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Where To Work Remotely In Joburg

Restaurants & Cafés Mugg & Bean Known for their hearty brekkies and bottomless coffee, Mugg & Bean is definitely an ideal place to do some work remotely. Most branches offer their customers 30-minutes free Wi-Fi, allowing you the opportunity to catch up on your emails and browse through social media, while you get some nutritional […]

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Your Workplace Sanitisation Solution Sorted With EcoDepot

A quick and easy way to disinfect surfaces in the workplace and at home is to use a cordless spray gun to spray disinfectant. How To Disinfect Large Surfaces In Minutes Wash your hands. Dissolve Virol-Oxy in water. To make 1 litre of highly effective 1% solution, dissolve 10 grams of the Virol-Oxy in 1 […]

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