The Trea Garden is a little antique garden cafe located in Midrand and it's definitely worth a visit. Go for their delicious coffee and tea variaties but the carrot cake, gourmet ice-cream, chocolate milkshake, the beautiful scenery, the peaceful tranquility of the surroundings and the general charm of the place will keep you coming back for more.
This is the kind of place where you can bring a book and read (there's a reading nook full of books if you don't have your own). It's a place where you can genuinely get lost and never want to leave.
Trea Garden opened its doors in February 2018 by owner Amanda Jojo, who was only 20-years-old at the time. Amanda is usually there when you pop by and is always friendly and up for a chat. I sat down with her to talk about this amazing place, her story and her journey as a young entrepreneur.
Trea Garden.

Images taken from The Trea Garden Instagram

How did the Trea Garden begin? 

Trea Garden was just an idea in my head since high school. I had a dream to own my own cafe and have a lifetime supply of coffee! I had some personal life-changing experiences that made me fall in love with coffee and tea, much so, it made me deal with a lot of those issues. It gave me peace. In 2017, I met Rudi and Pallua, I pitched my idea and we then decided their plot was the best place to run the coffee shop. The name came from the combination of trees and tea.

In your own words, what's the vibe at Trea?

Trea Garden is a an antique type of shop. It reminds me of my grandmothers place. The place itself feels like you are in Joburg but not really. I love the tranquility and the peace you feel when you enter the space. It's nothing like your usual cafes in Johannesburg.

Trea Garden

What makes Trea Garden unique?

I'd say it's the outside space. It's really calming. Also, Trea Garden has so much potential. You can do so many things in the space and treat it as a spot for you to heal and relax. Which you can't really do at many cafes and coffee shops.

What's your favourite menu item and why?

(Laughs) I wish I can say I love everything because I honestly do, but the croissants are my absolute fave! I can have them any time of the day with a Red Cappuccino. If you love Rooibos with milk, this would be your best option to try out.

 Trea Garden

What has been the highlight of the past year with Trea?

The highlight was when I won the Anzisha Prize. This confirmed that Trea Garden is more than just a coffee shop. It reminded us about the reason why we started and why we need to keep on.

(The Anzisha Prize is an awards programme for young entrepreneurs who have developed and implemented innovative solutions to social challenges or started successful businesses within their communities. 15 finalists from across Africa win a spot in a lifelong fellowship which helps to accelerate their path to entrepreneurship success)

Speaking of the Anzisha Prize, as a prizewinner, how else did this impact you?

Anzisha honestly changed my life. Spending time with all those entrepreneurs was refreshing. I Learnt a lot about my own journey through them. It was great being recognised as one of Africa's youngest job starters. It even gave me courage to continue doing what i love because it is life-changing to other people too

 Trea Garden

Being only 21, you're a young entrepreneur. How do you manage  a business being so young?

To be honest, I am just winging it. One day, I am on top of everything. The next day, I am drowning. It's a matter of asking yourself "why are you doing it?", "what drives you?" and "what are you hoping to achieve with your business?". It's easier to manage everything when you have answers to those important questions. Also, the team behind me makes it easier, too.

You're re-launching the cafe and menu this year, what's new?

The re-launch (02 Feb 2019)! Yes, we are adding a new breakfast menu (which we didn't have before), filled with open sandwiches, burgers, flat breads and a big "meal of the day" which will be different every time . We also did a few renovations on the place it self. It's quite exciting to show that, too.

 Trea Garden

What else are you excited about in the upcoming year with Trea?

I am excited about us being a fully operational restaurant. Also, I'm excited about the events we are going to host this year. I love meeting new people and it's always interesting to listen to their opinions about Trea.

Make sure you put The Trea Garden on your list of restaurants to try out in 2019! Also keep a look out on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for upcoming events.