From fast food outlets and fine dining venues to Italian, Asian, Mediterranean and everything else in between, the suburb of Bryanston has everything your taste buds desire. Keep reading to see what restaurants are open and serving in the area.

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Fine Dining
Steak & Grill


Simply Asia

For authentic Thai cuisine made simple, visit Simply Asia at Hobart Grove Centre and enjoy their selection of noodles, Thai curries, seafood, duck dishes and vegetarian options. There’s something for all tastes. Currently, they have a limited lockdown menu, still offering some of their popular and oh-so delicious meals for delivery, right to your door. Take your pick from a variety of spring rolls, traditional Phad Thai, Phuket Noodles, Green Curry, Sweet & Sour Stir-Fry, Fried Rice Tom Yum and more.

Visit Simply Asia.

Momo Nikko

For buns, bowls and sushi rolls, be sure to visit Momo Nikko corner Main Road and Posthouse Street. With a tapas-style Asian menu, you're sure to delight your taste buds ordering a variety of moreish dishes to sample, savour and enjoy. A must-try when you visit are their baos, which are always deliciously fresh; as well as the twice-cooked ribs and Peking Duck pancakes. They have no liquor license, so if you're looking to complement your meal with an alcoholic drink, be sure to bring your own. Also, keep in mind that this branch is Halaal.

Visit Momo Nikko.

dim sum

dim sum

Dong Sheng

Situated in Sloane Square Shopping Centre, Dong Sheng offers diners delicious and affordable Asian cuisine, ranging from the freshest sushi to tastiest Chinese dishes! Take your pick from a selection of winter warmer soups; appetizers such as spring rolls, wontons and dumplings; chow mein and chow phan dishes with your choice of meat; a wide range of sushi delights; and indulgent desserts to round off your meal on sweet note. You can also expect friendly service as well as affordable prices!

Visit Dong Sheng.

Rejoice Sushi Bar & Chinese Restaurant

If you're looking for the typical sushi conveyor belt setup along with amazing sushi that'll have you coming back for more, then be sure to visit the little Asian cuisine haven of Rejoice Sushi Bar & Chinese Restaurant located in Bryanpark Shopping Centre. Don't judge a book by it's cover when you visitce, it's what's inside that matters, as well as what's on the menu! The menu offers guests authentic and traditional Chinese food and a wide range of sushi. Be sure to arrive hungry as their all-you-can-eat sushi special is an absolute must and definitely worthwhile!

Visit Rejoice Sushi Bar & Chinese Restaurant.


Café del Sol Botanico

Looking for some of the best Italian in town? Then visit Café del Sol Botanico at Bryanston Shopping Centre. Click here to read about our initial visit to this lovely Italian restaurant. Their selection of pasta dishes have become culinary landmarks – hearty, homemade pastas ranging from Nonna’s ragu, gnocchi, seafood risotto and stuffed calamari – and are absolute musts when you visit for a lazy lunch, vibey dinner or an indulgent treat. They've also launched a new luxury delivery line, Deli Via, that'll deliver their famous Italian dishes right to your door. Click here to find out more about this new offer.

Visit Café del Sol Botanico.


For great, wholesome, and authentic Italian cuisine perfect for the entire family, Gemelli at Posthouse Link Centre is an absolute gem that you need to visit when in the area. Their contemporary Italian food menu explores innovative and contemporary ways of paying homage to timeless Italian flavours and combinations, with a memorable touch of Gemelli flair. Each plate is a full of flavour, colour and detail, as well as fresh, seasonal and ethically sourced ingredients. There's sure to be something for everyone, as their menu includes a classic pasta selection, a hearty selection of meat dishes, delicious starters, and decadent desserts. Click here to find out more.

Visit Gemelli.

outside view of the Gemelli restaurant at night

Image from Gemelli.

Doppio Zero

With a wide range of Mediterranean specialties and traditional Italian fare, Doppio Zero at Hobart Grove Centre is a must-visit if you're in the mood for something fresh and flavourful, made with only the best seasonal ingredients. Every season, they revisit their menu and refresh it, ensuring that their guests always have something new and unique to enjoy when they visit. The menu is filled with a lovely selection of meals ranging from pasta dishes, pizzas, salads and bowls to options from their vegan pantry, tapas, burgers and decadent desserts. Click here to find out more about what's happening at Doppio Zero.

Visit Doppio Zero.


Offering artisanal wood-fired, crisp thin based pizzas; moreish pastas; and gourmet salads, the elegant Italian pizzeria, Col'Cacchio at Nicolway Bryanston is a must if you're looking to indulge in the freshest ingredients and plenty of flavours. Take your pick from their wide selection of classic and gourmet pizzas, hearty pasta dishes, desserts, milkshakes and insalata. There's also a Bambini menu available for the younger pizza lovers that visit the restaurant!

Visit Col'Cacchio.


Image from Col'Cacchio.

American & Fast Food


For flame-grilled burgers, handmade chips with that moreish seasoning and the sweetest milkshakes, visit your nearest Steers branch to get your fill! You can find the Bryanston branch at Grosvenor Crossing Shopping Centre. It's just the spot if you're looking to grab something on-the-go while exploring Bryanston. And if you’re not in the mood for a hearty, saucy beef burger, not to worry, they also offer flame-grilled chicken, ribs jam-packed with flavour, their famous sides and sweet desserts.

Visit Steers.


One of the country’s favourite fast food chains, Nando’s, makes some of the best flame-grilled chicken goodness in the country! All you have to do is pick your level of hotness – lemon and herb, mild, or per-peri – and pick your choice of sides to go along with it. Nando’s can be found pretty much anywhere in the city, but if you’re looking for one specifically in Bryanston, take a drive down William Nicol and stop by the Nando's Drive Thru.

Visit Nando's.


When the deep-fried chicken craving hits, there is only one place that'll satisfy – KFC! There is no need to introduce this restaurant, as everyone knows and loves it. And the best thing about KFC is the fact that you can find this fast food joint practically anywhere and everywhere in the city. You can find a Bryanston branch at Epsom Downs Shopping Centre on the corner of William Nicol and Sloane Street. Go through their extensive menu full of fried chicken portions, burgers and wraps and order something deep-fried and oh-so delicious!

Visit KFC.


Image from KFC.



Escape to the the Mediterranean without leaving the city and indulge and enjoy bold flavoured cuisine and delights at Mezepoli at Nicolway Bryanston. Here, you can delight your senses with the finest Mediterr-Asian dishes prepared and created with only the best and freshest ingredients. It's no-fuss urban dining at its best. Take time out from your busy everyday hustle and enjoy the Mediterranean side of life, along with great meze, a glass of wine or a fabulous cocktail at Mezepoli.

Visit Mezepoli.

tashas Nicolway

tashas at Nicolway Shopping Centre is inspired by the Mediterranean and offers their guests beautiful food, comfortable and stunning environments accompanied by excellent, personal service. Their classic menu offers a selection of appetising options including their Breakfast Royale to start off your morning on a high note; their moreish Smoking Salmon Salad perfect for lunch; and the delectable Mediterranean Lamb Cutlets perfect for a hearty dinner. This is the ideal spot if you're looking to treat your palate to something delicious.

Visit tashas.

tashas Nicolway

Image from tashas Nicolway.

Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket is another one of the country’s all time favourites, offering not only some of the best seafood in the city, but also a great atmosphere for you to unwind, relax and enjoy with your loved ones. Enjoy your choice of seafood delights, maybe even a few rounds of sushi and some baklava to end off your visit on a sweet note. Interested? Click here for more information.

Visit Ocean Basket.

Pizza Mezza

Enjoy a unique dining experience at the family owned and managed, Pizza Mezza, at Cramerview Village Centre in Bryanston. Here, you can expect a fusion of authentic Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine that's sure to leave you coming back for more. Their menu is packed with amazing dishes to choose from, all prepared and delivered with the greatest care and attention to detail. They use only the freshest and finest ingredients in their kitchen at all times.

Visit Pizza Mezza.

Pizza Mezza

Image from Pizza Mezza.

Fine Dining

LBV Bistro

Considered Bryanston's hidden gem, the LBV Bistro is an absolute must-visit if you're looking for a fine dining experience that'll thrill your senses. Whether you're looking for the ideal spot to celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones, or simply want to experience a gastronomical adventure, this is the place to be! Their tasting menu experiences are something you don't want to miss. Plus, if you enjoy a glass of red or white wine along with your meal, their cellar offers a hand-curated selection of wines from recognised and eclectic producers from a variety of vineyards in SA.

Visit LBV Bistro.

Coachman's Inn

For 40 years, the longstanding landmark, Coachman's Inn, has stayed true to its Tudor style and French influenced cuisine. Guests can expect to be treated to a sophisticated menu exuding traditional rich French influences as well as interesting daily specials that's sure to delight. The restaurant not only boasts a delectable menu, but also various private nooks and corners that makes it the ideal location for an intimate romantic dinner for two or even business get-togethers.

Visit Coachman's Inn.

Coachman's Inn

Image from Coachman's Inn.


Get some of the best Mediterranean seafood at the Fishmonger at Nicolway! You'll be spoilt with a wide and oh-so fresh variety of seafood, which includes Linefish, tender calamari, the best Mozambique Prawns, Langostines and Lobsters, Paella, Beef Espatada, Peri-Peri Chicken, Meze Platter and Oven Baked Fish and much more. You can also indulge in a selection of sushi, salads, steaks, ribs, wine and cocktails.

Visit Fishmonger Nicolway.

Steak & Grill

Wombles Steakhouse

When you're in the mood for a great steak, be sure to make a reservation and visit Wombles Steakhouse Restaurant at Hobart Grove Shopping Centre for a spectacular dining experience. Choose your preferred choice of prime cut, have it cooked to absolute perfection, then enjoy with a wide selection of sides, sauces and extras. Note: their onion rings are divine! And if you're not keen on such a beefy meal, they do offer other options including lamb, venison, poultry, fish and pasta dishes.

Visit Wombles Steakhouse Restaurant.

Wombles Steakhouse

Image from Wombles Steakhouse.

Turn 'n Tender

When you think steak, what’s the first place that comes to mind? For us, it’s Turn ‘n Tender. There are many branches throughout the city, but you can find the Bryanston branch at Nicolway Shopping Centre. This restaurant is ideal for date nights, a business lunch or even a Sunday roast with the family. Expect friendly service and staff, great meals, and a superb ambiance. They also offer a wide selection of wines from their cellar to complement your meal if you wish.

Visit Turn ‘n Tender.

Tiger's Milk Bryanston

Situated at Riverside Shopping Centre, Tiger’s Milk Kitchen & Bar is a great spot if you’re looking to munch on pizzas, Tex Mex, salads, burgers, and of course, steaks! Their menu offers a wide range of dishes that’s sure to leave you feeling full and satisfied, no matter what you’re craving. Other than the great food, this spot is popular for nights out on the town, complete with a bustling bar and live entertainment. Click here to find out more about Tigers Milk.

Visit Tiger’s Milk Kitchen & Bar.



For some of the best flame-grilled Mexican spiced chicken in town, Mochachos at Grosvenor Crossing Shopping Centre is a must-visit when the craving hits. They are famous and well known for their flavoursome chicken burgers, schwarmas and Mexican delights including Burritos, Enchiladas, Fajitas and Chimichangas. They also offer various flavours to chose from depending on your heat tolerance – Lemon and Herb; Mild; Hot; Extra Hot; and Dynamite!

Visit Mochachos.


Situated at the Hobart Grove Shopping Centre, Perron offers diners a space where they can indulge and appreciate beautiful Mexican flavours. Pay them a visit and enjoy rocking vibes, sip on some tequilas, and savour the flavours of Mexican cuisine with a bunch of their delicious dishes. Take your pick from their wide selection of divine burritos and tacos, salads and Mexican classics, then end off your visit with something on the sweet side – think Churros and Strawberry Shortcake.

Visit Perron.

Perron Mexican Restaurant in Bryanston

Image from Perron.

From on-the-go to sit-down and more, Fourways boasts a lovely selection of foodie hot spots for you to savour and enjoy. And no matter what you're craving, this suburb is sure to have just the cuisine to delight your taste buds. Take your pick from the menu below.

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American & Fast Food
Steak & Grill


Simply Asia

For authentic Thai cuisine made simple, visit Simply Asia and enjoy their selection of noodles, Thai curries, seafood, duck dishes and vegetarian options. There's something for all tastes and palates. Here, you can watch their chefs wok up a storm of exotic flavours and aromas that'll make your mouth water. Currently, they have a limited lockdown menu, still offering some of their popular and oh-so delicious meals for delivery, right to your door. Take your pick from a variety of spring rolls, traditional Phad Thai, Phuket Noodles, Green Curry, Sweet & Sour Stir-Fry, Fried Rice Tom Yum and more.

Visit Simply Asia.

Saigon Suzy Cedar Square

Looking for one of the most authentic Asian experiences in the city? Then be sure to make a stop at Saigon Suzy! This popular spot opposite Fourways Mall offers visitors only the best in Asian-inspired cocktails and street food accompanied by classic rock 'n roll hits. Delight your senses with authentic flavours straight from their menu, which offers everything from Bao, Bun Cha and Banh Xeo to Pho and BBQ Street Skewers. Also, sip on your choice of specially imported Asian beers, sake, gins and whiskeys. And if you're feeling a little brave, why not head to their No Tell Motel Karaoke when you can sing along to your favourite tunes!

Visit Saigon Suzy Cedar Square. 

Kung-Fu Kitchen

Visit Kung-Fu Kitchen and get your fill on fantastic sushi, moreish chow mein and chow faan, and soul warming soups and curries. A few of our favourites off of their menu includes the Chicken Spring Rolls, Salmon California Rolls, Sticky Chicken rice dish and Miso Soup. And if you're looking for something sweet to round off your meal on a high note, add a few decadent Bowties. You can find the Fourways Kung-Fu Kitchen at the Waterford Shopping Centre, on the corner of Witkoppen Road and Douglas Drive.

Visit Kung-Fu Kitchen.


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Located in the bustling entertainment hub of Montecasino, just off the casino floor, Donatella's Italian, Seafood & Grillhouse is an absolute must-visit if you're in the mood for customary Italian fare. Step out of Fourways and into the streets of Italy without having to purchase a flight or leaving the country! The menu offers everything from Carpaccio, Paella and Lamb Shank to Peri Lemon Prawns, Sole A La Romana and Donna's Linguine, just to name a few. Not only is this restaurant a wonderful place for amazing cuisine, but it's also the perfect venue to host functions, parties and conferences.

Visit Donatella's Italian, Seafood & Grillhouse.

Pellegrino Toscano

Looking to treat the whole family to some Italian? Then look no further than Pellegrino Toscano, located at Cedar Square Shopping Centre. This premium Italian eatery offers their guests stellar service, great food and warm hospitality, complete with a menu full of new and classic dishes you and your family are sure to enjoy. You can expect to see fresh handmade pasta, thin base pizzas, meat dishes, fish and chicken options, homemade cakes and REAL Italian gelato to round off your meal on a sweet note. Their menu is sure to have something for everyone.

Visit Pellegrino Toscano.

Lupa Osteria

Your Rome away from home, visit Lupa Osteria at Design Quarter for exceptional combination of food and wine. This is just the restaurant if you're seeking the authentic and simple flavours of Italy, right here in our beloved city. Their dishes are prepared with only the freshest ingredients, selected with the greatest care to ensure mouth-watering meals every time you visit. On the menu, you can expect wholesome and seasonal pizzas, pastas, seafood and secondi, seasoned with distinctly Italian flavours.

Visit Lupa Osteria at Design Quarter.


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American & Fast Food


For American style (and sized) burgers that has all the toppings imaginable, drenched in your favourite sauce, visit RocoMamas at Pineslopes Shopping Centre on Witkoppen Road. There's something for all tastes, from chicken and beef burgers to vegetarian and vegan options. There's also a delicious selection of sides if you think you have enough stomach space for it. Don't forget to order one of their decadent and addictive milkshakes in a wide variety of flavours to complement your meal.

Visit RocoMamas.


Craving schwarmas or pitas stuffed with fresh ingredients and drizzled with chili and tzatziki? Anat at Fourways Mall, Montecasino and Dainfern Square offers just the thing! Best of all, you can order it and enjoy on-the-go! All meals are packaged to enjoy anywhere, whether you're seated at the restaurant or on the move to your next destination. Click here to take a look at what Anat has on the menu. Be sure to keep a look at for their amazing combos and specials.

Visit Anat.


For flame-grilled burgers, handmade chips with that moreish seasoning and sweet milkshakes, be sure to visit your nearest Steers branch to get your fill! You can find Steers at Montecasino, Pineslopes Shopping Centre, Dainfern Square and Fourways Mall, so there's no excuse to not be able to get your hands on something delicious on-the-go! And if you're not in the mood for a beef burger, not to worry, they also offer flame-grilled chicken, ribs jam-packed with flavour, their famous sides and sweet desserts.

Visit Steers.


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Pedro Portia Lounge

Located at Cedar Square Shopping Centre, Pedro Portia Lounge is just the place if you're craving Mediterranean-inspired dishes or a trendy after work hangout complete with drinks and cigars. They even host dance parties if you're looking to dance your way into the weekend! The restaurant also offers beautiful sunset views, a great selection of champagne, one of the biggest varieties of cigars in South Africa, colourful and tasty cocktails, and an interesting selection of Havana Club Rum. Due to the lockdown regulations, this restaurant may be closed until further notice. Visit their social media platforms for more information.

Visit Pedro Portia Lounge. 

Ocean Basket

Ocean Basket is another one of the country's all time favourites, offering not only offering some of the best seafood in the city, but also a great atmosphere for you to unwind, relax and enjoy with your loved ones. Enjoy your choice of seafood delights, maybe even a few rounds of sushi and some baklava to end off your visit on a sweet note. Interested? Click here for more information.

Visit Ocean Basket.


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Thava Indian Restaurant at Montecasino

For authentic Indian cuisine in the heart of Joburg, be sure to visit the warm and inviting Thava Indian Restaurant, either at Montecasino in Fourways or in Norwood. You're palate will be delighted by the flavourful selection of traditional Indian dishes ranging from Kormas, Tandoori, curries, Masala and more. To find out more about the Montecasino branch, click here to read about their Montecasino restaurant opening. Expect a welcoming atmosphere, friendly service and outstanding food.

Visit Thava Indian Restaurant.

Taste Punjabi Fourways

Delight your senses with authentic North Indian dishes at Taste Punjabi Fourways. Other than the array of curries and traditional dishes served with either chicken, beef, lamb or seafood, they also offer vegetarian variants. All of their meals are made with a blend of aromatic spices, served with Indian breads or rice. During the lockdown, they will be offering their cuisine via delivery or collection. Click here to take a look at what's on the menu and how you can order.

Visit Taste Punjabi Fourways.

Anise and pepper near delicious dish

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Steak & Grill

Turn 'n Tender

When you think steak, what's the first place that comes to mind? For us, it's Turn 'n Tender. There are many branches throughout the city, but you can find the Fourways branch at Dainfern Square. This restaurant is ideal for date nights, a business lunch or even a Sunday roast with the family. Here, you can expect friendly service and staff, great meals, and a superb ambiance. They also offer a wide selection of wines from their cellar to complement your meal if you wish.

Visit Turn 'n Tender.

The Baron Fourways

The Baron has become a firm favourite for those looking to grab a great meal and an ice-cold draught after a long day at the office. Their menu offers a wide selection of steaks and grill options that's sure to delight any meaty craving. During the national lockdown, they are offering a delivery menu that can be delivered right to your door or for pickup. Click here to take a look at their updated menu.

Visit The Baron.

Tiger's Milk Kitchen & Bar

Situated at Cedar Square, Tiger's Milk Kitchen & Bar is a great spot if you're looking to munch on pizzas, Tex Mex, salads, burgers, and of course, steaks! Their menu offers a wide range of dishes that's sure to delight your taste buds, no matter what you're craving. Other than the great food, this spot is popular for nights out on the town, complete with a bustling bar and live entertainment. Click here to find out more about Tigers Milk.

Visit Tiger's Milk Kitchen & Bar.


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Thrupps Illovo Centre is a multi-purpose centre that has been around for years. It is the go-to spot for those wanting a night out.

This centre boasts amazing restaurants that each offer something different. Spend a night out and explore the city's best. What better way to have some fun than treating yourself to a lovely meal?

Restaurants Thrupps Illovo

Farro Illovo

Craving something different? Then visit the intimate modern European restaurant, Farro Illovo.

The restaurant tells a story with every plate - it's not just food, but art.

The restaurant is owned by a husband and wife tag team that use the knowledge and training they received in Europe to create masterpieces.

Farros Illovo is all about the simplicity of dining, making extraordinary meals in a simple way. The restaurant uses ethically sourced, free-range and hormone-free ingredients.

The restaurant is also home to some fine wines. They steer clear of familiar wines, instead they introduce a new taste with unique offerings.

Restaurants Thrupps Illovo

Turn 'n Tender

If you want a good meaty meal, then the Turn 'n Tender Steakhouse is just for you.

This steakhouse has stolen the hearts of South Africans, and it's no surprise that we love it so much. Try one of their perfect cut steaks to see why.

They have a wide and generous menu for you to enjoy, which includes vegetarian meals, seafood, poultry, grills, burgers and much more.

They boast a spectacular wine list, a perfect pairing for the steak.

Restaurants Thrupps Illovo

The Fishmonger - Pedro's Original

The Fishmonger is one of the best seafood restaurants in the city. They offer the freshest seafood - you can almost taste the sea in your mouth.

This Illovo branch was the first of the Fishmonger branches.

They source the finest ingredients to make sure that you get the best out of every meal.

Although their specialty is shellfish, fresh line fish and sushi, they have created a generous offering for the non-fish eater. These include organic beef and Portuguese grilled chicken, among others.

Restaurants Thrupps Illovo

Photo by Turn 'n Tender Illovo

With that whole mouthful, let's say cheers!

Village View Shopping Centre

The Village View Shopping Mall is located along one of Bedfordview's busiest main roads. Situated just a kilometre from the M1 South on-ramp, the centre is a hive of activity. In late 2013, the centre underwent massive renovations. This not only improved its retail and dining offerings, but created a more welcoming shopping environment for visitors. The centre is now a go-to for shoppers looking to find the latest fashion brands, health and beauty products, super stylish home decor and more. Bedfordview foodies also love it here thanks to the variety of restaurant options on site. From tashas, to Pigalle, Rodizio Brazilian Restaurant, Turn n Tender and FireRoom Sushi & Grill, Village View has something to offer everyone.


Shopping on-trend fashion just got a whole lot easier at Village View Shopping Centre. Although the centre features only two fashion boutiques, Zoi and Zui SA, these two stores have more than enough high-quality style offerings to keep fashionistas coming back. Zoi is the urban working man and woman's g-to store for power blazers, fitted jeans and dresses. Stop by here before your next board meeting or business luncheon. Zui SA is a little less serious, stocking women's boutique wear and seasonal must-haves. Their fashion wear is inspired by London Fashion Week and the classic English style seen in top East End boutiques. Check out their online store for some fashion inspiration before heading out to Village View for your next shopping spree.

Zui SA



Village View's dining options are superb. With five major restaurant chains at the centre, you have ample choice when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat. For breakfast, brunch or a light lunch pop into tashas. This cafe style restaurant greets you at the entrance to the centre and as a result is almost always busy, serving up wholesome dishes made from the freshest ingredients. The seating area is breezy and well-suited for long conversations with friends. Try out a slice of their delicious cakes, or indulge in a gourmet sandwich. You can always walk off the extra calories while exploring the rest of the centre.

Fine dining is easily accessible at Village View, too. Take your pick from Pigalle - a Portuguese seafood and grill dedicated to delivering personalised silver service, or Rodizio Brazilian Restaurant. Rodizio is the more lively venue of the two, often featuring live music and dancing as part of their dining experience. However, whichever you choose you are bound to have a great time enjoying first class food.

For a fiery food experience head to Village View's Turn 'n Tender or FireRoom Sushi and Grill. While these eateries offer wholly different cuisines, flame grilling is at the forefront of their cooking techniques. Partnered with excellent service, these restaurants offer diners a fun and interactive eating experience.

FireRoom Sushi and Grill


Village View's Woolworths food store is a neighbourhood favourite. This wholefoods grocery outlet is a lot quieter than the outlets situated at the nearby Bedford Centre and Eastgate shopping malls. With over 1 500 sqm of retail space, this Woolies is the ideal place to shop for your weekly groceries and essentials.

Wellness Warehouse

Wellness Warehouse is one of the newer editions to the centre. Nevertheless, they have managed to quickly endear themselves to customers with their awesome range of health and fitness products. Just two stores down from MovementX, the Wellness Warehouse caters to gym bunnies and average interested health fundis alike.

Village View

Health & Beauty 

Sorbet & Sorbet Man

Everybody needs a little bit of pampering now and again. That's where Sorbet comes into the picture. Experts in facials, hot wax, gelish, brows and blowouts, Sorbet's mission is to leave you feeling rejuvenated and revitalised after their treatments. Gents, you haven't been forgotten. Sorbet Man is right next door. So, take your sweetheart on a spa date at Village View to earn brownie points galore.

Skin Renewal Aesthetic Clinic

The Skin Renewal Clinic offers a range of aesthetic beauty treatments. From laser hair removal, to acne and rosacea treatments, botox and hair loss treatments, the Skin Renewal Clinic is here to help you look and feel your very best. All treatments are administered by trained nurses and therapists, so you can relax knowing that you are in good hands.

Beauty Factory

You can hardly miss the Beauty Factory at Village View. The stores large glass doors are usually thrown open to welcome you in. If that doesn't do the trick, the sights and smells emanating from the shop should do the trick. Stop by here to pick up all sorts of locally made goodies, including bath salts, essential oils and lotions.

Rain Natural Skincare

Rain is an ethically responsible beauty and skincare product store. Their promise is this: no parabens, no petroleum jelly, no mineral oil, no liquid paraffin, no petrochemicals, and most importantly no animal testing or child labour in the making of their products. If you deeply care about the environment and want to make a difference, start by visiting Rain at Village View Shopping Centre.

Village View

Beauty Factory

Home Decor 

Once you have shopped to your heart's content and eaten your fill at Village View, check out their home decor stores. Weylandts is South Africa’s leading furniture and homeware store. Combining clean, confident Scandinavian-inspired design with the raw, authentic textures of mother nature. Find everything you need to create your perfect living space here.

As part of the Foschini Group, @Home is one of the top choice homeware and furniture stores in South Africa. Their range of contemporary furniture pieces will have you planning home makeover projects from the minute you step foot into the store. @Home's selection of appliances are also a homemakers dream. You may be tempted to drool over the SMEG mixers and kettles, be warned.

On your way out of the centre pop by Gemma Bloom flower shop. While it's not always possible to redecorate your entire home, a bunch of fresh flowers can do wonders to liven up a bland space.

For more information

Visit their website for more information.

Details: Cnr Kloof and Van Buuren Rds, Bedfordview, Johannesburg | 011 622 3026 | [email protected]

Follow them on social media for news and updates:

Facebook -

Twitter -

Instagram -

Have you been to Village View Shopping Centre before? Let us know about your experience. 

Parreirinha – La Rochelle

The area might leave you feeling a little unsettled, but this restaurant is definitely worth the visit if you are in La Rochelle! I just had to mention this spot as I found it rather interesting and different compared to other Portuguese restaurants around the city. Parreirinha occupies an old police station, which means you will be dining in what used to be the holding cells! And one section of the restaurant is adorned with hundreds of ties hanging from the rafters, which adds an interesting element to the décor. The food is amazing, service is friendly (but slow) and the atmosphere is just warm and homely! Also, the prawn cakes are said to be absolutely amazing!

A Churrasqueira – Brackenhurst

For the best Portuguese food in South Joburg, be sure to head to A Churrasqueira in Brackenhurst, Alberton! This spot offers quite a variety of dishes from their thrilling menu filled with traditional Portuguese dishes and also all the known favourites. It is the perfect place if you are looking to dine out as a family. There's a brand new kids' menu available and two jungle gyms that will keep the little ones entertained for hours! And, if you love your prawns, A Churrasqueira is known to have the best grilled prawns in Joburg.

Turn ‘n Tender – Bassonia

The first time I visited Turn ‘n Tender, I had no clue what to expect. Sure, I knew that the spot was well-known for its steaks, but that definition just barely scratches the surface! They have almost every type of meat imaginable, every cut of prime beef and an impressive wine list that will complement your meal perfectly. This steakhouse is the ideal spot if you are looking for the ultimate meat haven! Some of the dishes can be rather pricey, so pay them a visit if you are looking to celebrate a special occasion.


Adega – Alberton

Adega has always been a favourite when it comes to my family. My father and sister love to tuck into their regular 1kg of king prawns smothered in garlic and lemon butter sauce. Sadly, with a shellfish allergy (curses!), I always have to find something that will be equally as tasty and indulgent as those ocean critters that I cannot lay my hands on! Luckily, the menu is filled with a number of Portuguese dishes that cater to every taste, whether you want something meaty, from the ocean, or combos because you want the best of both worlds. I’ve been to plenty of Adega branches, but Adega Alberton has definitely given me the best experience!

Casa Portuguesa @ Little Italy – Glenanda

Craving some Italian cuisine? Then be sure to make your way down to the quaint and homely Casa Portuguesa at Little Italy in Glenanda. This spot is perfect if you are looking to sit back and relax or need a kid-friendly spot to keep the little ones fed and entertained. They have a rather extensive menu, but they are known for their delicious pizzas and pasta. And, also be sure to leave some room for their chocolate cake filled with oozing melted chocolate. I have been told that it definitely the perfect dessert if you are a chocoholic looking for something rich and decadent!

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Indulge in your favourite red meats at Wombles in Bryanston with their hunting lodge decor, affordable and extensive wine list, and juicy prime cuts ranging from delicious sirloin to rump steak. If you’re looking for something big, why not try their 1kg Man Size Rump? Then select your favourites from a variety of sauces and side orders. After a great meaty meal, there's a mean selection of desserts and dessert wines to give you the perfect ending to your evening.

Turn 'n Tender

From meat right off the grill to poultry, seafood and homemade burgers, Turn ‘n Tender is the place for you if you’re looking for a little bit of everything. Everything comes in a range of sizes, from small and medium to massive! Their Argentinian-style steak (your choice of cut) topped with chimi churri marinade sounds great! Or choose from their selection of meaty combos for the best of both worlds.

The Hussar Grill

The Hussar Grill has a legendary status that extends back to 1964. With their Class-A, grain-fed beef, customers enjoy the very best — not to mention award-winning — quality. Get a 300g rump or sirloin served with delicious vegetables. The beef is basted with their signature basting recipe, which gives your steak that distinctive flavour. Round off with a delightful melting chocolate fondant. Step into this elegantly decorated restaurant and enjoy the upmarket grillhouse ambiance. Joburg has several branches for you to try out.


The Grillhouse

With an award-winning wine list, a bustling club-like atmosphere and great food, The Grillhouse is the family's and the businessman's favourite steakhouse. With several restaurants in Joburg, one of their recommended dishes is fillet on the bone – two large medallions of tender-aged fillet. While the restaurant is best-known for satisfying carnivore cravings with steaks and ribs, there's also a variety of salads, chicken, seafood and vegetarian options on the menu. And you'd better save some space for a sweet ending of baked cheesecake or brownies.

Thunder Gun Steakhouse

For over 40 years, Thunder Gun has offered great food, amazing service and excellent value for money when it comes to their well-known juicy steaks, ribs and burgers. Situated in Blackheath, this is a haven for meat lovers with a variety of prime cuts sizzling to perfection on the grill. For the hearty meat eater there's the 500g Big Chief Rump Steak and, for the super hungry, the 800g Mega T-Bone. Definitely the place to come hungry!

The Meat Co.

For a food and wine experience that’s of an international standard, have a carnivorously delicious meaty meal at none other than The Meat Co. From their popular flame-grilled steaks and lamb shanks, to lamb chops and oxtail, you will be spoilt for choice with a variety of meat dishes that will leave you feeling rather indecisive! You can also choose from a range of steak toppings and flavoured butters to add a little more flavour! Their Grilled Rump Escargot sounds like a winner!


Trumps Grill

With great service, a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere and fabulous food, what more could you ask for? Join Trumps Grill at Nelson Mandela Square where it is literally all about meat! With every cut of steak that you can think of, ribs, poultry and seafood, there is a large selection to choose from. The 400g Rib-Eye steak served with chips, rice, baby potatoes or vegetables definitely sounds like a treat!

The Bull Run

One of Sandown’s more popular upmarket steakhouses, The Bull Run offers you good food, an extensive wine list, great service, and crisp white linens with an upmarket, professional vibe. There is a vast selection of prime cut meats, from pork, beef, lamb, venison and even ostrich to be grilled and prepared to perfection with your choice of mash, potato wedges, rice, a baked potato or pap.

Chaplin’s Grill

Chaplin's Grill is the place for both carnivores and herbivores, with a selection that will tickle everyone’s taste buds. You get to choose your cut of meat, choose whether you want it butter basted or rubbed, and decide what sauce you want to accompany your delicious meaty meal. One of their main attractions is the slow-cooked oxtail in a tomato and herb baste on mash. But I would definitely opt for the pork belly slow roasted and served on mash and soy jus.


The Local Grill

While being a paradise for meat lovers, there is a variety to choose from at the Local Grill, as their menu is always changing. Indulge in some great quality prime cuts, from sirloin, fillet, and rump to wing rib steaks that will leave you and your craving satisfied. Choose from Chalmar or Greenfields free-range beef cuts offered either dry or wet aged. The 500g fillet steak served with a complimentary side dish (try their mash) is definitely a hearty meal! If having big, juicy steaks is not your thing, then why not try their popular grilled calamari served with lemon butter cream and sweet chilli jam.

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