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VW Up! Gets Even Better

The ever growing appeal of the Volkswagen’s city car, Up! has been further boosted with the addition of extra doors, two new lifestyle derivatives, cross up! and colour up! as well as infotainment option, Touch & More. This is ground breaking as the five door vehicle was only available in Europe. Since its local launch […]

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Best Cars for Students

VW UP! Driving around the city was mundane until German car manufacturer VolksWagen launched the VW UP! in 2014. The little thing packs a 200 litre boot, which can be extended to 250 litres by removing a secret compartment. For its price range, it is one of the best city cars on the list. At […]

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VW Move UP!

It's light on petrol, small enough to squeeze through tight traffic and just an all round winner. The VW Up! only ships in three door in South Africa but it's got plenty of cabin space and a boot big enough to transport at least three months worth of groceries. Thought the engine and performance of […]

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