A Summertime Treat!

We know we've JUST stepped to Spring, but let's face it, we only really have TWO seasons in South Africa: Summer and Winter. Soon our Spring will morph into Summer without us realising it, and we'll be left in the blistering heat doing everything we can to try keep cool. And sometimes fans, lukewarm swimming pools and standing in front of the fridge with the door wide open just won't cut it. We need something more... like a yummy frozen treat!

Frost Popsicles' premium alcohol-based popsicles are ready to welcome the summer sun with five new, delicious and oh-so-refreshing flavours, which include their first non-alcoholic variations. Having started two years ago with two wine-based options – the Tranquille and Brut PJ Pops™ – they've now expanded to 10 unique popsicle flavours, ensuring your taste buds never get bored!

Frost Popsicle

And The New Flavours Are...

Passion Fruit & Peach Margarita

First up is the delicious, fruity and exotic Passion Fruit & Peach Margarita popsicle, made with 100% natural peach and passion fruit flavour extracts and blended with Esperanza Agave Spirit from Hope on Hopkins. It’s a beautiful tropical combination to complement the balmy weather.

Frost Popsicle

Blood Orange Screwdriver

The Blood Orange Screwdriver popsicle pushes a few boundaries and puts a non-traditional but pleasantly surprising twist on the well-known classic cocktail, The Screwdriver. Made with natural blood orange flavour extract, this citrus bomb, perked up by handcrafted vodka from Hope on Hopkins, will bring a dash of sexy flair to any occasion.

Frost Popsicle

Pomegranate, Grapefruit & Hibiscus

Perhaps most exciting is the addition of three non-alcoholic popsicles to the icy range. To start, there's the sublime Pomegranate, Grapefruit & Hibiscus popsicle – a definite hit for hot summer days, with its rich ruby colour and refreshing sweetness, balanced with the fresh zing of grapefruit juice.

Peach, Strawberry & Banana

Equally appealing is the sweet Peach, Strawberry & Banana popsicle, made using pure fruit juice blends and packed with plenty of nutritional benefits. It’s the perfect healthy frozen treat and the second non-alcoholic flavour added to the collection.

Vanilla Coffee

And last but certainly not least is the indulgent Vanilla Coffee popsicle made using milk powder, a pure Madagascan vanilla extract and a gourmet coffee blend from Avanti Coffee. It tastes like a proper vanilla freezochino and is alcohol-free too.

Frost Popsicle

They're Also Dairy Free & Vegan-Friendly!

The entire Frost Popsicles range is made from all-natural ingredients, is low in calories and contains no artificial flavourants, colourants or sweeteners. And with the exception of the Vanilla Coffee Popsicle, all other Frost Popsicles are dairy-free and vegan-friendly.

Where Can You Get Them?

The full range of Frost Popsicles will be available in select, existing Frost stockists in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng as of October. The new alcohol-free popsicles will also be available as single-flavour, four-pack cartons in select supermarkets and health stores, including Wellness Warehouse. Frost Popsicles can be ordered online by the box and full stockist details are available at www.frostpopsicles.com.

How Much Are They?

The recommended retail prices (inclusive of VAT) are as follows:

Frost Popsicle

For More Information

For more information about these ice-cold treats, visit www.frostpopsicles.com.

You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.