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The Catering Company

Who are they? Hosting a get together and need to plan a delicious spread for all your guests? Then why not contact The Catering Company for all your event food needs? They're a catering company working from Westdene, Johannesburg, who prepared delightful menus and food for any event. What do they offer? Catering Food for […]

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The Bohemian

The Bohemian Pool and Pizza Bar is located in the quirky suburb of Westdene, between Melville and Sophiatown. The bar accommodates the non-traditional lifestyles of artists, writers, musicians and actors. It also hosts live entertainment, plus customers can look forward to amazing pizza (half price on Monday nights) affordable drinks, five pool tables and a jukebox! The bar has […]

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The Most Reasonable Student Accommodation In Joburg

We are all aware of the fact that university fees are very high in South Africa, and that many varsity students – especially those who are not from Johannesburg – cannot afford accommodation while studying. From undergraduates living in homeless shelters to postgraduates working two jobs to keep a roof over their heads, finding a […]

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