Tailor-Made Treatments For Men At Hines & Harley


Hines & Harley is a luxury men’s grooming lounge – and you can trust that they understand the importance of time-tested traditions, with a modern twist.

Who said that pampering was only for ladies? At the elegant new men’s grooming lounge in Parktown North that is Hines & Harley, gentlemen are offered a variety of specialised treatments just for them! That’s right, gents… it’s your time to be pampered. And, yes, paying this trendy new spot a visit is completely manly.

Hines & Harley is located in the most magnificent heritage building that was built in the early 1900s. The interior is equally as charming, with an eclectic mix of classy old-school décor and beautiful modern finishes. The staff, on the other hand, are delightful, too, I’ll have you know… the team is enthusiastic and highly professional, and ensures you feel right at home from the minute you step inside.


I recently paid Hines & Harley a visit with my boyfriend, Nik, who I’ve been trying to get to go for a couple of treatments for some time now. He’s a typical guy, and was very much against the idea. You know how guys are… they think that anything along the lines of getting their skin pampered or nails groomed is feminine (I see all of you gents out there nodding!).

Anyway, eventually I talked Nik into it and, to my surprise, he’s so glad that I did! We arrived at the grooming lounge on a weekday afternoon and were greeted by the kind staff upon arrival. They then offered us something to drink, and I was very impressed by the rather extravagant list of complimentary beverages that they had on offer – from cold-drip coffee to whiskey on the rocks – I thought it was a majorly classy touch.


We then took a seat in the main grooming room and decided on which treatments to have. Nik eventually decided on a facial and a hot shave, while I decided I’d have a foot and hand massage. Yes, ladies, they offer massages (from basic ones to a divine Afri-Thai kind) and even pedicures (just be sure to bring along your own nail polish) that you get to indulge in while your man gets his treatments done. How fabulous is that?

While I was getting my massages done, I watched Nik have his facial and shave. It was very interesting to see… his stylist was clearly a perfectionist, and made shaving look like some form of fine art. My massages were just divine and the oil that my masseuse used on my feet and hands smelt like heaven!


By the end of Nik’s treatments, he was wonderfully relaxed and really stoked with his fresh complexion and neat shave… it looked great! Before we left, we scanned their shelves of skincare products, which are specially developed for men, and Nik decided to get a few to take home. The range is stunning, and offers everything from cleansers and exfoliators to moisturisers and oils. I must also mention that they have an array of beard products on offer, too… nifty, right?

Overall, I’ve got to tell you that I adore both the concept and passion behind Hines & Harley and certainly recommend it to any gents who take looking after themselves seriously, but think it’s anything but masculine to visit a salon to get any help with grooming. Trust me when I say that this grooming lounge is an über-trendy and very much professional spot that men can be proud of going to!

It’s also worth mentioning that Hines & Harley has paired up with The Local Grill, and offers all of you gents out there a number of fantastic package deals for special occasions or simply whenever you feel like some well-deserved pampering. Enjoy getting groomed to perfection while sipping on some of the finest whiskies, then head out with the guys for a delicious dinner (and more whiskey) at The Local Grill. To enquire about this package, please contact the grooming lounge directly.

By Candice May

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