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It's Time To Say Konnichiwa To The Art Of Tai Chi

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Konnichiwa Joburg! We are all about trying something new and what better than get fit and strengthening you mind, body and spirit. Let's Tai Chi about it...

Going to gym is not always a good topic for everyone, which is why a lot people have become more open to new suggestions and ideas to keep in shape. Some people relate better to the unexpected option of Tai Chi, because you can get fit in a unique and fun way.

A fitness activity that has become popular is martial arts. Many Asian forms of art are taking over and becoming quite a trend in South Africa.

So we can say konnichiwa to Tai Chi and exploring a few places that are introducing this art to Joburgers.

But before we even go there...

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is the art of strengthening the body, mind and spirit. This ancient Chinese art form is great for health, fitness, and body awareness. Another benefit is the tranquility that it allows you to tap into and how strong you become.

Now let's take a look at what Joburg has to offer...

Tai Chi

Red Dragon Tai Chi & Kung Fu Academy

Their studio is situated at the Fairland Walk Mall and the words "Red Dragon" make it quite clear as to where Tai Chi originates. With that said, this academy offers classes in Kung Fu, Chi Kung and meditation - absolutely great way to find calm and relaxation.

We encourage everyone to try this sport, it's different and you will probably learn a new type of discipline that will help you balance and perfect certain things while getting your fitness on.

Tai Chi

Mings Martial Arts

Mings Martial Arts is a cool spot situated in Parkview and Midrand depending on the class you want to attend. They have a lot of super cool offerings like Kobujutsu karate, Tai Chi and self-defense.

Leo Ming, the instructor of these amazing classes has mastered the art of teaching people ways to get fit and strong both physically and mentally. You can find him at the venues below:

  • Parkview Junior School and Parkview Senior School for karate
  • Sagewood School in Midrand for karate
  • Parktown Girls High in Parkview for tai chi and karate

They have options in martial arts for the kids and corporate industry; so if your company wants to implement extra mural culture or maybe try something new for team building. Contact Leo Ming.

Tai Chi

Songshan Kung-Fu Executive Academy

If you are looking for a spot that will provide one of the best beginners class, Songshan is the place to be. They have a few branches in and around Joburg including Bryanston (HQ), Boskruin and Edenvale.

This academy has been around for over 20 years now and offers loads worth of experience to students and we all know, we live in a world where sometimes you need certain skills to help you defend yourself. Sad but true so the best way to do so is joining their classes which will open the door to discipline and defense.

Now that we have checked out some spots, Jozi. Let's go!

Xiexie Ni

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