If there is one thing you should always look for in a partner - something more important than a pretty smile and a sense of humour – it's good taste in food. A relationship is only as strong as the gut you've built together during the first six months of dating. Besides, you don't want to end up marrying someone who thinks that frozen veg and pilchards on toast make for a great Sunday lunch, now do you?

On this important note, I can proclaim that my relationship with my beautiful lady is built on the chubby cheeks we've developed over the years of eating everything from vegan buffets in Magaliesburg to crispy beef in Cyrildene. Culinary adventures should never be taken alone and that is why I booked my lovely lady and I a table at the Raj in Nicolway.

Indian food is my kryptonite... especially if it's good Indian food. I'm talking about paneer swimming in tomato gravies, garlic naans falling from the heavens and khichdi like it's just arrived from a wood burning oven in Telangana. It is safe to say that I found all of these elements - which makes for a great Indian meal - at The Raj. That's without mentioning the impeccable service and good prices.

Indian Food

But let's talk about the menu, shall we? There's vindaloo (which actually comes from Portugal, fun fact), jalfrezi stir fry and, one of our personal favourites, korma. My top pick on the menu would be the Kerely Lamb which is a lamb shank sautéed with whole garam masala, ginger and garlic then cooked in onion and tomato gravy on a slow fire... doesn't that sound amazing? But with that said, you can't go to an Indian restaurant and not explore the vegetarian selections. Paneer is my baby and I can't get enough of it. Do yourself a favour and have the Palak Paneer which is paneer (made in-house) with spinach, cooked garlic, cumin and cream cream. Go the extra mile and order some naan bread with the Palak Paneer. Also, The Raj has a pretty big wine list so be sure to have a look at it. Red wine and Indian food is what life is all about.

As for dessert, check out their homemade milk dumplings, served in rose and cardamom syrup... I'm not big on dessert but the dumplings hit the spot. All in all, do yourself a favour and book a table for your lovely and yourself at The Raj and work on those relationship guts, together.

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By Shawn Greyling