We all love doing something different and unique, and with so many things on our bucket list, we wanted to introduce you to something that will be a jaw dropper.

This calls for some zorbing, we can call it a ball of fun.

What is Zorbing?

Many consider it an extreme sport, however it can be considered a game depending on what it is used for. It is growing in the country and many people are starting to getting into it.

For those who are not familiar with what zorbing is, this is a transparent plastic ball you can either go into or wear. The traditional way to zorb is to go inside the ball and go down a slope and with other innovations like playing soccer, you can wear the ball.

Why It's the Bomb Dot Com?

Although it might seem a bit daunting at first, you will be aching to do it again once you have tried it.

Zorbing is just absolute fun, and will get the adrenaline pumping. It is also extra fun to get the entourage or the family together to join in on the fun.

Let's check out some places where you can find it around Johannesburg.

Jozi X

Jozi X is known for their fun and extreme activities, and they have also brought zorbing into mix to add some more fun into our lives.

They offer two different kinds of zorbing, Hydro Zorbng as well as Harness Zorbing. They are both quite an experience, we would encourage you to try both. Their Hydro involves a water chute and roller coaster so you can already imagine the ball of fun you'll be having.

Their Harness Zorbing is an adventure you don't want to miss out on. The high speed is definitely what an adrenaline junkie would love.

Sandton Action Sports

Sandton Action Sports is as its name suggests, situated in Sandton and has become very popular for the action sports and now they have included indoor bubble soccer.

How this works? With indoor bubble soccer, you wear the plastic ball and have fun playing against others and bumping into each other during the game. The perk about this is that the fall is not that painful.

They have curated amazing options for team buildings and kids parties as well.

Bumper Balls

Bumper Ball SA

Bumper Ball SA is situated in Greenside at the Pirates Sports Club. They are all about bubble soccer so if you looking for a soccer game with a twist, this is it. Their zorb balls are life size added all the more to the fun.

They host bachelor parties, team buildings, festivals and events. The more, the merrier - the game is always better with more people. So, take all your mates and go have some fun or you can suggest what venue would be suitable for you.


If you're wondering what they have, check this list out and we promise you will love it. Choose from their extensive list of Jozi X activities:

Arch Rivals

First up is of course Arch Rivals, which is the equivalent of paintball involving the elements of dodgeball and laser tag. This is archery with a twist  providing you with an inflatable battlefield and all playing equipment, including full mask, real recurve bows, target spots and foam tipped 'LARP' safety arrows. This brand new game to South Africa has the potential to become the next craze. I wouldn't want to miss it if I were you.

Arch Rivals

Nerf Wars

Introducing Nerf Wars birthday parties will never be the same again, this where excitement reaches fever pitch for kids aged 5-14. This Nerf War birthday parties, is the first in South Africa, combining inflatable bunkers with exciting games organised by a Nerf zone commander, and a range of nerf guns that would make Rambo himself go weak at the knees. Ready for some nerf shooting? Make sure you join in to test out your Nerf skills with this ultimate outdoor attraction.

Target Shooting

I would like to believe that in some point in our lives we've all acted like we were soldiers. This is just taking all our childhood activities to a whole new level. So, mom and dad if you are feeling nastagic this is one perfect way to enjoy all those childhood memories back and even better because you'll be doing it with your kids. Be sure to give Target Shooting a try.

Target Shooting


How quick are you? Quick enough? Well then, this is your kind of game Parkour is an art form which is very fun because the goal is to unite mind and body in the process of moving from one point to another as efficiently, smoothly, silently and as quickly as possible. You must be physically present because it involves using your whole body and of course your imagination for creativity. Keen on trying it out? Do you think you can do it? There's only one way to find out!


Here's what we're most excited about and we think you're losing your mind over it too right? This one is definitely in everyone's bucket list, yes, you too Susan we know you wanna try it out. With that said you better be there for the roll of your life, climb inside their 3m diameter inflatable balls and roll down the 200m long slope. Consider this the most fun you will ever have upside down. So, let's go Zorbing!


Mini Ninjas

Everybody will definitely be Kung Fu for sure. This is one incredible obstacle course for the young ones ages between 4 to 10. The kids will really enjoy this enclosed play area. With of course awesome features like the Ninja Warrior Juniour course, which is an obstacle course where kids can test their strength and determination, and the duelling Sit & Zips which are mini zip lines with an automatic braking system that rides side by side. If jumping around is your thing there are also swings and trampolines. So, there are a bunch of fun activities to look forward to join the Mini Ninjas.

Bubble Soccer

Come try out their newest game in town the Bubble Soccer, very fun and hilarious to watch and partake in. It is a game that is an ideal combination of a safe, active and enjoyable sport, with a twist. Get ready to climb inside your transparent plastic ball and join your team. The game is really an exhilarating combination of soccer and zorbing, trust us when we say there is no game that is as fun as this one.

Bubble Soccer

Off Road Karting

This requires a lot of adrenaline you'll be Off Road Karting, this is a great day out for the entire family. Treating you to an adrenaline filled action packed time on their 360m track with lots of thrills. They also provide crash helmets and training on how to operate the karts for all racers. Their marshals are always there to ensure your safety.

Mountain Boarding

Since well we do not have snow, how about we go Mountain Boarding instead? All hands on deck, the board has deck, four wheels with pneumatic tires and bindings to secure the rider to the board. It is an action sport that can be enjoyed all year round in parks, on hills, woodlands and on mountain bike trails.You will be guarded through the basics of mountain boarding, and are there to assist more experienced riders on the BoarderX tracks, Slope-style Park and Big-Air Jump also equipment and padding are provided.

Mountain Boarding

BR Obstacle Course

We all love obstacle courses and we think you might too. Their BR Obstacle Course will have your heart pumping as you work your way through a variety of challenges. There will be tires, tunnels, walls, nets and The Great Wall which are just a few that will force you out of your comfort zone. So get cracking everybody bring out those running shoes and yoga pants it's about to get down!

Action World

Action World has 9 features to enjoy where you can fall from their tight rope or off their circus-sized trapeze with no safety lines, onto Krush Kushions. All their features offered in Action World are exclusive to Jozi X and not available anywhere else in South Africa, so you are basically getting the best of everything. It is suitable for people from ages 5 - 75. So, make sure you join in to their Jungle Swingz, gladiator, tight rope, big baller, jump around, mini swing and their full size harness free trapez rig.

Action World

Bag Jump

Come through to learn how to do Big Air tricks without the big bails. This is the first Big Air Krush Cushion in South Africa allows you to learn tricks flips, spins, rolls, grabs - the list really endless. So, are you ready for the Bag Jump? We are already calling our friends to enjoy with friends.

Slip & Slide

Let's Slip & Slide everyone! Watch out it's slippery! We think you should bring your friends or family I mean c'mon who doesn't like sliding? We know you are more tempted than we are to join in, then don't fight it make sure you go check it out tell us how it goes and we'll take your word for it.

Slip & Slide

Inflatable Obstacle Course

I don't care how old I am when I see an Inflatable Obstacle Course my shoes are coming off, I'm going jumping! It's true what they say right, no challenge is complete without an inflatable obstacle course. Their assault course inspires a real sense of achievement. And their trips or stumbles are supported by a soft landing too. If you are looking to do activities for this is the competitive challenge you're after, it is perfect for corporate events, work parties, children's fun days, kid's parties and bachelor parties.

For More information

Make sure to visit this website for more information, or simply call +27 82 456 2358 to get all the information you need.

Where: Jozi X, Corner Main & Sloane street, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2191.


Which one are you more keen on trying out? Share your thoughts with us down below!