ZUKI Petshop is an online pet food, grooming, toys and accessory store. But, that's not all. You can also consult with a qualified veterinarian through their online chat service. During lockdown, this feature is super handy for when you have burning questions about your pet's health, but would prefer not to venture out into the real world. ZUKI caters to all kinds of pets too, including reptiles, birds and fish.

During lockdown, ZUKI's delivery service will be operational. Shop their range of affordable food, toys and accessories here. You can also schedule drop-offs for essentials, according to your pet's needs. One less thing to have to remember in these stressful times!

Pet Heaven 

Every pet deserves to be treated like royalty. Show your little angels some love and appreciation by shopping online with Pet Heaven. A local pet food, toys, treats and accessories company based out of Cape Town, Pet Heaven delivers nationwide, bringing pets the highest quality food and wellness products. Help keep your fur babies warm this winter with their excellent range of comfort beds, snug blankets and other pet cosies. Delivery is free on orders of over R500 and should take between 48 - 72 hours, depending on where you live in the city.

pet food

Pet World

Pet World is affectionately known as the "Woolworths of pet care", offering owners a clean and efficient shopping experience at their stores located around Johannesburg. Thankfully, their online store is just as user-friendly and caters to all kinds of critters. Take a look around for all your pet's needs - from top quality food brands, to treats, toys and even insightful books for owners who may be stumped by their furry friend's odd behaviours. Delivery is free on orders over *R650 and should take between three to seven days to arrive at your doorstep.

Absolute Pets

Absolute Pets is as passionate about your pet as you are. With over 50 stores nationwide, they are one of the most trusted retailers for vet quality foods and stimulating toys for dogs, cats and other small pets. Their online store also stocks a wide range of health care products, grooming tools, beds and accessories. To ensure utmost safety and care during lockdown, their usual delivery turnover times have been extended slightly. Your order should be delivered within five days and is free if your order is to the value of *R500 or more.


While browsing around Takealot.com for all your winter essentials, pop over to their online pet store section. Here, you will find an assortment of products from top pet brands at the click of a button. They cater to dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, fish, rabbits and even horses! Download the Takealot.com app on the Apple App Store or Google Play to get your pet essentials delivered in one quick swipe. It's perfectly safe and hassle free.

Do you know of any other trustworthy online pet stores? Let us know about them! 

A Little Pampering

Kick off the loved up celebrations by gifting your pet with a luxury grooming session. If you are short on funds, bathe and dry them yourself. You may get a little wet, but this small act of care can go a long way to showing your cat or dog that you treasure them. We recommend using all natural products from EarthBath to get your furry friends looking in tip top shape. Free from toxins, parabens, sulfate, phthalate and phosphate, this range of dog and cat shampoos, conditioners and deodorizers will leave your pet's coat shiny, soft and itch-free. You can get your stock of EarthBath products at Zuki.co.za, a local online pet store.

If you aren't up to the challenge of dipping and dunking Fido, call your local mobile pet grooming service. This service is ideal for anxious or elderly pets, as the grooming service comes directly to your home, where you can eagerly watch on as your pet is scrubbed, fluffed and pampered to perfection.

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Yummy Treats

Don't let your furbaby go hungry while you tuck into that box of Valentine's Day chocolates. Speak to your vet about getting them the best dry food to suit all their dietary needs. Remember that older pets often need food with less calories and more nutrients, to keep bones strong. Similarly, puppies and kittens should be slowly weened onto a diet high in calories and protein. Exotic pets are particularly picky when it comes to meal time, so be sure to consult a vet and your chosen pet store to customise their diet.

Providing your pet with the right kind of food can prolong their life, allowing you to spoil them for years to come. Once you have established a steady diet for your cat, dog or reptile, add in a few treats to make them feel truly loved. Just like their regular food, you should find treats specific to their dietary needs and preferences.

Pedigree DentaStix are both a yummy snack and are good for your dog's teeth. However, you should remember to brush your pet's teeth daily, just as you would your own! If you have skipped out on this daily routine, make Valentine's Day the perfect opportunity to give those chompers a good scrub. You can get feline and doggie toothbrushes and toothpaste from Zuki.co.za or at Crazy Pets.

These stores are also great for kitty catnip treats, cuttlefish shells for birds and fun toys to keep your dog from chewing your new pair of shoes!

Fresh Air

This Valentine's Day treat is specific to dogs, because let's face it, your cat will only go on an outdoor adventure when it wants to and will most likely be without you in tow. So, take your slobbery, best friends on a date to the park this Valentine's Day. Joburg has a number of great dog-friendly parks to visit over the Valentine's weekend. Afterwards, you can treat your pooch to some down time at one of these dog-friendly restaurants in the city.

Date A Dog

Whether you have a furry brood at home or are looking to adopt a pet, there are a couple of heart-warming date a dog events taking place across Joburg this Valentine's month. Give a little bit of your time and affection to a loveable rescue rather than pine over lost loves. You never know, you may just find your soulmate at a local shelter! Check out our article on the best places to adopt a pet in Johannesburg for more.

spoil your pet

Happy Valentine's Day to all the adorable pets out there! We hope your owners spoil you rotten. 

What is Zuki.co.za?

ZUKI is an online store founded by veterinarian, Dr Roxanne Jones. A passion project which started three years ago, ZUKI is a platform for sharing her knowledge with pet owners. Developed with the aim of maintaining pet health and simultaneously providing pet lovers with a convenient, accessible one-stop destination for all their pet care needs. 

Knowing just how busy life can be, Roxanne hopes to change the face of pet care and product retail. You can now get all your pet food, pet accessories and other pet care products at ZUKI online. Roxanne and her team's labour of love aims to provide animal lovers across South Africa with professional pet care advice in addition to the supplies they need. 


With a full-time job as a vet, three young children and a business to run, she understands the need for convenience. "We all have so much on our plates at any given time, and then we spend our evenings and weekends stressing about what still needs to be done tomorrow or next week. Our blogs, products and delivery service mean that there’s one less thing you have to worry about, allowing you to take back some of that precious time," she says. 

ZUKI Products

ZUKI online doesn't only cater to dogs and cats. Your scaly, winged and aquatic friends are also cared for, selling vet-recommended pet food, toys, grooming tools, beds and more. ZUKI cares for South Africa’s common domestic pet types, including dogs and cats, as well as fish, small pets like hamsters and rabbits, reptiles and birds.

The ZUKI website is not only convenient but also user-friendly, so all pet moms and dads can use it to place orders on the products they use most frequently, such as pet food, tick and flea repellents and de-worming tablets. This service ensures that customers never run out of food for their beloved companions and makes it easy to keep up to date with deworming and anti-pest maintenance.  


First-Hand Help

Have you ever wished that your local vet was on call to allay your concerns and fears about your pet's health or behaviour? The ZUKI site features an instant chat service, where you can ask Roxanne or one of her team members any questions you may have regarding the care of your pet or the products available for purchase on the site. How great is that? 

Roxanne also writes frequent blog posts, answering common questions pet owners have about their pet's health, behaviour and general well being. These include helpful tried and tested training tips, how to tell when your pet may need medical attention, and the most common question among pet owners: How do I make my cat and dog get along?

"Our mission is to improve your lifestyle with your beloved pet by providing excellent pet information directly from the expertise of a vet and by simplifying vet recommended pet food purchases all in one place," says Roxanne.

ZUKI online stocks well-trusted vet approved brands such as Acana, Royal Canin, Ultra Dog, Vet's Choice and Hills. In addition, they offer weakly deals on your pet's favourite toys and chewables. Of course, these are all approved by Roxanne and her team, so you can feel assured that your pet will not choke on or become ill from any of these toys. So, what are you waiting for? Get online now and shop all your pet care needs with ZUKI!

For More Information

Visit ZUKI online for more information about their products and specials. You can also follow them on social media:

Facebook - facebook.com/zukipets

Instagram - instagram.com/zuki.co.za

Details: 010 595 4244