University of Johannesburg

Schools in Melville

Searching around for a school, pre-school or tertiary institution in the Melville area? Look no further! Here is a list... Read More

Viva La Vida Kahlo

There is only one person who could wear a unibrow with style, and that is Frida. Experience a story reenacted with Viva... Read More

iNduku At The POPArt Theatre

Find out the story of a new age man contained in the set and traditional ways of his family in the witty theatre piece... Read More

World Book Celebration

What would we be without book? The world book celebration is upon us, a time to celebrate all the knowledge that comes... Read More

Varsity Open Days

Choosing a university is an immense decision for matriculants and parents alike. The best way to make sure you opt for... Read More