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27 Boxes Is Open For Business!

27 Boxes is undoubtedly one of Joburg's most innovative retail and restaurant precincts. Fashioned from recycled shipping containers, this ultimate shopping destination houses fashion boutiques galore. Visitors can also enjoy the outdoor children's park, an open air amphitheatre and the rooftop nursery. At just a short distance from the ever bustling 7th Street, 27 Boxes […]

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To Cronut Or To Donut? That Is The Question

The Nut What Is A Cronut? This is a delicious croissant-meets-donut pastry delight. It is shaped like a normal donut, but made with croissant dough. The hype and origin of this yummy treat came from New York City. The cronut is available in many forms; some have fillings, some are glazed and some are given […]

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