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The Ampersand Foundation - 21 Years Celebration Exhibition

What Is It? The Ampersand Foundation has had an immense impact on the country’s fine art landscape. Over the last 21 years they have afforded visual arts practitioners exposure to the wider international arts landscape of New York. This September, the Ampersand Foundation presents their third ever Ampersand Fellows exhibition featuring works from Diane Victor, […]

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21 Years of Curating The Cube With The UJ Art Gallery

What Is It? The UJ Art Gallery moved into its current home at the UJ Art Centre in 2005. During her two decades as gallery curator, Annali Cabano-Dempsey has established this art space as one of Joburg's foremost venues. The gallery will thus be celebrating Cabano-Dempsey's legacy this June, with their new exhibition 21 Years of […]

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