Allow Time For A Thorough Warm Up

Warming up before your main exercise is always important no matter what time of year training but even more so in winter, spend time warming up and stretching to avoid injury. Warming up is also a great way to ease yourself into those early morning workout sessions.

Dress Properly

The quickest way to lose body heat is to get wet through sweating which will leave you cold and bothered. They suggest that you layer up and make sure your workout clothing is made from materials such as polyester and nylon which are designed to dry quickly and take away moisture about 50 percent faster than cotton.

Training Buddy

When nobody is waiting on you it is much more tempting to roll over and press snooze on the alarm than spring out of bed and lace up your trainers. Find a training buddy and set some summer goals together, you can even create your own mood board together because #trainingbuddygoals. is all bout committing and having someone on the same boat as you it's easier to be motivated and pushing for more.

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Mix It Up

Repeating the same workout over and over can become tedious. Try different classes and training to keep you motivated and having fun. Try something new (Planet Fitness has loads of variety).

Prioritise Your Workout

Flexibility can be great but when it comes to planning a workout schedule it's a good idea to set specific days and times and stick to it. This will help prevent other plans taking priority and will also help to establish a routine.

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Eat Well

When you are cold and tired grabbing an unhealthy snack or pre-made dinner can be tempting. Stock up on vegetables and protein based food so you are less inclined to snack on junk food. Pre-pack nutritional meals ahead of time to avoid starch and sugar loaded temptations.

Set Your Goal

Fitness, toning and energy, whatever it may be, you definitely need to START NOW, the cold is no excuse.

Perk Up Your Mood

Low light levels in winter can reduce the feel-good hormones in our brains, which can make many of us feel down in the dumps during the colder months. Exercise can boost your mood during winter, sending those all-important feel-good hormones soaring, and keeping the winter blues at bay. Research has shown that a good workout can be up to four times more effective than taking antidepressants for improving symptoms of depression. As well as being an effective mood booster and pick-me-up.

Boost Your Immune System

During cold weather, there tends to be more bugs and viruses doing the rounds, and a few of us can escape the winter without succumbing to a cold or even flu. Exercising during winter can boost your immune system, helping to fight off common winter infections. Some studies have concluded that training in cold weather may reduce you chances of getting winter viruses by up to 30%, compared to those who shun sport at this time of year.

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Tip: Boost your energy!

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