We are currently faced with the COVID-19 pandemic. There is a great deal of uncertainty, as well as a lack of information in some communities that could ultimately prove problematic. With this in mind, here are a few things to consider while our country wages its fight against the virus.

How Can You Play Your Part?

Stay Home (follow the regulations of the lockdown)

Although everyone is missing their freedom to leave the house at will, the importance of staying home cannot be overstated. To prevent spreading COVID-19 any further, we must abide by the laws that have been put in place.

Staying home will make it easier for our authorities to control an otherwise uncontrollable situation. After all is said and done, the reason that a lockdown has been instituted is for our safety and wellbeing.

This novel virus is something completely unfamiliar to South Africa and the world, therefore we must do our best to cooperate as fully as we are able while medical professionals continue their fight against COVID-19.

While it is stressful staying home for weeks on end, it's not all doom and gloom! Try to find exciting and fun things to do in the comfort of your home - you can check out some ideas here.


Keep Up With Current News

"Knowledge is power" - the fact that this pandemic is new to us is all the more reason for us to read about it, stay informed and understand it to the best of our abilities.

So much information regarding COVID-19 goes out on a daily basis; some true and some false. Lacking access to reliable information is dangerous, as is willful ignorance. Staying informed is your best defense against fear-mongering or superstitions which could lead to careless behaviours that pose a danger to our communities.

It is also important that we keep abreast of false information and ensure that you are well informed about the myths surrounding COVID-19 so read up about Myths Busted.

Tip: TV and radio news, as well as credible newspapers and online publications are your best sources for reliable information.


Do Not Panic Buy

Panic buying is certainly not advised and was denounced by President Cyril Ramaphosa in several of his addresses to the South African people. There is no reason for panic buying under any circumstances, as shops stocking essential goods will remain open to the public during the lockdown. Other reasons to curb panic buying in general include the fact that it disturbs the distribution system, our economy, as well as potentially negatively affecting others.

Check out Why We Need To Panic About Panic Buying?.

Do Not Panic

Though it can be easy to panic about something unfamiliar, we need to do our best as a country to remain in control of our responses to stress. If you're feeling anxious and stressed due to the outbreak, you may find these helpful: Exercises To Keep You Calm Amidst COVID-19 Panic.

Do Not Go To The Hospital

As a general guideline, if you feel any symptoms that could be COVID-19, do NOT go to the doctor or the hospital. The best procedure to follow is to contact your family doctor. Alternatively, you may phone the national hotline and follow the prompts for assistance. Dial: 08000 29999.

First, Let's Get Our Skin Prepped

If you're a first-spray tanner, don't worry! We've got you covered. There are a few things you need to know and do in preparation of getting your spray on to ensure the best results possible (no streaks, less patchiness, a more even tan). So, if you know this part, skip over this section to find out where to find your nearest tanning salon. Beginners, keep reading!


First things first, you need to exfoliate your skin to remove dead and dry skin. By doing this, the bronzing spray will be more easily absorbed into the skin. Not only will your tan be more even, but it'll last longer too! So, use a light exfoliating and moisturising body scrub (oil free) or an exfoliating glove. Try avoid bar soaps or in-shower moisturisers (such as Nivea) as it could interfere with the bronzing process or turn you into an Oompa Loompa. You have been warned.

Choose The Right Time

This one may be a little tricky, but the WHEN to do your spray tan is quite important. You'll need to avoid water for at least 4-8 hours after your tan so that it can develop. So, if you're going to be swimming, taking a shower or sweating, it's definitely not the right time for a spray tan. Try get an appointment as early as possible in the day.

Pick The Right Clothing

As for clothes, make sure you wear loose-fitting, dark clothing. Because 1) tight-fitting clothes will leave streaks, smudges or marks on your freshly sprayed tan and 2) the residue will leave horrible stains on light clothing. And as for knickers, rather wear an old pair you aren't attached to or that are dark. Also, remove all jewellery and keep it off until your tan is set.

Clean Skin for the Perfect Canvas

Make sure you do all your ablutions before your appointment. That means grabbing a shower, maybe even exfoliating again (gently), shaving and just having overall squeaky clean skin. If you wax, do so at least 24 hours before your appointment to allow your pores to close. Now, this is a tip we got from actually having a spray tan done, but avoid putting on deodorant (eeeeekkkk). You want your skin as clean as possible. This also means giving makeup and moisturising a skip for the day.

Lastly, Protect your Nails

This is another one learnt through trial and error – apply nail polish to your your toenails and fingernails to prevent discolouration from the spray tan. No one wants to walk around with orange nails (unless it's done properly with a manicure).

Spray Tan

Where To Get A Spray Tan

The Laser Beautique

Get your bronze on at The Laser Beautique without jeopardising your skin! It's the perfect solution if you're prepping for a special occasion, having a photo shoot or heading to the beach for some well-deserved relaxation. As they say, "there is nothing better than looking sun-kissed without the sun risk". So, head to either the Bassonia, Bedfordview, Menlyn Maine, Morningside or Rosebank branches and take your pick of either Spray Tan via spray gun (R450*) or by airbrush/aerosol application (R700*).

The Tan-Can

September is spray tan month, so why not get your tan on at The Tan-Can in Sandton? All it takes is 10-minutes of your time for a glow that'll have you looking like a beach goddess! Take your pick from one session or a treatment package with up to five spray tan sessions. And you don't need to get a spray tan solely for the purpose of being sun-kissed and golden, it's also ideal if you're looking to cover up uneven skin tone, blemishes, sunspots and even stretch marks.

The Sun and Beauty Room

Get summer ready at The Sun & Beauty Room at Blackheath Centre. Other than a variety of beauty treatments that'll leave you feeling absolutely gorgeous, they also offer tanning via sunbeds and spray tanning if you'd prefer the less risky way to achieve that glow. One 15-minute treatment  is R385*, five treatments is R1 550* and R120* for an extra coat.

Allure Lashes

Don't let the name deceive you. Yes, they are known for giving amazing and fluttering lashes for days, but they also offer a variety of other beauty treatments including spray tans. The Full Body spray with the Express Solution (develops in 1 - 4 hours) is R350* (package of 10 tans is R3 200*) and the Full Body Normal Solution (develops in 8 hours) is R300* (package of 10 tans is R2 800*).


You don't need to fly to some tropical island to get that beautiful bronzed glow, you can just head to Flutter in Sandton for a quick spray tan. No one will be the wiser! Just book your appointment and choose which option you would like to have done (full body and face; half body waist up or down; express full body and face; express half body; or a tan package). The express options develop faster than the normal and treatment prices range between R350 - R1 710*.

Skin Sense Day Spa

Achieving a natural looking tan is easier than you think! Skin Sense Day Spa will do everything for you, all you have to do is prep your skin, stand still and hold your breath. A stunning and seamless tan only takes 30 minutes. You can get your beautiful spray tan here for R360*.

Spray Tan

What Is It?

Are you an expecting parent? Or how about a newcomer to the world of parenting? Then the Clicks Baby Bootcamp is just the workshop for you! Here, you can expect delicious breakfast treats, the best advice and guidance from baby experts who will be talking about pregnancy and babies, how to keep your family healthy offering parenting tips as well as all things health for you and your little family. Ticket holders will receive a FREE goodie bag! This is also a great opportunity to mingle and talk to fellow moms and dads.

When Is It?

Saturday, 23 June 2018 from 09:00 - 13:00.

Where Is It?

Protea Hotel by Marriott Johannesburg Balalaika, Maude Street, Sandton, Johannesburg.

How Much Is It?

Tickets cost R95* per person and can be bought at Webtickets.

*One free child under 12 enters FREE with a ticket holding parent.

For More Information

For more information about this event, visit BabyClub by Clicks on Facebook. 

Roy Potterill

Roy Potterill, aka @roywrench, is a man about town. His Instagram page is definitely a source of inspiration for anyone looking to take up street photography or even just to enjoy stunning pictures taken from a variety of angles. Think people, landscapes, architecture and cityscapes... So get fancy with those fingers and follow him on Instagram.


Cedric Nzaka

Popularly known as @everydaypeoplestories, with work reminiscent of Humans Of New York, Cedric Nzaka is a street photographer who focuses on portraits of people in the inner-city. So if you're interested in images of the diverse, unique and beautiful faces of Joburg, this is most certainly a must-follow artist for your feeds!


Alessio La Ruffa

Alessio focusses on simple subjects and executes his shots with great finesse@alessiolr street photography actually makes one fall in love with the city in an inexplicable way. In addition to his master's eye for stunning cityscapes, he also points his lens towards faces and uhm ... pigeons. Yes, you read right. He definitely loves pigeons. Don't believe me? Follow him and see for yourself.


Christy Strever 

They say great photography forever captures a moment in time. @boogsgaga does even more than that and actually captures the magic of city life. Take a look at her images and you'll understand. Christy's main interests, judging from her Instagram page, are cityscapes but also landscapes. With pictures so enchanting, we recommend you click that follow button right away.


Anton Bosman

There are few things in this world that are as aesthetically pleasing as crisp, perfectly contrasted photographs. Ladies and gentlemen meet @antbosman. His photography speaks loudly of his creativity, so this is one guy from whom you could take notes. Observe, follow and get inspired.


Know other brilliant street photographers worth following? Let us know below!

No matter where we move, us South Africans will always take a little bit of the homeland with us. The braai is more than just a way to cook food, it is a ritual enshrined in tradition. Igniting the fire and getting the coals ready is a rite of passage to all South Africans, no matter which side of the colour spectrum you reside.

Whether it's the weekend, Puza Thursday or Heritage Day we always have an excuse to braai. You see, there is an art to it all - be it using charcoal, briquette, or wood to make the fire with. The salted braaimaster swears by the latter because it's a back-to-basics type of approach to making a fire and the wood lends a smoky flavour to the meat being cooked.
As high-tech and easy as gas braais are, we don't consider that braaing... sorry, boet but anyone can open the burner and click the pilot light into place. Besides, gas does not add any flavour to the chops or steak, boerie or ribs. YouTubers, Wines of South Africa has put together a brilliant and easy to follow guide on how to make a fire using wood (see video below).

A braai has the ability to bring friends and families, and even strangers, together. We have all stood next to a braai with a beer in hand, looking at the hot coals and making small talk with new acquaintances about the UEFA Cup or America's Top Model. If you think about it, braais are happy occasions: time to blow off steam, not worry about work or your shrinking savings account. Even the smell of your neighbours braaing has the ability to lift your mood.

So, in conclusion, and seeing as Heritage Day is coming up (at the time of writing, at least) why not go check out new shisha nyama spots or organise a big braai and make new friends.

By Shawn Greyling

What are your thoughts on a braai being as good as therapy? Tell us in the comments section below. Share the spirit of the fire by posting this article on social media. One love. 

Makeshift Cell Phone Holder

By tying an elastic band in and out of your dashboard's centre air vent, you can secure your phone without the use of a cell phone stand.

Pool Noodle Door Stop

If you cut a pool noodle in half and fasten each half to the walls of your garage where your car doors open, you won't have any more bumpy accidents.

Buffing Headlights

Are your headlights fogging up and you don't have plastic buffer in the garage? No worries. Grab a shimmy cloth and some tooth paste. Buff in the tooth paste and wipe off. There you go.

Shoe as Cup Holder

Did your car's centre console not come with cup holders? Take off a shoe and stick your soft drink in there. Riding solo has never been easier. No spillage guaranteed.

Petrol Gauge Pointer

If you've been driving your car for a while and still don't know which side your petrol cap is on just have a look at the petrol gauge on your car's cluster (that's where your speedometer and so forth is) – there should be a triangle pointing to the side it's on.


Where Did I Park?

We live in the age of technology and this has provided us with awesome tools. One such tool is intended to assist us in figuring out where we parked... which happens to be needed fairly often. Where Did I Park? is available from Google Play.

Use Hair Dryer to Remove Stickers

Heating up the glue of that old bumper sticker of yours for a minute or two will have it peel right off. Bye, #EatMyDust.

Rental Status

When you pick up your fancy rental car from the agency, be sure to take photos of the interior and exterior as to prove that any damage incurred after you returned it was not your doing. This saves you more times than you would imagine.

Petroleum Jelly Makes Stuff Shiny

Well, this works best on the outside of the car. If the black plastic on your ride needs some shining, then take a clean cloth and rub some petroleum jelly on them. The shine will come back tenfold

Coasting Downhill

Whenever you're about to go down a hill, pop the car into neutral and save some petrol. This stops the carbs or injectors from pushing precious dinosaur juice into the engine.



By Shawn Greyling

Serves 4 to 6 people

Lasts up to 3 days in the fridge

Shopping List
6 Fresh Mangoes - ripe but firm
500 ml Greek Plain Full Cream Yoghurt or Fat Free if you are trying to shake off the kilo's
125 ml Cream or Low Fat Cream
Hulett's Brown Treacle Sugar (you only need a little bit)
You will need a sharp knife and a glass bowl

What to do
Peel the mangoes and slice off the pip
Mix the yoghurt and cream in a mixing bowl
Take a beautiful glass container
Pack a layer of mango
Top the mango with a layer of yoghurt and cream mixture
Sprinkle lightly with Treacle Brown Sugar
Repeat the process until you have used all your ingredients, finishing with a sprinkle of the brown sugar
Cover with clingwrap and chill until the sugar sort of melts into the yoghurt and cream

• You can have it for breakfast, as a midday snack or serve it as a dessert
• Remember the Low Fat option of Yoghurt and Cream, is normally more liquid than the full cream option
• You can omit the treacle sugar if the mangoes are nice and sweet, it would however not have the same melty brown effect
• For an impressive dessert, layer into individual glass bowls or Martini glasses and garnish with fresh mint

Have you tried this recipe before? Rate and review your experience below!

Oppikoppi is the highlight of the South African festival calendar, where festival-goers from around the country will flock to the most exciting (and daunting) event that SA has to offer. Set in a giant, rocky dustbowl, Oppikoppi is unlike any other festival out there and needs a fair amount of preparation. We have compiled a list that we hope will make your experience a whole lot easier.

Know Your Limits

We all know that guy who passes out before the main act even arrives at the venue ... don’t be that guy! As hardcore as it may make you feel, there’s no need for you to wake up and down 10 shots of tequila while half of Oppikoppi is still passed out from the night before.

Now, we’re certainly not saying that you shouldn’t get hammered … but you have three days of raucous partying to get through and you need to be able to stay standing for the most part. Everyone knows their limits and it would be sensible not to cross the “I’ve just vomited in my shoes” line. All we’re saying is that you need to pace yourself and all will (probably) go down smoothly.

Safety First

Oppikoppi is a giant dustbowl covered in stray logs, rocks and broken bottles that tend to come out of nowhere. As great as the hot sand may feel between your toes, we highly recommend that you only wear closed shoes – one wrong step could ruin your entire experience and we don’t want that.

As soon as you arrive, we suggest that you take note of the locations of the medical and Red Frog tents. Don’t forget your prescription medication though as the Red Frogs generally only have the basics as well as some sugary sweets and water. They’re also there to convince the odd festival-goer that he is not being chased by a three-headed land shark but is, in fact, having the heaviest trip of his life and will be okay. The medics are there to help – put them to good use!

Personal Hygiene

There’s nothing better than waking up at Oppikoppi and having a cold shower under the sun while hanging like a chandelier from your bender the night before.

Oppikoppi provides shower facilities and you should make use of them before your mates make you sleep in the sand. Wash your hands after using the loo and before and after eating to avoid the almighty gastro bug. For those of you that are really hardcore (which is basically most of the people at the event), a wet wipe bath and a bottle of water over your head will suffice.

Stay Hydrated

Oppikoppi can get boiling hot during the day. Top that off with dust clouds and non-stop partying and I think you can see why staying hydrated is vital!

Keep a bottle of water handy and top up your system regularly, even when you don’t feel the need. There will be a stand in the entertainment area where you can buy an Oppikoppi-branded water bottle which will entitle you to unlimited refills for all three days. Get your bottle as soon as you arrive … you’ll thank us later.

Choose Your Finest Squad

Go with a group of mates that are there to do the exact same thing as you – have a massive party! From the start, collectively lay out a solid set of campsite rules for the entire squad to stick to and there should be no problems.

Oppikoppi has several stages and it’s easy for squad members with different music tastes to split up for a few hours. Set up a meeting time and spot so you can all regroup and have a jol together.

Make New Friends

Who would say no to making new friends? Oppikoppi is filled with thousands of weird and wonderful people from all over the country who have loads in common with you. After all, we’re all going for the love of music!

Whether it’s someone standing next to you waiting for a band to start, a fellow drinker in the bar queue or someone who’s wandering around looking for their tent, stop and talk to some of them and you may end up with a new bestie.

Find Your Bearings

Some of the greatest Oppikoppi memories are made while trying to hunt down your campsite. However, this is not a good enough reason to wipe your memory and forget where your temporary tented home is. Street names are clearly marked and it will be to your benefit to memorise your location (or at least write it on your arm).

A flag, some tinsel or some colourful Christmas lights chucked into a tree can be your saving grace when trying to find your tent. Don’t forget to take a torch!

Plan Your Day

We’re not saying you should map out your every move, but at the beginning of each day, make sure to go over the lineup and jot down the stage name and set times of the acts that you’d like to see (your arm will be an excellent drawing board for this).

Put some time aside to head back to the tent before the night session to get changed into warmer clothes, regroup, chill and grab a bite to eat. Remember to include bar time.


The days at Oppikoppi can be boiling and the nights freezing … so best you prepare for it all. You’ll mainly need to pack short sleeves for the day and at least a hoodie or jacket and some jeans for when the sun goes down.

On that note, we do tend to overheat while having it on the dance floor surrounded by fellow fest-goers, so bring a backpack with, in case you need to take those layers off.

The Campsite

Your campsite is not just a place to sleep – most mornings are spent recovering with your buddies and most nights end in a solid chill around a campfire. Make your campsite as comfortable as possible.

Set up your tents in a circle with a gazebo in the centre for everyone to chill under. Dig a fire pit and place some chairs around it for the squad to recover (make sure the fire pit is blocked off to avoid burning the entire place down). Temporary home sorted!

We hope that our survival guide will help you in preparing for the controlled madness that will inevitably go down at the 21st Oppikoppi. Each day is filled with an incredible international and local lineup that’s sure to keep those ears entertained for the entire weekend. We cannot wait!

Warm clothes
Sleeping bag
Camping chairs
Snacks and food
Festival ticket
Campsite light
Wet wipes

Find more information here. 

By Adam Lenhoff