s Market

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In Joburg it’s all about shopping centres and crazy busy suburban restaurants, so escaping to a market is always a welcome change. Check out Sylvia’s Market in Observatory for the best in gourmet food stalls, fresh produce and stellar live entertainment. 

Chatting to my mom one day, she mentioned that a new market had opened at the top of Sylvia’s Pass in Observatory, Johannesburg. Strange place to have a market, I thought at first. She tried to convince me to go with her the following weekend, but you know how it is, I thought it was going to be a boring day out and so I gave her a ‘We’ll see!’

But curiosity got the better of me – okay, and the fact that everyone I knew started talking about it, and posting it on Facebook – so I phoned mommy dearest back and told her that I would take her to go see it. For her, of course… I didn’t want her to miss out.

Boy was I surprised when we walked in. I expected a boring place filled with elderly people looking for some nice vegetables for their Sunday lunch (a memory I had of a market overseas in a small village). Instead it was packed with people of all ages and let me tell you, it was cold out there, so that’s telling you something.

sylvia's market



Showcasing and promoting fresh produce, delicious food, and quality products, Sylvia’s Market, which opened up in July, had plenty on offer, and had me wanting to check out every stall. Which I did. From hand-crafted stalls to fresh ones with fruit and veg, and of course the food stalls that had me salivating in seconds, it was actually a fun day out – don’t tell my mom I said that, though.

The idea behind the market is to give local entrepreneurs and traditional mom and pop stores a platform to showcase their goods – and they’re doing a great job doing just that. Being the only market in the Observatory area, it’s a great place to take the family on a Sunday for some delicious treats and interesting shopping. And you don’t have to shop up a storm; it’s the perfect place to enjoy a chilled day out while the kids run around.

I know I’ll be back for sure. So, instead of hitting the shopping malls this weekend, take a drive there and enjoy what’s on offer. And do yourself a favour… go hungry!

Click here for more information about Sylvia's Market. 

By Angela Bekiaris

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