Where To Eat?

Take our word for it people! When we say the suburb is inviting, charming and without a doubt stylish, we totally mean it! The beautiful scenery that doesn’t go unseen even to those who have visited the area more than twice. Not forgetting that it is becoming trendy by the day, so as you can imagine there is a bunch of fun stuff to do and amazing food to indulge in. The stylish setup of the area is compelling and so is the food. There’s a number of choices to choose from, upmarket restaurants, pizzerias, and drinking spots. The highlight of it all is how amazing the food is, with every food place different yet similar to the other with great cuisines to explore and the opportunity to explore new experiences. Food so good it'll make you lick your plate clean!

Ono Eatery

This is just a unique food spot, giving you a Hawaiian-inspired cuisine in Joburg. You can eat out and not even feel bad about eating all things delicious, because they serve all things healthy. The Ono Eatery is an amazing way to kick start any day, whether you are simply in the mood for some delicious breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner. This is the place just for that. And of course, not forgetting their specialty their delicious Poké.

Ono Eatery

Trabella Pizzeria

What’s eating out without pizza and some pasta right? Well, this is just the place for amazing Italian food and mouth watering goodies. The Italian inspired dishes and wood-fired pizzas are ideal for anyone with a huge appetite after a long day. The perfect place to bring friends and family to come indulge in some great food. With their amazing toppings; spinach, pancetta, artichokes and garlic and many more.

The Great Burger Company

Deliciously prepared burgers, that are so mouthwatering you'd literally have to come back for more, allowing you to choose exactly how you would like your tasty tower to arrive. Choosing your choice of patty, bun, toppings, fillers and sauces. So, if you are looking for a fast food spot that will keep the whole family happy then this is just the place to visit.

Parea Greek Taverna

Parea Greek Taverna, is just the touch of exoticness you need in your life, giving you the best in Greek cuisines. Celebrating getting together with other people, who also enjoy the phenomenon of being together and enjoying amazing food. And of course what's a Greek restaurant without a little bit of dancing? Well, they make sure you are always entertained when you enter their grounds with belly dancing and Greek dancers. Now you can't tell us that is not the ultimate Greek experience.

What To Do?


Illovo Junction comes alive in the night time and it gets twice as amazing. Clocking out from that 9-5 and want to grab a few drinks and just unwind? Then, The Griffin is just the place, as it is not quite a bar and not quite a restaurant, giving you the best of both worlds bringing together foodies alike with the best in craft beer, desserts, nibbles and Sunday roasts. Next on our list is Daisy Dukes  being the hottest western themed saloon in Jozi. Providing you with the most amazing experience and of course amazing food and drinks, other than that you can also enjoy line dancing, karaoke night, comedy nights, quiz nights and a lot of other fun acticities. Moving on to our third favourite spot, they say life without Mexican food, is not life at all and we think it's true. Which is why Perron is here to spice up your life with some Mexican food and some spicy tequilas!

The Griffin, Daisy Dukes, Perron


As Illovo Junction is known for its trendy setting ideal for the everyday person, being the perfect place to be when seeking to relax, chill, eat and have a few drinks. Mixing all cultures from Mexican, Italian, Hawaiian, Greek and Western cultures to make sure you have a variety of choices to choose from. It doesn't end there, there is an amazing Jiu-Jitsu studio the Gracie Barra - Jiu-Jitsu Studio for everyone who wants to learn self-defense and self-discipline. See we told you, there's more to this place.

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Professor @romulobarral thank you for share you knowledge . There's a lot of preparation that goes into getting ready for championships this big, and altough nothing can replace the work done at your respective home school,to the official coaches and definitely raise the self confidence of each other . #graciebarra #icp6revisited #keepingthelegacyalive #jiu #gbambassador #jiujitsu #jiujitsulifestyle

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