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UJ Embraces The Fourth Industrial Revolution!

Improvements In The Accurate Detection Of Breast Cancer In a small clinic in a rural South African community, a nurse gives a woman the results of her breast cancer X-ray. The nurse is neither a radiologist nor an oncologist, but the software through which she has run her patient’s X-ray will ensure that her diagnosis […]

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Viva La Vida Kahlo

What Is It? UJ Arts  Culture audiences can look forward to Viva La Vida Kahlo, a production from Mexico staring Ana Karina Guevara, is set to bring Frida Kahlo’s history and philosophies to life. When Is It? Tuesday, 19 May 2020 - Saturday, 23 May 2020. Where Is It? University of Johannesburg, Con Cowan Theatre, Johannesburg, […]

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iNduku At The POPArt Theatre

What Is It? Witness the amazing work of the young and talented Ayabonga Makanya as he tells the story of how he grew up within the heart of a traditional family in iNduku At The POPArt Theatre. This piece speaks about him becoming a man and facing the reality of what that means in his […]

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UJ Out The Box Comedy

What Is It? Out the Box Comedy offers UJ students, staff and the public an opportunity to catch some of the biggest names in South African comedy. All in one night, under one roof. The September edition is set to feature legendary South Africa comedians. Expect to roll home in a fit of laughter. Out […]

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How To Survive Your First Year Of Varsity In Joburg

Don't Miss Orientation Week Everyone says it’s a waste of time during the day and you should only bother pitching up for the parties at night, but it gives you a crash course on studenting 101. I didn’t stay for the entire period but the time I spent being guided around made me feel far […]

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The Most Reasonable Student Accommodation In Joburg

We are all aware of the fact that university fees are very high in South Africa, and that many varsity students – especially those who are not from Johannesburg – cannot afford accommodation while studying. From undergraduates living in homeless shelters to postgraduates working two jobs to keep a roof over their heads, finding a […]

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