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Is It Allergies, Seasonal Flu Or COVID-19?

Allergies Peak allergy season in Joburg is between late August to mid-April. However, if you suffer from perennial allergies, you may experience common symptoms all year round. As pollen levels rise, your nasal passages become inflamed, causing the typical facial tenderness; dark circles beneath your eyes; a runny, itchy nose and watery eyes associated with […]

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Looking To Be Treated Like A Goddess? Go To The Pyramid Day Spa!

About The Pyramid Day Spa The Pyramid Day Spa is said to offer a wide range of specialised treatments that have been specifically chosen to revitalise you body, rejuvenate your mind and invigorate your soul. This is a chance for you to take your body and mind on a journey of renewal and soothing relaxation […]

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Beauty That Lies In The Eyes Of The Zone @ Rosebank

Show us someone who does not love being beautiful. Maybe a drop of water in the occasion. There are many elements that add up to beauty and the health aspect around beauty. We have created a list of Beauty Spots you can visit to give yourself a little bit of love. Why We Encourage This? […]

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Go To Mommy Wellness Day Spa For Some Mommy Time In Joburg

Spa days are the ultimate way to relax. Getting massages and being pampered makes everyone happy. But not all spa treatments cater for expecting moms. Mommy Wellness Day Spa caters to all the moms. Whether you're expecting, have just given birth or you're an experienced child-rangler, they have packages to suit everyone. And let's face […]

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