Vegeata is a popular vegan food stall found at vegan markets across Joburg. They make giant gourmet doughnuts that will put popular franchises to shame. Favourite flavours include Saffron Vanilla Creme Brulee, Chocolate Ganache S'mores, Peanut Butter Caramel and the newest addition, the Ice Cream Sundae. But be warned, these huge doughnuts can be quite tricky to wrap your mouth around. Vegeata's doughnuts are available at The Fussy Vegan, both branches of Jackson's Real Food Market, Plant Powered Patisserie, Fruit & Roots and at various vegan markets.

Contact details: 082 453 5080 | Facebook Page 

Kaylee's Eatery

The menu at this vegan restaurant in Bedfordview features a wide range of sweet treats, including Belgian Waffles, Gourmet Milkshakes, Chocolate Mousse and Traditional American Apple Pie. While all of these are sublime, we're suckers for the vegan Lemon Meringue. This deconstructed dessert features lemon cream, a sweet dough crumble and orange peel. This bright sweet treat is perfectly paired with a strong cup of tea or a spicy Red Cappuccino.

Contact details: 011 524 7603 | 147 N Reef Rd, Bedfordview | Facebook Page

Image Source: Vegeata

Image Source: Vegeata

Melt Chocolate

Craving a deliciously rich slice of chocolate cake? Then head over to Melt Chocolate in Bryanston. This chocolate heaven creates some of the best artisan chocolate products in all of Joburg, from chocolate fondue to handmade chocolate truffles. Try their Vegan Chocolate Cake with layers of rich dark chocolate sponge, smothered in fudgy chocolate icing and crowned in chocolate shards. Beware, once you've tried it, you'll keep coming back for more.

Contact details: 011 463 1578 | Shop L15A, Nicolway Shopping Centre, William Nicol Dr, Bryanston | [email protected] |

Plant Powered Patisserie

The Plant Powered Patisserie is a newly opened bakery and deli based in Rivonia. They mostly provide themed cakes for events but they also have a small deli on site where you can grab a quick snack of sweet treat. Despite not having been opened for long, this patisserie already has a following of regulars. And these regulars are enthralled with the Carrot Cake. This three-layered treasure is thickly covered in creamy icing, making this the ultimate indulgence when you're craving a sweet treat.

Contact details: 076 898 8402 | 363 Rivonia Boulevard, Rivonia | [email protected] | Facebook Page

Image Source: Melt Chocolate

Image Source: Melt Chocolate

Free Food* 

Vegans on a health kick will be delighted by the desserts and puddings offered at Free Food*. This is because all of this restaurant's offerings are free from meat, dairy, eggs, gluten, wheat, sugar and preservatives. Their dessert options range from vegan milk tart to decadent stacked pancakes. But if you only try one thing, let it be the moreish Coconut Tartlet. This mini tart is made with coconut mylk, sweetened with agave syrup, cocooned in a sweet date and coconut crust.

Contact details: 082 406 4699 | Shop 5 Reithmere, cnr Delta Road & Corlett Drive, Birnam | [email protected] |

The Greenside Cafe

The Greenside Cafe, tucked away in the leafy suburb of Greenside, specialises in clean dining that is good for the body and the environment. Their menu offers a few raw options, such as the Raw Maple Cheese Cake. As their menu proclaims, this is "raw food at its best". If you're still craving extra sweetness after tucking into this decadent pud, then add in Angela's Decadent Hot Chocolate to your order. This Paris-style hot drink, made with Belgian chocolate, is bound to cure any cravings.

Contact details: 011 646 3444 | 34 Gleneagles Rd, Greenside |

Image Source: Free Food

Image Source: Free Food

What is your favourite vegan dessert? Let us know in the comments section below!

Vegeata, Vegan Catering & Food Stand

Our readers are well aware of how much we love Vegeata, as we can not stop going on about this food stall. You only need taste one of the many menu items to understand why. Some of these menu items include a fried tofu bao bun, pulled jackfruit nachos and delectable fried mushrooms. Our current favourite is the Fried Chick'n and Bacun Burger. This features a fresh bun topped with crispy bacun, creamy ranch, lettuce, tomato and the juiciest piece of fried chick'n. You can find Vegeata at various markets. But if that isn't enough (and it really isn't) then you can find their delicious cupcakes and sandwiches at Jackson's Real Food Market or get their ginormous doughnuts at The Fussy Vegan.

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The Chaat Cart

This food stall makes some amazingly tasty Indian food. All of their food is vegetarian, but they do pop up at the popular vegan markets. They specialise in chaat (short for chatpatta), meaning "lip-smacking". This is a sentiment that could not be more true, as the flavours in their pani puri, sev puri and bhel puri are truly lip smacking. This food truck is available at various events and markets, so keep an eye on their Facebook page to find them.

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The Wrap Shack

We love wraps, in all shapes, colours and sizes. And The Wrap Shack is certainly giving us a rainbow of wraps. They have white, yellow, green, orange and pink wraps. They fill these colourful blankets with a variety of delicious and healthy options such as falafels, rainbow salads, salsa and avo. This is definitely the cuisine of choice for those wanting to have healthy and tasty food. Check out their Facebook page to stay up to date with the events and markets where you'll be able to find them.

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The Flip Side Cafe

This food stall provides allergy free wraps and pancakes. Not only do they make yummy wraps, stews, curries, rusks and other baked goods. But they also make a truly epic chai tea and vegan hot chocolate. You can also grab a slice or two of their impeccable cakes and tarts. But our favourite has got to be the Patty Stack; a sweet potato rosti topped with smoked chilli mayo, lettuce, a lentil patty, baby marrow patty, olive tapenade and micro greens. Check out their Facebook page to see their upcoming events.

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Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens Cafe is a buffet-style eatery in the picturesque Muldersdrift. They offer healthy vegan fare that leaves us wanting more. They often have food stalls at our favourite vegan markets. Some of their best options available include the Beyond Burger, featuring the ever-popular Beyond Meat Burger patty. But we are suckers for all their decadent baked treats such as the rich chocolate cake and the creamy cheesecake. Not only do they sell their vegan fare at markets and their restaurant, but they also offer cooking classes. Check out their Facebook page for more.

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Herbi Vohr

That's right! Our favourite seitan biltong producer is now also a food stall. Herbi Vohr has recently started using their own produce to make mouth-watering meals for their patrons. The items on their menu includes a vegan breakfast and some refreshing sandwiches made from their deli cuts. Vegan markets will now have not one, but two Herbi Vohr stalls, one for the freshly made meals and another where you can purchase their seitan meats such as their famous biltong. Have a look at their Facebook page to see any upcoming events, fantastic recipes and retailers.

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chocolate cake

This Greenside event features all the most popular vegan stalls in the city. They have stalls for Africa, covering food, clothing, esoteric stuff, pets, cosmetics and even charity. Throw some live entertainment, yoga workshops and live cricket games into the mix, and you've got an event even non-vegans would love to attend. The best thing about this market? Dogs are allowed. Yes, you can take your four-legged fur friend along to join in the fun, as long as he / she is well behaved and social. The stalls here may change month to month, but we were lucky enough to catch some favourites that return often.

Walking in, a bright pink stall catches our eye. This is Vegeataa food stand that produces what is possibly the most sought-after vegan food in the city. We tried the Jackfruit Nachos, the Tofu Bao Bun and the chocolate doughnut and I am ashamed to admit that we utterly gorged ourselves here (sorry, not sorry). The nachos alone were enough to generously feed two people. Just imagine an assembly of tortilla chips, tomatoes, sour cream and pulled Jackfruit drenched in a barbecue sauce - how could you not want to indulge in that? It was a bit of a wait for the Bao Bun, but it was well worth it. We are talking about a fluffy activated charcoal infused bun, topped with wild rocket, creamy mayo, spicy sriracha and deep fried crispy tofu. Which is, without a doubt, the best burger/sandwich we've ever eaten. For something sweet, we decided to try one of the doughnuts we've heard so much about. We picked the chocolate stuffed option topped with crushed cookies, strawberries and charred marshmallows.



After satisfying our hunger, we headed straight to our dealer. Our body butter dealer, that is. We always have at least five jars of cream, body butter, mousse, lotion, oil - anything that will leave our skin velvety soft and smelling more edible than granny's baking. But, we have now gone down to just the one tub of moisturizer- Vegan Healing Soap's vanilla and coffee whipped body butter. This stuff looks and smells good enough to ice a cupcake. Vegan Healing Soap also makes other scents of body butter as well shaving bars, shampoo bars, body scrub and, of course, soap. All of these are hand-made with natural ingredients. This is definitely a stall worth checking out.

We were far too full to sample all of the amazing free and delicious nibbles on offer. But, we knew we had to make room to try Laharna olives. You get olive lovers and olive haters, there is no in between. We are on the olive lover team. Laharna Farm Products also offers chilli, lemon and rosemary infused olives. Other olives worth tasting are the smoked olives, olive pesto, olive chutney and the olive biltong. Yes, olive biltong! If you're not a big fan, the chilli salsa, chilli sauce, sundried tomatoes and smoked salt are certainly worth blowing your budget.



One of the main reasons for visiting this market is to get our 'biltong' fix. This market often has two of the most popular vegan biltong brands ready and waiting - Oh Poppy Seed and Herbi Vohr. Herbi Vohr has become widely available in recent months with many large retailers stocking them. Oh Poppy Seed, on the other hand, is more exclusive, especially for those of us who are not inclined to do online shopping. This biltong tastes almost exactly the same as real meaty biltong as it is flavoured with vegan Worcestershire sauce and liquid smoke. We were excited to discover that the noisy plastic containing the biltong, is 100% recyclable and R1.00 of every bag of biltong bought goes to Asher's Farm Sanctuary.

If you're in the market for something colourful to brighten up that black wardrobe, Original Hippies will make your tie dye dreams come true. These hippies will tie dye ANYTHING. Their stall has some of the most vibrant shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, hoodies and even socks imaginable. This is the ultimate clothing stall to add some beaming colour to your life in the coming winter months.

Tye Dye


This market also boasts the favourite alternative dairy brand among many vegans - Irene's Gourmet. This one is always mentioned when new vegans say "I miss cheese". Their Melt Me Cheeze, mozzarella, cream cheese, coconut yogurt and butter has made being and staying vegan a delicious possibility for many. In fact, many vegans won't even attempt to try another dairy alternative once they have had Irene's.

The Vegan Hippie Connection Market are animal lovers. As such, they often have stalls for animal charity organisations, giving them the chance to inform the public about what they do and to collect some much-needed donations. Pigs and Paws has come up with the ultimate way to get people interested - by bringing Stoffels to the market. Stoffels is the most adorable, black, little pig. This little guy was showered with a chorus of "aaawws" when he was trying to snort up some ice cubes to cool down and when he offered a little kiss to a visiting pooch.

Vegan Cheese


These are just a few of the fantastic stalls available at this unique market. To find out when a market is being held and what stalls will be there, check out their Facebook page.

Tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Gemma Smit, I am the founder and owner of Vegeata. I have been a passionate vegan for 7 years and a passionate foodie for as long as I can remember. It was the marriage of these two large parts of my life that inspired me to create Vegeata.
How did you come up with Vegeata?
I always had a passion for making delicious food for friends and family, and after being vegan for 7 years and collecting dozens of recipe books and closely following international vegan cuisine pioneers, I felt like I had something special to contribute. I wanted to express my creativity with food and align it with my love for veganism, with the objective of serving and enriching my community. I also wanted to tangibly demonstrate and prove that vegan food could be far more delicious and satisfying than any meat or dairy dish and thus Vegeata was born.
What does Vegeata do, exactly?
We are a cutting edge vegan caterer and street food stall specializing in exciting and decadent vegan cuisine that has pop ups at markets and music festivals.


Why vegan?
Food security, sustainability and environmental effect are some of the key buzzwords that World leaders are increasingly becoming aware of. Add to this the benefit of justice for the most vulnerable beings among us, the animals bred and slaughtered for consumption and at the same time the impoverished people abused by the animal agriculture industry. There are a plethora of reasons to become vegan, personally it was the most liberating and fulfilling experience and I just wanted to dedicate all that I had to assisting the movement and global community.
How do you develop your recipes?
I am constantly inspired by pioneers all over the world and our recipes are an assimilation of this melting pot of inspiration. Over the past 7 years I have put in thousands of hours of research to combine and breathe new life into the very best ideas to date.
What are some of your favourite things to cook?
Well, I absolutely love everything we create. From our gourmet filled doughnuts to our decadent cakes (with our cutting edge vegan buttercream) to our Peking basted expertly crafted seitan to our original recipe crispy organic tofu bao to our super-realistic Kentucky Fried Chickun to our BBQ Jackfruit burgers and mega-loaded nachos, not forgetting our home-style decadent lasagna. I am in love with all of it!
What are some of your favourite foods to eat?
Definitely cayenne pineapples or avocado rich salad with olive ciabatta.


What are some of your favourite vegan food brands?
There are so many amazing vegan products in SA, I absolutely love the Linda McCartney quarter pound burger patty and Nature & Moi vegan cheese. The best vegan ice cream is from Tofutti, vegan marshmallows, Afrikoa semi-bitter chocolate, soya yoghurt from Woolworths and Herbi Vohr vegan biltong. And pizza, definitely pizza! What would life be without pizza? The best places to get them are from Conscious 108, Col'Cacchio, Andiccio 24 and Panarottis in Cresta.
What is Vegeata's most popular dish?
This is a difficult one – going on our experience, I would have to say it’s our Mega Loaded Nachos, customers are always coming back for more!
Why do you think your clients love this so much?
Everything is made from scratch with so much love. We choose the best ingredients for our very special salsa, we make our own tortilla chips and it's smothered in our special vegan sour cream, smokey chipotle aioli, creamy guacamole and topped with our BBQ Jackfruit and you can add smoked chipotle sauce and coriander.
Is there any reason why I haven't been able to get that fried "chicken" I've heard so much about at the markets? And what replaces the chicken?
Oh dear, haha, I think you have not visited us on the right days, since we have such a large menu we like to switch it up and offer new exciting dishes. Recently it's been our Crispy Organic Tofu Charcoal Bao - people are claiming it to be our best dish ever. Our very special Kentucky Fried Chickun is wheat protein based and we promise to have it at our next market for you!

Fried Chickun Pieces

You offer items like Christmas roasts and Chickun pieces on order, do you have any plans to make more of your food into pre-packaged meals?
As part of our growth strategy we have been in development to release an exciting frozen meal and vegan product range.
Are you currently working on any new recipes?
In order to continually delight our existing customers and attract new customers we are always working on new recipes. That is the beauty of this work, creativity and inspiration flow endlessly.
Tell us about the ingredients you use?
We have scoured and continue to scour South Africa for the highest quality ingredients so everything is 100% locally and sustainably sourced.

Bao Bun

Do you have any plans to open a restaurant?
Yes, I suppose that’s our ultimate goal. We have been and continue to gain very valuable experience and insights on the market and the business in order to help us become the best. All we can say if we have big plans for the future, so watch this space!
What is your secret to success?
Our secret to success is being utterly generous and sincere to our customers, we strive to always provide get what they pay for and more.
Any tips on going vegan?
Going vegan and cultivating reverence for life is one of the most beautiful experiences one can ever have. It is always the most rewarding when we do for others and living this way is like being in a constant state of reward, just make sure to eat enough as plant foods are naturally lower in calories. Check out Challenge 22 online, you get a vegan meal plan, recipes and a personal mentor for free to help you commence this wonderful lifestyle.
Any tips for the reader on how to make delicious vegan food?
Preparing food is a beautiful way to explore different cultures, from green paw-paw salads, Thai curries, mango with sticky rice to nachos and tacos. You can travel all over the world in tastes and experience the cuisines from different cultures right in your kitchen! Truly my dreams for travel have made me the chef I am. If you are still struggling, we hold cooking classes from time to time so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


Find out more about Vegeata here.
Photo Credit : Gemma Smit