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2019 Races That Will Make You Enjoy Being Active

Spar Women's Race The Spar Women's Race is one of the big races in the country. This race takes place in multiple cities around South Africa and is aimed at women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to take part. The race consists of a 5km and an 8km race, so it's great for […]

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Where To Workout Around The City

Yoga Let's start with yoga, shall we? The most relaxing and spiritual form of workout one could ever try out. This year we are trying out everything that requires commitment and of course leading to amazing body and health results. Okay now that we are done being Kanye West and ranting, here are some Yoga […]

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Women's Trail Run Jo'Burg

What Is It? Ladies, make sure you lace up for this exclusive Women's Trail Run and hook up with the "Catch Me If You Can" community. You're in for a splendid morning running in beautiful surrounds with an exciting crew of female runners. Join them at the stunning Rietvlei Zoo Farm for a fun run of 5km, 10km […]

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