Clarins Introduces A New Generation Of Skincare - My Clarins

Introducing My Clarins

Dedicated to young women under the age of 30, My Clarins is a range of new generation skincare products that deliver the best that nature has to offer for healthy-looking skin.

The My Clarins range includes nine day or night products that hydrate, balance and enhance all skin types, day after day, ensuring your skin looks and feels its best.

What’s inside these brand-new skincare products? Expect fruits, floral waters and plant extracts with energising and detoxifying super-powers, that'll nourish your skin from the inside out. Beautiful skin starts from within.


An Inside Look At My Clarins

Looking for a little more information about the new My Clarins range? Here's an inside look as to what these new products have to offer:

My Clarins has nothing to hide. The range is completely free of the following:

Your skin is in for a treat!

My Clarins skincare range ladies wearing brightly coloured tshirts

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Other than all the stunning beauty products, there are many perks to shopping online:

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For more information about My Clarins and their brand-new skincare products, visit

Also, don’t forget to give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with the latest specials, products and news.

My Clarins skincare range ladies wearing brightly coloured tshirts


Review: Lemoni Bedfordview

The Deli Counter Makes Way For Lemoni 

Bedfordview has recently welcomed a new foodie haven into the neighbourhood - Lemoni. Taking over from the well-loved Deli Counter, sisters Alexia and Dina Damianou are bringing classic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine back into the suburb. Greek meze is currently the ‘in thing’ in Bedfordview. With Soul Souvlaki just a block away and the super popular Mythos at Bedford Centre, Lemoni has had to ensure that they stand out from the rest. I visited them one month after their official opening to sample a little Mediterranean medley and some delicious sweet treats. 

Pretty Peonies and Lemon Trees

Before I delve into a description of Lemoni’s decor and style, I must make a disclosure. I am a sucker for any restaurant with a garden. Living and working in the concrete jungle makes one appreciative of nature and its flowering beauties.

As such, I believe that Lemoni is aptly named. Bright lemon trees, blossoming bougainvilleas and lavender bushes border the entrance. I am glad to have visited Lemoni during the first weeks of spring, because their garden was in full bloom. Pansies, petunias and scattered rose bushes greet you as you make your way into the dining area. I chose to sit inside as there was a slight chill in the air, but I am sure that on a sunny day the outdoor seating would be a delight. 

The inside of the eatery is bright and welcoming. Distressed wood, casual lighting and unique fixtures give the place a sense of suburban modernism. However, there is also a family-friendly atmosphere here. On the day of my visit, the restaurant was fairly quiet, but the few occupied tables were populated by patrons of all ages. There is a separate menu for kids, so you can bring them for a bite to eat after school or over the weekend. 

Plant-Based Satisfaction 

A second disclosure, I do not adhere to a strict vegetarian or vegan diet. I am what true plant-based eaters call a ‘flexiterian’. Basically all that means is that I am consciously trying to include more plant-based items in my diet, eat less meat and do my part in saving the environment. So far, I have managed to wean myself off of dairy milk, choosing to rather dash my tea with soy or almond milk. That’s why whenever I see these milk alternatives on a menu, I breathe a sigh of relief. So, Lemoni gets a thumbs up for offering almond milk in their frothy cappuccino. The vegans of Bedfordview thank you. 


In keeping with my 'flexitarian' efforts, I opted for the falafel salad bowl as a main. Falafel, rocket, quinoa, beets, cucumber, carrots, avocado, red onion and cherry tomatoes are dressed in a red wine vinaigrette. Needless to say, I ate feeling quite proud of my healthy choice. That is not to take away from the flavour and care put into this meal. Each vegetable was treated as its own special entity in the salad and given just the right amount of seasoning. The quinoa was light and nutty and the falafels were crisp on the outside and filled with herbs to add an extra kick. This was filling and flavourful enough to make me forget all about the meat I wasn't eating! 

A Little Cheat 

While my meal was wholly satisfying, I had to try the little sweet treat that I had been eyeing since I sat down, a perfectly piped lemon tart decorated with dried rose petals. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite conquered the temptation to eat dairy laden desserts, and this time I gave into the siren call of the custardy tartlet. The crust was crumbly, the filling generous, tangy and creamy and the cheat, totally worth it. I will definitely be back for more of Lemoni’s bakery table. Laden with Cheesecake Brownies, Scones, Golden Crunchies and Gourmet Cake Pops, this table is a sweet tooth’s dream. Lemoni offers bakery requests too, so look no further for your next special occasion. You can book out the restaurant for events and functions as well. I think I know where I will be hosting my next birthday tea party.


For More Information

Visit their Facebook page for more information.

Details: 11 Park Street, Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

The Best Vegan Beauty Essentials


There are very few beauty items that are as essential as toothpaste, which happens to be one of the most difficult vegan items to find. A great vegan and cruelty-free toothpaste is Pure Beginnings. Pure Beginnings is sugar-free, containing xylitol instead, and is free of the ever controversial fluoride. Pure Beginnings is available from Wellness Warehouse and various Dischem stores.

Deodorant and Antiperspirant

There are many vegan and cruelty-free deodorant and antiperspirant options on the market, with everything from a crystal stick to home made options. However, if a simple and convenient deodorant is what you are searching for then try the Oh So Heavenly range. Oh So Heavenly has various selections of antiperspirant in sprays and roll-ons, deodorants, body mists and even perfume. Oh So Heavenly is available at various Clicks outlets.

Roll On


This is another essential that many of us can't do without, especially in the hot and sunny climate of South Africa. To protect yourself from these dangerous UV rays try Oh So Natural Sunscreen from Hey Gorgeous. It's made with sun-protecting coconut oil that will leave your skin feeling perfectly moisturized and sun-burn free. You can purchase Hey Gorgeous on their online store.

Shampoo and Conditioner

A wonderful vegan and cruelty free brand is the Good Stuff. The Good Stuff offers an amazing range of body and hair care products. Their shampoos and conditioners will leave your hair feeling vibrant, soft and full of life. They are also quite affordable, unlike other vegan and cruelty free hair products. The Good Stuff is available at Dischem and selected Pick n Pays.


Body Wash and Lotion

Oh So Heavenly is definitely a well-loved favourite vegan and cruelty free brand. They have skincare, hair care and baby care products among others. They also have adorable little gifts packs, which is how I first discovered their great body wash , soap and body lotion. All of their bath and body products smell wonderful and leave skin feeling super soft and revitalised. I recommend their Coconut Cream and Macadamia Oil collection, which pairs perfectly with their French Vanilla Body Spray. Oh So Heavenly is available at Clicks.

Facial Essentials

What constitutes as a facial essential is debatable from woman to woman. I consider sunblock to be the only skin essential but Shirley, next to me, insists she would need her cleansing milk day and night even if she were stranded on an island. No matter what you consider to be a facial essential, Iwori is the best vegan and cruelty-free brand for that gorgeous facial glow. Iwori has everything from toner to cleansing milk made with powerful African ingredients from the Marula tree, Baobab tree and Rooibos bush. All of their products are free from silicone, phthalates, sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, propylene glycol and animal ingredients and by-products. You can find Iwori at Clicks stores.



Like facial essentials, women will consider what is an essential item for their babies to be debatable. So instead of choosing individual products, we have listed a range. Beautiful Earth's products are all vegan, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly. They have a baby range which has baby barrier cream, baby hair and body wash and baby breathe easy chest rub among others. Beautiful Earth is available at Beauty on TApp, Eco Mom and Fresh Earth Food Store.

Check out our Best Vegan Beauty Luxuries guide for more.

For more information about vegan and cruelty free products, visit Beauty Without Cruelty's Humane Guide.

*Always read the labels first to make sure the products are vegan and certified by Beauty Without Cruelty*

Keep Cool With Frost Popsicles' Five New Flavours!

A Summertime Treat!

We know we've JUST stepped to Spring, but let's face it, we only really have TWO seasons in South Africa: Summer and Winter. Soon our Spring will morph into Summer without us realising it, and we'll be left in the blistering heat doing everything we can to try keep cool. And sometimes fans, lukewarm swimming pools and standing in front of the fridge with the door wide open just won't cut it. We need something more... like a yummy frozen treat!

Frost Popsicles' premium alcohol-based popsicles are ready to welcome the summer sun with five new, delicious and oh-so-refreshing flavours, which include their first non-alcoholic variations. Having started two years ago with two wine-based options – the Tranquille and Brut PJ Pops™ – they've now expanded to 10 unique popsicle flavours, ensuring your taste buds never get bored!

Frost Popsicle

And The New Flavours Are...

Passion Fruit & Peach Margarita

First up is the delicious, fruity and exotic Passion Fruit & Peach Margarita popsicle, made with 100% natural peach and passion fruit flavour extracts and blended with Esperanza Agave Spirit from Hope on Hopkins. It’s a beautiful tropical combination to complement the balmy weather.

Frost Popsicle

Blood Orange Screwdriver

The Blood Orange Screwdriver popsicle pushes a few boundaries and puts a non-traditional but pleasantly surprising twist on the well-known classic cocktail, The Screwdriver. Made with natural blood orange flavour extract, this citrus bomb, perked up by handcrafted vodka from Hope on Hopkins, will bring a dash of sexy flair to any occasion.

Frost Popsicle

Pomegranate, Grapefruit & Hibiscus

Perhaps most exciting is the addition of three non-alcoholic popsicles to the icy range. To start, there's the sublime Pomegranate, Grapefruit & Hibiscus popsicle – a definite hit for hot summer days, with its rich ruby colour and refreshing sweetness, balanced with the fresh zing of grapefruit juice.

Peach, Strawberry & Banana

Equally appealing is the sweet Peach, Strawberry & Banana popsicle, made using pure fruit juice blends and packed with plenty of nutritional benefits. It’s the perfect healthy frozen treat and the second non-alcoholic flavour added to the collection.

Vanilla Coffee

And last but certainly not least is the indulgent Vanilla Coffee popsicle made using milk powder, a pure Madagascan vanilla extract and a gourmet coffee blend from Avanti Coffee. It tastes like a proper vanilla freezochino and is alcohol-free too.

Frost Popsicle

They're Also Dairy Free & Vegan-Friendly!

The entire Frost Popsicles range is made from all-natural ingredients, is low in calories and contains no artificial flavourants, colourants or sweeteners. And with the exception of the Vanilla Coffee Popsicle, all other Frost Popsicles are dairy-free and vegan-friendly.

Where Can You Get Them?

The full range of Frost Popsicles will be available in select, existing Frost stockists in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng as of October. The new alcohol-free popsicles will also be available as single-flavour, four-pack cartons in select supermarkets and health stores, including Wellness Warehouse. Frost Popsicles can be ordered online by the box and full stockist details are available at

How Much Are They?

The recommended retail prices (inclusive of VAT) are as follows:

Frost Popsicle

For More Information

For more information about these ice-cold treats, visit

You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Nova Chocolate Brings You Tempered Treats Without The Guilt

Who Are Nova Chocolate?

Who doesn’t love chocolate? The more, the better! The only problem is that it’s not the healthiest treat and not everyone can enjoy it without an allergic reaction or spiking their blood-sugar levels (think lactose-intolerance and diabetes). Cue, Nova Chocolate! This company is passionate about creating and supplying healthier chocolate products that are not only delicious, but moreish too.

Nova Chocolate products are manufactured locally using imported and local ingredients. Their range of chocolates are gluten and dairy free; vegan- and diabetic-friendly and contain no sucrose. So, you can enjoy a rich and decadent treat without the guilt, sugar rush and intolerance. At Nova Chocolate, they pride themselves in producing premium chocolates.

Nova Chocolates

Many Flavours To Choose From

The beauty of chocolate is the fact that you can incorporate many different flavours into it, making the chocolate even more flavourful. Here's a few Nova Chocolate combos to choose from:

To find out what other delights they have on offer Click here.

Nova Chocolates

How Nova Chocolatier, Dylan Jonnson, Got Into Chocolate

Dylan Jonnson secured a position at the 5-star Michelangelo Hotel in Sandton, where he started his career as a chef. He also got the opportunity to work in Scotland at a small boutique hotel in the mountains, where the menu changed daily. This inspired him to explore the potential of food.

Jonnson fell in love with chocolate 15 years ago, and in 2010 opened a small restaurant where everything on the menu had chocolate in it. In 2011, he opened a catering company and made premium chocolate products. To get a better understanding of business, he joined the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship where he got the opportunity to cater for Sir Richard Branson, as well as make exclusive branded chocolates for him. Thereafter, in 2017, Nova Chocolate was born.

Nova Chocolates

Where To Get Nova Chocolate

To get your hands on this guilt-, sugar-, dairy- and gluten-free treat, visit one of these stores:

You can also stock up online!

Nova Chocolate will be available in Dischem stores soon, and they’re also growing their footprint within Spar stores.

Nova Chocolates

For More Information

For more information about Nova Chocolates, visit or call them on 011 743 1911.

You can also follow them on Facebook, and Twitter.

Nova Chocolates