Eastgate Food Court


Piatto welcomes you to the Eastgate food court. This Italian restaurant serves up delicious, slow-cooked meals full of heart and flavour. Piatto is also the perfect place to chill out with friends over a glass of wine. Stop by on a lazy Sunday afternoon to enjoy their patio vibe and fresh breezes.

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Mantovani's is situated next door to Piatto at the Eastgate food court. This family-friendly restaurant offers something for everyone - from kiddies meals and entertainment to steaks for dad and wines for mom (or visa versa). Take the family along for a mid-week night out at Mantovani's Pizza Tuesdays. You get 50% off all pizzas!

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Eastgate Food Court


Mozambik is another great family-fun eatery housed at the Eastgate food court. Their menu is Afro-Porto fusion inspired, featuring traditional fare such as Portuguese prawns and Mozambik’s famous grilled and basted chicken. Mozambik is passionate about bringing families and friends together over good food. Let the kids run wild at their play centre while you tuck into a feast of flavours.

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Simply Asia

Thai cuisine is one of the most fascinating and flavourful. Pairing spicy with sweet, salty and sticky, this is our kind of food. Simply Asia offers Thai food lovers an array of colourful dishes to choose from. And, whether you are in a hurry or have time to spare, this restaurant is well-suited to catering to your every need. We recommend the chicken and cashew nut noodle bowl  - it's simply delicious!

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If wood-fired pizza is your thing, check out Eastgate's Col'cacchio. This up-market Italian restaurant is situated below the food court, so it's a lot quieter than upstairs eateries. The menu features Banting, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, so anyone can enjoy their scrumptious meals. To make sure you get a taste of everything on the menu, get a couple of friends to tag along for a share-and-tear style dinner.

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From humble beginnings way back in 1993, Plaka has established itself as a landmark venue in Joburg, especially at Eastgate Shopping Mall. They produce the finest Greek dishes, without compromising on taste or value. Plaka's decor also adds to the Greek island atmosphere. Whites, blues and clear glass windows give the restaurant a breezy, yet welcoming feel. Many Eastgate frequenters choose to host their birthday or anniversary dinners here, so why not give it a try for your next big occasion?

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Eastgate Food Court


From fine dining to fast food, the Eastgate food court has it all. The latest fast food franchise to open in the food court is Tjips. This quirky food stand pairs good old pomme frites (AKA chips) with all kinds of toppings. From salsa, guac and sour cream, to Parmesan and truffle mayo, this gourmet chip stand is much more than a chip and dip. If this wasn't enough to blow your mind, try the Shenanigans - sugar-coated chips, served with a scoop of Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream!

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Harper's Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Last, but certainly not least on this list is Harper's. While you may have to travel to the farthest corner of the mall to find this coffee bar, it's worth the journey. Harper's is the ideal spot at Eastgate to tuck into scones and tea, carrot cake or even a gourmet burger. Their lattes are famed for being frothy and warming, too. Plus, the decor is just so lovely that you will forget you are even dining inside a mall.

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Eastgate Shopping Mall

Eastgate first opened in 1979. Since then it has undergone renovation, reconstruction and expansion to bring you an even better retail experience. This mega mall now houses over 300 stores, many of which are branded fashion emporiums. Eastgate is known for having something for every kind of shopper - from the kiddies to busy moms and dads, teens, young adults and even grandma. They pride themselves on being a lifestyle hub in Bedfordview, offering an array of restaurants, clothing stores, homeware and boutique shops.

Eating at Eastgate

Eastgate boasts an impressive food court. Whether you are in the mood for fast food, oven-fired vegan pizza or gourmet tjips, the food court is sure to have something to curb your cravings. While it's almost impossible to pick a favourite, we have to give a special nod to Primi. Their outdoor deck overlooks the Bedfordview suburb, making it the perfect place to chill out with friends or for a Friday night date. Plus, Primi's pizzas are made to perfection - a thin base, just the right amount of Napoletana sauce and the freshest toppings. Their cocktails are pretty good, too.

For kiddie-friendly options, pop into Mantovani's or Mozambik. Mantovani's is the ideal place to take the family out to dinner. Their Half-Price Pizza Tuesdays are famous for being crowd pleasers, as are their steaks and selection of wines. Mozambik offers something a little different - an Afro-Porto fusion of flavours with a dedicated kiddies menu and play area. What more could you ask for?

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You could well and truly get lost at Eastgate Shopping Mall. Next time you feel the shopping spree itch, head on over to check out their variety of department stores, fashion boutiques and homeware emporiums. Our must-visit fashion store at the centre is H&M. This store stretches on for what feels like forever, displaying aisle upon aisle of trendy fashion staples for work and play.

When it comes to home and interior, you are spoiled for choice. Shop around at Coricraft, House & Home, Carrol Boyes and Mr Price Home for all your decorating needs.

Lastly, for good old grocery shopping, roll your trolley into Checkers Hyperama, Woolworths or Game. These supermarkets are great for Christmas shopping or month end grocery dashes. The queues can be quite hectic, but you can always pop into the Lindt chocolate shop for a special treat afterwards.



Eastgate knows the meaning of bigger is better and more is more. This is more than just a shopping mall, it's a hive of entertainment for all ages. The kids can have their fill of fun at The Fun Company arcade. With tons of games, bowling and snooker, this is a paradise for kids.

Right opposite the arcade, you will find Hamley's toy store. Let the kids be entertained by the princesses, clowns and giant teddy bears. The Hamley's train also makes its way through the mall every half an hour. Never again will a child cry crocodile tears over having to go shopping with mom or dad!

Older kids can catch the latest movies at Ster-Kinekor's IMAX Theatres. Featuring 10 cinemas, this is one of Ster-Kinekor's largest movie houses. Luxury cinema seating and a Pizza Hut menu to order adds to the experience. Click here to see Ster-Kinekor's latest blockbuster offerings at Eastgate.

Bedford Centre

Believe it or not, Bedford Centre is even older than Eastgate! Originally developed in the early 1970s, Bedford Centre underwent massive reconstruction in 2006. Bringing shoppers the ultra-chic, European-inspired Bedford Piazza, this expansion saw the mall become a premium retail and restaurant destination. Featuring 62 000 square meters of retail space with 170 stores, numerous delectable eateries, a Planet Fitness Mega Club and two pristine cinema houses, Bedford Centre is a fine choice for local shoppers and visitors.

Fine Dining at Bedford Centre

Bedford Centre puts a classy spin on the idea of a mall food court. Surrounding the open air piazza, these restaurants offer cuisines ranging from Greek and Italian to Mexican and Portuguese. So, whether you are looking for a decadent slice of cake, a tequila party or a classic date-night restaurant, Bedford Centre should have something right up your alley.

On the east side of the mall there are also a number of takeaway and family-oriented eateries. If you visit only one, we recommend Chevy Lane. A retro-inspired diner, complete with chequered tiles, Chevy replicas and pinball machines. This milkshake and burger joint provides good food, entertainment and a vibe unlike any other. Grown ups can take some time out at the adjoining Hollywood Detour Bar which has an incredible view of the suburb, while kids are sure to be delighted by the props, costumes and colourful treats on offer.

Bedford Centre

Retail Therapy

The greatest thing about Bedford Centre is that you can shop in relative peace for most of the year. While it does tend to get a little mad around the holidays, off-peak time is a shopaholics dream. You can easily have an entire shopping trip at the centre without becoming overwhelmed by crowds or noise.

Bedford Centre is home to all the good oldies when it comes to clothing and fashion. Edgars, Pick n Pay Clothing, Mr Price, Cotton On and Foschini are all located on the ground level. Hop from one store to the next to find that perfect outfit or accessory. Plus, these stores often have seasonal sales, so you can score a number of bargains in one shopping trip.

For interesting curio stores and geeky havens, visit Heroes of Games and Comics. This quirky store greets you with Harry Potter memorabilia displays, Marvel figurines and DC branded hoodies. It's the perfect place to pick up a gift for a fanatic friend. Just across it, you will find Planes, Trains and Automobiles - a specialised hobby store, offering repairs to radio controlled planes, cars and boats. All your comic, craft and curio need are sorted!

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Bedford Centre

Family Fun

Bedford Centre makes up for its seemingly small stature with tons of fun entertainment for the whole family. With two prestige cinema complexes, ArtJamming, VR Gaming and a Gravity Jump Centre, you and the kids will never be bored here. That's why during school holidays, this is a kiddies playground.

However, adults haven't been forgotten. Bedford Centre's Exclusive Books caters to the bookworms and scribes, while the outdoor piazza often hosts fun runs and Halloween dress up parties for the whole family. Additionally, there is a baby grand piano just outside Foschini which often sees musicians perform impromptu concerts.

The Verdict 

Eastgate Shopping Mall and Bedford Centre each offer their own special retail and entertainment experiences. Visit them both to pick your favourite, or hop between the two to make the most of the Bedfordview retail mile.

Happy Shopping! 

TJIPS is a newly opened eatery at Eastgate Mall. Serving up nothing but chips, this place has become a fast hit among Bedfordview diners. Patrons can expect a variety of these deep-fried potato morsels, including chips smothered in sauces, gourmet loaded chips and even dessert chips.

The Menu

As mentioned, the menu offers up nothing but chips. This includes plain or spiced chips served up with your choice of tomato sauce, mayo or half-and-half. Alternatively, you can also try the Saucy AF chips. Sauces includes the Pink Garlic Mayo, Honey-Mustard, Sriracha Mayo, Thai Peanut, Curry Ketchup, Spicy Salsa, Tomato or Mayo options.

Perhaps the main draw of the restaurant, the gourmet loaded chips are available in loads of choices. These include the Il Continentale, Parmesan chips with black truffle oil; Seoul Food, chips with pulled chicken and slaw; Oom Sam, chilli cheese chips; El Supremo, salsa, guacamole and sour cream loaded chips and the Poutine, cheesey chips topped with gravy.

For those struggling to decide, TJIPS offers a Tasting Tray for 2, featuring any two choices and a Saucy AF option. They also offer a Tasting Tray for 4, with a choice of any four options and two Saucy AF portions. We think we could manage an Il Continentale and El Supremo with a side of pink garlic mayo chips all on our own.

Oddly enough, TJIPS also offers a dessert menu. We were expecting some form of churro chips, but the desserts actually feature real chips made from real potatoes. The Shenanigans, sweet-style TJIPS with a scoop of Paul's Vanilla ice cream, peanut-caramel sauce and coconut flakes may seem a little weird. But patrons brave enough to try it have been raving since.

TJIPS Il Continentale

TJIPS Il Continentale

The Locations 

Currently, the TJIPS store is located at Eastgate Shopping Mall in Bedfordview. You can find them at entrance 9, close to the Nandos.

They are also rumoured to be opening a branch at the newly completed Fourways Mall in the northern suburbs.

And they can also be found zooming around Joburg in their AF Food Truck, keep a look out on their social media to find out the whens and wheres.

Contact Details

Tel: 011 485 0104

Email: [email protected]

Address: Eastgate Shopping Center, 43 Bradford Rd Eastgate, Bedfordview

Website: https://tjips.co/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TJIPS.CO/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tjips.co/

TJIPS Poutine

TJIPS Poutine

* Images sourced from TJIPs' Facebook page.


This potato restaurant offers diners the chance to experience the luxury and deliciousness of this solanaceous vegetable. Their menu consists of nothing but loaded chips, saucy chips and dessert chips. Menu items include taters topped with items such as Parmesan with black truffle mayo, pulled chicken and sesame slaw and even a cheeseburger with no bun, just chips. Those braver than us may try the sweet chips, topped with vanilla ice cream, peanut-caramel sauce and toasted coconut flakes. It's about time Joburg had an eatery devoted to the humble potato, if you ask us.

Contact details: 011 485 0104 | Eastgate Shopping Centre, 43 Bradford Road, Bedfordview | [email protected]https://tjips.co

Truffles On The Park

This eatery, based in Mushroom Park, offers a wide selection of bistro food, many of which centre around the earthy truffle. Diners can expect delectable meals ranging from bar food to signature mains. The Grilled Octopus, Burnt Corn & Avocado Salad, Braised Lamb Shoulder and Truffles Signature Burger are all fine choices. However, the Truffle Parmesan Fries remains one of the most raved about menu items. These twice-fried chips are served with nutty Parmesan and creamy black truffle aioli.

Contact details: 079 886 3134 | Mushroom Farm Park, Daisy Street, Sandown, Sandton | [email protected]https://www.trufflesbistro.co.za

Hudsons The Burger Joint

Located in Parkhurst, this burger joint makes some of the most sought after burgers in Joburg. And we can see why. With over 20 burgers, including vegan options, to choose from, this is a burger haven. As fabulous as the burgers are, we can't resist their chips. The Loaded Fries comes covered in bacon bits, sweet chilli and mozzarella. They also offer up creamy peri peri and mozzarella Disco Fries and Truffle Cheese Fries. Low Carbers and Banters also have their pick with the Avo Fries served with tangy sweet chilli sauce.

Contact details: 011 268 0713 | Cnr 4th Avenue & 14th Street, Parkhurst | [email protected]http://theburgerjoint.co.za

loaded chips

The Green Craft Bar

This bar in Benoni offers diners yummy pub grub, with everything from Deep Fried Ravioli and Brannas Basted Chicken Wings to a Peanut Butter Burger and Pulled Pork. Our favourite pub grub, especially while enjoying a few jam jars, are loaded chips. This bar caters to this with their Fully Loaded Chips. These are topped with cheddar and mozzarella. Dinners can then choose to top this with spring onion, bacon and jalapeno or pulled pork and BBQ.

Contact details: 084 603 0609 | Benoni Country Club, Morris St, Morehill, Benoni | [email protected]http://www.thegreen.co.za

Brooklyn Brothers

Brooklyn Brothers has recently popped up at several locations across the city. We have often frequented the Bedford branch to get our fix of great burgers, sticky chicken wings, saucy ribs, fluffly waffles, thick milkshakes and perfectly fried chips. The Brothers have several fries that bridge the gap to gourmet including Macon & Cheese Fries, Blue Cheese Fries, Garlic Parmesan Fries and our favourite, Dirty Fries. These are smothered with Beef Chilli Mince, Cheedar Cheese, Beans and Jalapeno Fries.

Contact details: 011 615 0536 | Shop U50, Bedford Centre, Smith Road and Van Der Linde Road, Bedfordview | [email protected]https://www.hooterssa.com


No matter how we might feel about the values of this establishment, we can't deny that their food is delicious. This eatery offers patrons American-style cuisine with the burgers, tacos, curly fries, shrimp, philly cheesesteak and chicken wings. Although not suitable for fine dining, this place makes a good location when we have the munchies. But no cravings can be fulfilled without a plate of chips. This is where the Big Dipper Chili Fries comes in. Huge chips are loaded with chilli con carne, cheese and chipotle cream sauce.

Contact details: 010 443 5926 | The Buzz Shopping Centre, Witkoppen Rd, Fourways | [email protected]https://www.hooterssa.com

gourmet loaded chips