Where It All Began

The Bachata, Kizomba and Salsa dance genres have taken over Joburg with all their groovy moves. The Kizomba dance and music originates in Angola. Both Angola and Gabon have contributed greatly to the African dance party movement. Although very popular in Angola, the Bachata and Salsa dance styles come from the Latin family. These two dance styles are similar to African dancing.

Rooftops Johannesburg

Where To Dance

Rooftop Salsa

Rooftop Salsa is situated on the Rooftop above the Canteen in one of Johannesburg's most vibrant areas, Maboneng.

Every Sunday, put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the vibe of this dance party. It doesn't matter if you have danced before or not, as no experience is required. Those wanting to move to the groove can join the dance square. There, you can find a dancing partner who will take the lead.

Dance Party

Baila Afrika

Baila Afrika is a mobile dance experience. Check out their Facebook page to keep track of where they will be.

Baila Afrika often hosts dance parties and socials; bringing people together from all around Joburg. They also offer annual trips overseas, where you can get first-hand experience of what the Latino culture and dances are all about.

Beginners, who aren't yet ready to Salsa abroad, can learn the art of dance at Baila Afrika's beginner dance classes.

Let's Dance, Jozi

An African dance party awaits, so put on your dancing shoes and paint the town red.

The Maboneng Precinct is one of the trendiest and artistic precincts to have hit Jozi. Flourishing with authenticity and touches of our beautiful continent; this including our amazing people who make anyone feel welcome. Now that I'm done being my patriotic self, situated very close to Market on Main, is a different world that adds some spice to our unique South African character - Rooftop Salsa.

They are right above the Canteen, every Sunday. Rooftop Salsa has to be one of the most spoken-about spots on the precinct. The fact that it's on a rooftop makes it even more talk worthy.

Rooftop Salsa

Why You Have To Be There?

Well! I will start off by saying, google Kizomba. Not only does this place boast salsa, but there's a variety of dance genres like Kizomba, Zouk and more. You don't have to dress for a specific genre, but I can advise you to dress light, it can get quite heated after a dance or two.

I Don't Know How To Dance - You Don't Have To

Let me break it down to you step by step as to how it works...

Simple enough right?

The Best Thing...

When you enter the complex, you definitely won't miss the awesome, sexy tunes playing. They have an amazing DJ who is always serving some of that realness. You will be inspired to add Cuban Dance Music to your next listening session.

Whether you are there for the drinks or the dancing, it's just absolutely great entertainment. You can be part of the experience or watch a mixture of Angola and Puerto Rico come together while seeing the dramatic views of the creativity that happens at Maboneng.

Rooftop Salsa

You can take a friend or partner to the Rooftop Salsa, it's that type of experience. The vibe is also one of the most electric vibes I've experienced to date - the people are great, warm and just filled with good vibes. Just an FYI for ladies who want a girls' time out; the guys who offer you a hand are gentlemen so you have nothing to worry about at all.

One thing that puzzles everyone is that the whole dance experience is free. You will also find some of the Dance Spirit SA team there - they travel around different spots in Joburg to share this dance culture and providing dance classes, you can check out their pages regarding prices as well as venue.