Exercise Outdoors

You may be disinclined to go outside because it’s chilly, but by all means, don’t hunker down by the fire. Get yourself some cute workout gear and take it out for a spin! Whether it’s running, cycling or oh-so-festive ice skating (which burns 450 calories an hour and tones your butt and thighs, by the way), being active in nature is simply more fun than battling crowds at the gym. Research also shows that the refreshing burst of air will keep you coming back!

Stock Up On Superfoods

It’s true that some foods can actually help you lose weight, not to mention reduce the risk of disease. The greatest part is that many superfoods are also winter staples, so you probably have some on your menu already! Kale is not only the trendiest leafy green, but it’s also the most nutritious. Serve it at your winter dinners and friends and family will be thankful for the new tradition.


Lighten Up Seasonal Favourites

Nothing hits the spot quite like a hearty scoop of macaroni and cheese. You don’t have to deny yourself this comforting favourite thanks to some cal-cutting research from SELF. Red Rooster Harlem chef and owner Marcus Samuelsson threw veggies like kale, mushrooms and onions into his dish and used turkey bacon in place of the fattier stuff. Mac & Cheese, Please! author Laura Werlin incorporated butternut squash into her sauce, which adds to its creamy texture and gives a nice dose of vitamins A and C. Perhaps the easiest swap of all when it comes to mac and cheese though is the cheese. Try Parmesan instead of cheddar, for example — since the flavour is stronger, you’ll be able to use less and be just as satisfied.

Have An Eating Plan

People can freak out about overeating and set themselves up for disaster in the winter. All those choices at the table aren’t a bad thing, though. If you love mom’s cookies, you can have them! To make sure you don’t overdo it by the end of the day, be prepared:

meal plan

Manage Stress

From a busy work schedule and jam-packed social calendar, there’s no doubt this busy time of year can be super-stressful and take a physical toll on us. Stressing makes cortisol levels rise, which forces your body to hold onto fat. In turn, hunger hormone levels rise, and then we end up doing things like “eating our feelings.” To fight severe stress this season, be sure to have your healthy eating goals set out, to put a financial plan in place, and to get enough sleep each night.

How do you avoid picking up unwanted kilos during the winter? Share your secrets in the comments below!

By Candice May