Where To Donate Your Unwanted Things

What better way to get rid of your unwanted stuff than giving it to charities trying to make a difference? It’s a win-win situation. Here are a few charities that will greatly appreciate your previously loved goods.

Joburg Child Welfare

Everyone deserves a wonderful childhood, which is why the Joburg Child Welfare is doing everything in their power to provide care and support to underprivileged and orphaned children, families and communities. As an independent NPO, they are always grateful for donations that furnish their centres and help those in their care.

How you can help: Kitchen appliances, cooking utensils, household goods, furniture, clothing, toiletries and food. If they are unable to make good use of items, they will sell them in their charity shop in the CBD.

The Charity Stores

The Charity Stores accepts almost anything and everything that can be sold to raise money for charity. They support interesting initiatives like hydroponics vegetable farming, beekeeping, animal welfare and also aid underprivileged children and the elderly. All donations are welcome.

How you can help: You can donate clothing, furniture, electronics, jewellery, tools, kitchen appliances and utensils, carpets, silverware, brassware, paintings and artworks – anything! Click here for a full list of things that you can donate.

Twilight Children

Nurturing and protecting the children of our city, Twilight Children is a youth centre that provides care, development and support for previously disadvantaged children aged between eight and 18 years. Not only do they offer shelter, but also offer programmes to improve the quality of life for homeless boys in Hillbrow. This includes aftercare and reunification as well as skills training, education, sporting activities, mentoring, and community projects. This is a great initiative that aims to keep children off the streets and get their lives back on track.

How you can help: Twilight Children’s wish list consists of a variety of items from groceries and cleaning materials to toiletries, clothing and bedding. Click here to view their wish list.

SPCA Randburg

Self-reliant and dependent on donations from local businesses and the public, the SPCA Randburg needs your help to keep their organisation going and keep doing what they do best – taking care of animals in need. You can make a difference in a variety of ways, like making a financial donation or donating pet food and blankets. You can also contribute by giving your unwanted goods to their Charity Store or by dropping off your second-hand books at their Book Store. And if you have nothing to give, why not offer some of your time and energy to their volunteer programme? You can also extend your generosity and kindness to the Johannesburg SPCA, where you can purchase necessities for the animals from their pet store or support their craft markets.

How you can help: Pet food, blankets, second-hand books, furniture and clothes.

The Johannesburg Children’s Home

For children seeking refuge, The Johannesburg Children’s Home has become a safe haven. Kids aged between three and 18 years who have suffered neglect, abandonment or physical and emotional abuse get a chance to start a new life under the love and care of trained child care workers. Because their needs change daily, any donations will be greatly appreciated.

How you can help: Clothing (including pyjamas, school uniform grey pants, white school shirts, tracksuits, socks, underwear, shoes, etc), furniture, and second-hand items that are in good condition (crockery and cutlery, appliances, books, toys, etc).

Nkosi’s Haven

Providing holistic care and a home for destitute HIV/AIDS-infected mothers, their children and orphans as a result of HIV-related deaths, Nkosi’s Haven is a safe haven without discrimination and prejudice. They also contribute by distributing a portion of their donations to other organisations in need.

How you can help: All kinds of donations are appreciated, from clothing and shoes to toys, bedding and furniture.