At African Pride Mount Grace Country House & Spa, they understand that time is precious, and will go out of their way to slow down time so you can really relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Nestled in the Magaliesburg, African Pride Mount Grace Country House & Spa is the perfect place for couples or families who are looking for a winter escape. Indulge in the luxury of time in the very place where humankind took the first steps, and embarked on a journey to where we are now in the all-encompassing surrounds of the Cradle of Humankind.

Mount Grace


The hotel has added a Kids Club facility, which offers a whole new way for families to enjoy time away together, while also giving grown-ups a chance to really enjoy their break. The Kids Club caters for all age groups from toddlers to teens over weekends, long weekends, and school holidays. A Kids Holiday programme is running from 24 June – 17 July 2016 during the school holidays. Click here to view the programme. Discover more reasons to enjoy the countryside with your family this winter.

Mount Grace Kids Club facility

The Mountain Bike Activity Centre is also a recent addition to the hotel. Known as The Cog & Sprocket, this facility is ideally located for both mountain bike and trail running enthusiasts. It offers access to single tracks (varying in distance from 1.29km – 12km), along with a number of other useful facilities including deli-style dining, showers, bike wash bays, and ample parking. Explore the countryside in 5-star style, complimentary for in-house GUESTS, and a nominal fee for day visitors. More reasons to escape to the outdoors in the country. Click here to find out more!

Time spent in the countryside would not be complete without the opportunity to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate at the award-winning Mount Grace Spa. Located at the top of Mount Grace, with beautiful views of the Magaliesburg, the spa offers the ideal environment to unwind and ease away the stress of everyday life. With 18 treatment rooms including nine couples rooms, and a variety of treatments and promotions on offer, look no further for a blissful pamper experience. End your treatment with the calming complimentary hydrotherapy journey, which includes time in a heated floatation pool, steam room, and reflexology walkway to name a few.

Mount Grace


Other activities on offer at the hotel include fly-fishing, birding and tennis. There are a variety of off-site activities to also enjoy whilst making the most of your time in the countryside. Click here to view the African Pride Mount Grace Country House & Spa activity guide.

The fine dining restaurant, Rambling Vine, offers diners an exceptional dining experience, complemented by an exclusive wine offering. Twist is the “fun” restaurant which brings the kitchen into the dining experience with a unique buffet-style offering. Relax after dinner at the fireplace with a hot beverage in hand to end off the evening experience.

Mount Grace

Leave your stress in the city this winter and indulge in the ultimate escape at African Pride Mount Grace Country House & Spa.

Exclusive Offers At African Pride Mount Grace Country House & Spa

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a winter escape, treat mom to some pampering, plan something special for dad this Father’s Day, or treat yourself to a spa escape to keep the cold at bay, African Pride Mount Grace County House & Spa has something just for you.

Country Retreat

The perfect couple’s escape this winter, from just R995 per person sharing per night. This offer includes breakfast at the renowned Twist Restaurant. Children under the age of 12 stay and enjoy breakfast for free when sharing a Luxury room with a pool. Pre-booking of dinner and spa treatments is essential. Valid for weekends until 31 August 2016. Minimum 2 night stay. Terms and Conditions apply.

Mother’s Month Spa Offer

Do something special for mom and treat her to some well-deserved pampering this May! May is Mother’s Month, and the Mount Grace Spa has a relaxing and rejuvenating Mother’s Month Spa offer from just R1095 per person, click here to find out more. This offer is valid from 01 – 31 May 2016, excluding all Saturdays in May, and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers. Full pre-payment required. No cancellations accepted. Terms and Conditions apply.

Father’s Month Spa Offer

Planning on spoiling dad with a pamper session this Father’s Day? Then be sure to give him the gift of relaxation with Mount Grace Spa’s Father’s Month Spa offer from R1095 per person, click here for more information. This offer is valid from 01 – 30 June 2016, excluding all Saturdays in June, and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers. Full pre-payment required. No cancellations accepted. Terms and Conditions apply.

Mount Grace Getaway

Exclusive Winter Spa Offer

Embrace the change of season with their Winter Delight offer from R1095 per person, click here for more information. This offer is valid Sunday from 14:00 to Friday, from 01 June – 31 August 2016. Not valid over public holidays. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other spa promotional offers. Full pre-payment required and no cancellations will be accepted. Terms and conditions apply.

Christmas in July Spa Getaway

The perfect way to enjoy Christmas early this year, from R1640 per person sharing per night. Offer includes breakfast at the renowned Twist Restaurant, and a spa treatment valued at R690 per person. Pre-booking of dinner and spa treatments is essential. Valid Sunday to Thursday from 01 – 31 July 2016. No minimum night stay. Terms and Conditions apply.

Mini Yoga Retreat

Join African Pride Mount Grace Country House & Spa for a mini yoga retreat every second and last Sunday of the month until 30 September 2016. Click below to view the offers for:

Day Visitors
In-house GUESTS

Terms and conditions apply.

For More Information

Tel: 014 577 5600

Email: [email protected]



Twitter: #MountGrace

If you're serious about ways to lower your electricity bill, read our top tips below.

Cover tiled or wooden floors with rugs

Those blessed with underfloor heating in their homes are lucky. But sadly, it does increase your electricity bill the more you use it. So, give the underfloor heating a break and keep your feet warm by covering bare floors with rugs. Also, why not invest in a fuzzy pair of slippers to wear in the evenings? Be sure to visit Mr Price Home to get a few affordable options, and while you're at it, check out their selection of slippers in the clothing section.

Replace heaters with jerseys and blankets

Just like underfloor heating, heaters use quite a bit of electricity, especially if you are using them for prolonged periods of time. Not to mention that heaters can be a fire hazard if they're faulty. To keep warm and to lower your electricity costs, stock up on blankets and wear extra layers of clothing instead. Visit Edgars and Edgars Home to stock up on some snug stuff. And, if you have to have a heater to fight off the cold, invest in gas heater. Just make sure you use it properly and don’t leave it on if you aren’t in the room. Check out the selection of gas heaters available at Builders. Also, there are a few offers to suss out!

How To Lower Your Electricity Bill This Winter

Switch to a gas stove

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and refilling water bottles makes your kettle one of the most important appliances during winter. But turning it on and off every hour can be pricey. Choose to either store hot water in flasks to use later or install a gas stove to lower your electricity costs. There are many benefits of doing this – you will pay less buying gas than using electricity, it speeds up your cooking time as you don’t have to wait for the conventional stove plates to warm up and you won't have to worry about load shedding. Gas is definitely something to invest in that will benefit you in the long run. Visit Builders to check out their selection of gas appliances.

Switch off lights and appliances you’re not using

We have all seen the ads on TV and know that this one is a no-brainer. So, if you aren’t watching TV or using your computer, turn it off. And don't leave the light on when you leave a room. Also, be sure to unplug the appliances that you aren’t using from the wall socket as they use a small amount of electricity even when switched off.

How To Lower Your Electricity Bill This Winter

Take showers instead of baths

Showers use less water than filling up the bath tub, if you have a quick shower that is. Yes, it will be a little less pleasurable than sitting in a tub filled with hot water but it will save you money in the long run. When it comes to saving electricity on your geyser, set a timer that will switch your geyser on and off at certain times during the day. You can also lower the thermostat on your geyser and cover it with a geyser blanket to keep in the heat. If you wrap the water pipes in insulation tape it can also help. You can also fit a low-flow shower head to further reduce the amount of water you’re using.

Replace your normal light bulbs with energy efficient ones

Change all of your incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). They will last as much as 10 times longer than normal light bulbs. They are a little more expensive, but will end up saving you more energy and money over their lifetime. During the day, make the most of the natural light coming in from outside. Open your curtains to let the sun in, and if you're looking to keep warm without the use of heaters or electric blankets during the day, find a nice sunny spot right by a window and soak up some rays. Again, Builders will sort you out with this one. 

How To Lower Your Electricity Bill This Winter

Keep the heat in at night

With the sun beaming into your place throughout the day, it should be warm if you have kept all the windows closed. To keep the heat in throughout the evening, make sure you close all windows, curtains and doors. Also, if you have noticed any cracks or holes throughout your home that lets a breeze into the house, seal them up. You can prevent cold air creeping in under doors by placing a ‘door worm’ or ‘sausage’ at the bottom of your doors.

Replace old appliances with new ‘energy efficient’ appliances

Appliances can only last for so long and when it’s time to replace them, be sure to check out their labels and energy ratings. You want appliances that will use less energy in order to save electricity, so buy appliances that have an ‘energy efficient’ label or rating on them. An ‘A’ rating is the most energy efficient and a ‘G’ rating is the least efficient. You can get new appliances from a number of retailers - @Home, Game and Dion Wired, among others.

How To Lower Your Electricity Bill This Winter

Turn off or put a timer on your swimming pool pump

Since algae growth decreases during the colder months, you don’t need to keep the pool filter pump going all day. You can reduce the running time interval by up to two hours and save some electricity. Check to see how long your pump needs to clean your pool and work off of that. Also, invest in a pool cover — it will keep the pool cleaner, which means fewer backwashes and less use of the pump.

Hopefully, this helps you lower your electricity bill this winter and keep load shedding at bay. Fingers crossed! 

Exercise Outdoors

You may be disinclined to go outside because it’s chilly, but by all means, don’t hunker down by the fire. Get yourself some cute workout gear and take it out for a spin! Whether it’s running, cycling or oh-so-festive ice skating (which burns 450 calories an hour and tones your butt and thighs, by the way), being active in nature is simply more fun than battling crowds at the gym. Research also shows that the refreshing burst of air will keep you coming back!

Stock Up On Superfoods

It’s true that some foods can actually help you lose weight, not to mention reduce the risk of disease. The greatest part is that many superfoods are also winter staples, so you probably have some on your menu already! Kale is not only the trendiest leafy green, but it’s also the most nutritious. Serve it at your winter dinners and friends and family will be thankful for the new tradition.


Lighten Up Seasonal Favourites

Nothing hits the spot quite like a hearty scoop of macaroni and cheese. You don’t have to deny yourself this comforting favourite thanks to some cal-cutting research from SELF. Red Rooster Harlem chef and owner Marcus Samuelsson threw veggies like kale, mushrooms and onions into his dish and used turkey bacon in place of the fattier stuff. Mac & Cheese, Please! author Laura Werlin incorporated butternut squash into her sauce, which adds to its creamy texture and gives a nice dose of vitamins A and C. Perhaps the easiest swap of all when it comes to mac and cheese though is the cheese. Try Parmesan instead of cheddar, for example — since the flavour is stronger, you’ll be able to use less and be just as satisfied.

Have An Eating Plan

People can freak out about overeating and set themselves up for disaster in the winter. All those choices at the table aren’t a bad thing, though. If you love mom’s cookies, you can have them! To make sure you don’t overdo it by the end of the day, be prepared:

meal plan

Manage Stress

From a busy work schedule and jam-packed social calendar, there’s no doubt this busy time of year can be super-stressful and take a physical toll on us. Stressing makes cortisol levels rise, which forces your body to hold onto fat. In turn, hunger hormone levels rise, and then we end up doing things like “eating our feelings.” To fight severe stress this season, be sure to have your healthy eating goals set out, to put a financial plan in place, and to get enough sleep each night.

How do you avoid picking up unwanted kilos during the winter? Share your secrets in the comments below!

By Candice May


If you love warm tones of burnt orange, yellow hues, deep reds and golden accents, then autumn is the perfect season to have your wedding. The warmth of the colours of the turning leaves and the soft sunshine will result in striking photographs.

The temperatures are moderate with warm afternoons and cooler evenings. However, if you're not a fan of cool weather or early sunsets, you'll need to push to have an earlier ceremony. Some autumn nights can get surprisingly chilly enough to require blankets and heaters — this would need to be included in your budget. Luckily, venues around the city do offer fireplaces.

autumn wedding


Winter has its own kind of romance and the option of more dramatic outfits. With the cold, think a long-sleeved wedding dress, in cream velvet perhaps, a cosy venue with a fireplace and comfort food.

A great bonus with winter weddings is that it's much easier to secure a venue as the warmer seasons tend to be more popular. A little birdie tells us some venues and suppliers offer off-season/winter specials, so you can save on the venue and splurge on something else. But if you don't like the idea of a mostly indoor wedding and grey skies then it's best to avoid a winter wedding.


With a spring wedding, you know there won't be a shortage of beautiful multicoloured flowers for your bouquet and for the tables, and warm temperatures, perfect for a sleeveless wedding gown.

With spring you also get pre-season deals on wedding venues and some suppliers will still be offering off-season rates and continuing their winter deals. So you miss the gloomy weather and still spring into your marriage with some nifty savings. But there could be unpredictable rain, so be prepared with an indoor backup plan if you intend having the ceremony outside.


The summer season is the most popular as people love high temperatures and bright sunshine. Guests are likely to arrive in party mode and ready to celebrate your love and future together. Our summer is also near the festive season so you could even plan a wedding away or during the week – whichever suits you best.

The downside to summer weddings is that you have to book your venue way in advance. Also, the summer heat is not ideal for everyone so your budget must include ways to keep your guests cool and comfortable. Being peak season, keep an eye on your budget – everything is pricer and you don't want to start your marriage on a broke note.

So that's our input about the seasons and now all that's left is to wish you a beautiful wedding day and many wonderful years of marriage!


Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival!

Date: 14 June - 30 June 2019

Most of you (and your kids) would have grown up watching Walt Disney movies. Well, now you get to see these much-loved characters come to life and take to the ice with Disney on Ice present Magical Ice Festival! See your favourite Disney characters take to the Ice at Sun Arena at Time Square, Pretoria, and the Ticketpro Dome this June. They all take you on a brand-new fairy tale twist that's jam-packed with thrills, adventure, fun, music, dancing and excitement. Make sure you get your tickets here before it's too late.

Disney on Ice

The Dullstroom Winter Festival

Date: 21 - 23 June 2019

Warm up this winter with the Dullstroom Winter Festival! This winter fest will be bringing you live music on Saturday afternoon from 12:00 at Bohobo Cafe Bar, close to the centre of the village and within walking distance from all the best restaurants and entertainment Dullstroom has to offer. The headline act this year is the Black Cat Bones. They will be supported by Die Horries, Vern Deysel and Quintin Butler. Opening the show will be local band, the Dullybuggers, featuring guest artists, Albert Meintjes and Freddy Voodo. Don't miss out! Get your tickets here

Dullstroom Country Fest

The Vaal River Meander Wine Route

Date: 22 June 2019 - 04 August 2019

Gauteng's most popular wine route, the Vaal River Meander Wine Route, is back, celebrating 16 years of fine wines and experiences at the Vaal. Expect a wine extravaganza like no other in a variety of different settings and ways, be it by house boat, luxury cruiser, wine route taxi, speedboat, water-taxi, tour-bus or hotel. To kick off the wine tastings, don't miss the Vaal River Wine Expo on 22 June 2019. Click here for more information about the Vaal River Wine Expo and the Vaal River Meander Wine Route.

The Vaal River Meander Wine Route

Visit The Northgate Ice Rink

All the Disney on Ice action is making us want to pull on a pair of skates ourselves! Since we don't get those beautiful snowy winters we see in Europe, we need to compromise when it comes to the fun winter activities (like skiing and ice skating). Cue the Northgate Ice Rink! The chilly season is not complete without a visit to the rink for some ice skating and belly gliding across the ice. Sundays are family days, so make sure you rally up your loved ones for a fun day out together.

The RMB Turbine Art Fair 2019

Date: 11 - 14 July 2019

This year, the annual RMB Turbine Art Fair is one the move, heading to 10 Fricker Road, Illovo, Sandton, Johannesburg. This isn't just an art fair, it's a lifestyle event. Guests will have the opportunity to view an incredible range of fabulous artworks from galleries and artists around the country and start collecting with pieces that are reasonably priced for first-time buyers. Other than delighting your visual senses, you can also enjoy great food, live music and get the chance to meet new and interesting people. All in all, this makes for a wonderful day out in the city. Get your tickets here.


Cellar Rats Winter Wine Festival

Date: Saturday, 13 July 2019

Need something to warm you up from the inside out? Then don't miss the Cellar Rats Winter Wine Festival at the stunning countryside escape, Bosheuvel Country Estate in Muldersdrift. Here, you'll be able to sample and taste some of South Africa’s best wines, craft beers, craft gins and liquors, as well as some international wines. With over 60 producers presenting more than 400 products including bubbly, Whites, Reds, Portuguese wines, craft gins, craft beers, ports, brandies and so much more, there's sure to be something just for you. Click here to get your tickets now.

WODAC 2019

Date: 19 - 21 July 2019

This exciting family event features three days jam-packed with demonstrations, competitions, informative talks and charming shows. You can expect everything pet-related all under one roof, from champion show-dogs and cats to obedience and agility competitions, horse shows and exciting parades. You’ll also have the opportunity to speak to breeders about the best dog, cat and exotic pet breeds for your lifestyle and family and discover the latest pet treats and care products, while meeting some of SA’s champion pets. It's the biggest pet expo in the country, so make sure you make a stop here if you're an animal lover. Click here to get your tickets now.

WODAC 2018

The Coffee & Chocolate Expo

Dates: 26 - 28 July 2019

One thing most people love about winter – comfort food! And what could possibly comfort you better than coffee and chocolate? To get your fix, don't miss Coffee & Chocolate 2019 at the Ticketpro Dome this July. This delicious show promises not only a visual and sensory extravaganza, but there will also be a Chocolate Workshop, brought to you by Beyers Chocolates; the Coffee Theatre where you can watch how to make a great cup of coffee using the trendiest and innovative coffee machines; the ALL STARS Arena and much more. You don't want to miss out on this decadent experience. Get your tickets here.

coffee chocolate

Women's Health Fit Night Out

Date: 17 August 2019

Women’s Health’s epic workout party is returning to Jozi for a winter warmer sweat session! Expect six super-cool workouts perfect for all fitness levels. Expect the hottest fitness trends all jam-packed into an exciting late afternoon and early evening of fun and fitness, led by trainers, yogis, dance instructors and the Women’s Health team. Attending trainers and workout programmes will be revealed soon. Get your tickets here.

Fit Night Out

January sales have always been somewhat of a cornerstone overseas, where the retailers and the public finally agree on price and live happily ever after. This year Sandton City Shopping Centre is answering the publics call with a Summer Sale.

It is the most anticipated markdown shopping event of the season! What better way to start the year than with a new summer wardrobe – bag a bargain at the Sandton City Summer Sale!

Exciting summer fashion, daring discounts and sizzling prices, Hundreds of shops, thousands of bargains and limitless style. Get more out of summer with eleven glorious sale days.

Get what you want while it’s hot!

Venue: Sandton City Shopping Centre, Sandton.

Date: Thursday, 29th of January, 2009 to Sunday, 8th of February, 2009.

For further information please follow the links alongside.