The refined dining bistro lives up to its name with a variety of beautifully-plated dishes which provide warm comfort, with a lighter feel. Expect Jerusalem artichoke soups, a Caesar salad with a warm poached egg and crispy wild boar bacon, roasted quail and braised pork belly with leeks and sultanas. Finish your meal with white chocolate mousse tart served with pistachio crust and berries or spiced poached pear served with a nut brittle and a honeycomb ice cream.


Credit: the Joburg Foodie

Il Contadino

The neighbourhood eatery has elevated French and Italian country-style dishes. Look out for the last of the season’s zucchini blossoms which are stuffed with ricotta and then deep-fried, roast duck with Jerusalem artichoke puree and a range of warm deserts.


Credit: the Joburg Foodie

Douglas + Hale

Whether you choose a nibble, small plate or something all for yourself, the menu provides an incredible assortment of comforting foods to accompany a cocktail or one of the 66 boutique local and international wines sold by the glass. Autumn options include smoked pork cracking, pork and leek pot stickers, roasted beetroot salad or confit duck leg with cranberry jus.


Credit: the Joburg Foodie

La Stalla

Hearty stews and home-cooked meals are a hit with the local Melville crowd. The menu is simple and satisfying – sweet corn fritters with chorizo, spicy chicken livers, oven-roasted chicken with salad and a peperoni pizza with leeks. Desserts include homemade gelato and a lemon tart.



Tradition forms the corner stone upon which moyo has built its house. And with tradition comes repetition. Last year it was creamy red pepper soup, hearty stews and hot desserts. This year our favourite African-inspired dishes include dukkah lamb chop thins on a bed of sweetcorn puree and sheba, served with grilled mealies and pap. Patrons can also expect a seafood samp potjie, and West African chicken schnitzel or a beautiful helping of traditional beef dombolo (dumplings) stewed with carrots, mushroom and onions. For pud? Dig into the Moyo Mess – a brown sugar caramel pavlova topped with spicy muscadel poached pears, whipped cream and gooseberries or red velvet cheesecake served with a berry compote.


Winter Menus 2018

By Shawn Greyling

Love Me So

Bringing a pinch of flair, loads of flavour and a helping of heat to Love Me So's winter menu, crispy pork pancakes, jaga bata (butter potato salad) and miso eggplant have been added to the mix by chef Alex. And that's just to start. Patrons can also choose from a curated ramen menu, as opposed to building their own noodle bowl. Speaking of slurping... some signature soups, such as a chicken wanton and vegan miso noodle, will be available until winter puts its stuffy head to bed in September.


Carnivore (Misty Hills)

Joburg's favourite carnivorous hangout, the Carnivore at Misty Hills in Muldersdrift, serves top-notch soup of the day in little potjie pots accompanied by in-house baked honey bread. If that doesn't get your mouth watering, there's also chicken livers, venison sausages or samoosas to get you warmed up for the main course: all-you-can-eat zebra, alligator, pork, chicken, beef, lamb... Hey, it's called the Carnivore for a reason. Patrons can also expect fireplaces, song and dance and excellent service.


Perron (Melville)

With churros being served at every second restaurant in the north these days, it's clear that Mexican food is the new Italian, and no one seems to do it quite like Perron in Melville. Why that specific branch? It's got a cool-kid vibe about it without having a bunch of hipsters lurking in the corner, and the food is always great. Jump right in with some Holy Moly Chicken – grilled chicken supreme with a red achiote mole, served with Mexican potatoes, roasted tomato salsa and créma. Or there's the burnt corn croquetas with smokey honey and chipotle salsa. While you're at it, you might as well indulge in a White Chocolate Fool with white chocolate, raspberry and passion fruit double-cream yoghurt (fool being a folded fruit dessert).


Clico Boutique Hotel

Chef Marnus’ top winter picks off his menu include the Salmon Gravalax, which includes a beautiful array of winter vegetables as a light, fresh way to start the meal, followed by an order of braised lamb shoulder that is marinated for three days then slow-roasted and served with a beetroot jus. Other entries include butternut gnocchi served with roasted mushroom, spinach, and parmesan. Give it a try and let us know what you think of this adorable establishment.



Tradition forms the corner stone upon which Moyo has built its house. And with tradition comes repetition. Last year it was creamy red pepper soup, hearty stews and hot desserts. This year our favourite African-inspired dishes include dukkah lamb chop thins on a bed of sweetcorn puree and sheba, served with grilled mealies and pap. Patrons can also expect a seafood samp potjie, and West African chicken schnitzel. For pud? Dig into the Moyo Mess – a brown sugar caramel pavlova topped with spicy muscadel poached pears, whipped cream, and gooseberries, or red velvet cheesecake served with a berry compote. A 2-course meal will set you back R189, and a 3-Course R229, which is inclusive of a R5 donation to StreetSmart - an NGO that takes care of street kids.


Winter Menus 2018

The National

According to Wayne Dietrich, Head Chef of The National eatery and speakeasy in Parktown North, smoky undertones and light, zesty dishes are the flavours for winter 2018. Some of the standout seasonal ingredients featured on his winter menu are beetroot and pumpkin, both of which are featured across a variety of dishes. Must-try delicacies on the menu are the steam buns – a starter served with crispy, sriracha fried chicken; the duck curry – a main of confit with pulled duck legs cooked in a homemade Thai red curry paste; and the Mississippi Mud Pie dessert, which boasts chocolate upon chocolate, but is still light enough to polish off.


By Shawn Greyling

Under the masterful eye of Michel Roux, a young Daniel Galmiche honed his culinary skills. That was during the 70s when Michelin stars were first awarded to restaurants in the UK. Roux's London based eatery was one of the first to receive this accolade - two stars to be exact. Indirectly that was a premonition to Daniel Galmiche's career. Fast forward to 2018 and Chef Galmiche has been holding his own Michelin stars for nearly three decades - four to be exact. Why is this important? Daniel Galmiche is opening a restaurant in Johannesburg - The Gold Room.

gold room

The Gold Room is set to be a fusion restaurant located in the QSL private member’s club in Milpark. The QSL members club is described as a tailored home, an exquisitely intimate and textured space for those who are moving the world forward. While the club itself is for members only (with membership fees starting at R10 000 and spiking up  to R500 000 per person), the new fine-dining restaurant will be open to the public... thankfully.

Though the menu is still being built, we can expect food fares professionally plated and made with fresh, local ingredients. Our prediction would be that fish will play a poignant role in both entrés and mains as Daniel Galmiche is the ambassador for the Norwegian Sea Food Council (and Galmiche enjoys playing around with line fish fillets, as seen in his London based restaurant, 190 Queen's Gate). Daniel Galmiche will also have to take into consideration that South Africans are big on red meat. According to our friends over at Eat Out, they recon the decorated French chef will put oxtail on the menu - a guess we are wholeheartedly amplifying (seeing as Marble has made red meat and open flame cooking popular in fine dining).

While Chef Daniel Galmiche was in Johannesburg to promote the Gold Room, he spent some time with our favourite restaurateur, James Diack (of Coobs, The National, El Contadino, and la Stalla fame). Chef Galmiche visited Diack's family farm, Brightside in Magaliesberg where Daniel overloaded his Instagram account with interesting images of local produce.

The Gold Room is set to open up shop in September 2018. Until then, we can only sit back, pop a bottle of Chablis and play the guessing game until Daniel Galmiche's manager gets back to us with more details. Take your time, Lime Light - we've got enough white wine to last us a while.

By Shawn Greyling


The Fat Zebra

Linden is the perfect brunch spot for any suburb dweller. Escape from the big city vibes and pull in to The Fat Zebra for a relaxed bite to eat and a great cup of coffee or tea. The pastries and cakes on display are all delicious, you can't go wrong. Our favourite breakfast is the Eggs Benedict – their hollandaise sauce is out of this world.


Steyn City has a lot to offer, and one of its most prized possessions is the five-star Nineteenthe clubhouse restaurant and bar, set on the golf course. The interior design is modern African-inspired, while the food and service are world-class. We recommend their lamb potjie for a traditional kick to the taste buds.

Salsa Mexican Grill

Who would have thought that Parkhurst would be the home of Mexican cuisine? Salsa Mexican Grill brings a twist to traditional Mexican food by allowing patrons to construct their own food from ingredients on the menu, all of which are sourced locally. Salsa focuses on quality and being a health-conscious restaurant.


Perron in Bryanston prides itself on having a wide variety of Mexican food, not only the usual fare of tacos, nachos and enchiladas. Any meal at Perron should be accompanied by a shot or two of their excellent tequilas.




This top restaurant in the northern suburbs deserves your attention. For quite some time now Gemelli has been feeding flocks of people the best Italian food we've had in ages. The vibe is awesome, the wine is good and the food is even better. Check out their wagyu beef – best, buttery meat out there.

AJ's In The Park

Feel like kicking a picnic without actually doing the whole picnic vibe? Then AJ's In The Park is just the place for you. Their pizzas and other comfort food is off the hook and will be a hit with the whole family. Our top pick would be the prosciutto pizza – absolute brilliance.


In Ferreirasdorp next to Newtown, there's an Asian fusion restaurant that brings art, design and food together not only within the confines of its walls but also in its food creations. Urbanologi is the inner city's experimental foodie hotspot, set inside a local brewery. Our favourite is the marjoram-cured lamb rib kushiyaki. Sold? We thought so!





With the bar and seating area separated, The National is the perfect venue to go to for a fabulous meal or a zesty drink, on any occasion. This artsy-looking venue is very enticing to the eye, leaving you with no room for anything else but an anticipation of how good the food will taste. The décor certainly grabs you before you even see the food!

The National 2

The cold weather has gradually taken over and we're left craving comfort food as opposed to a summery salad - and The National has launched its Winter Menu to accommodate our needs. On the starters menu, the Lamp empanadas instantly jumped at me because lamp is delicious and who can say no to savoury meals with mint pesto? My tastebuds were jumping for joy at the first bite!

Lamp Empanadas

For mains, I battled to pick between the Homemade chorizo sausage and smoked free range chicken gumbo versus the Lamb tajine. Ultimately though, my bias was already towards anything with lamb so I thought, yes... another lamb dish is in order! The other guests seemed very pleased with the other mains options, one of which included a Vegetarian biryani, so if meat is not your thing, this menu caters to your needs too.

Lamp Tajine

My sweet-tooth dessert-loving self had another dilemma when it came to the dessert options. You know when everything sounds amazing and you end up feeling like a little kid in a candy store? Yes, that was me. Between the Deep fried snickers bar, Chocolate cinnamon bun pudding and Freshly fried homemade doughnuts - I was left to wonder. Then the Homer Simpson in me whispered "hmmm doughnuts" and so I choose the doughnut dessert that was served a choice of dark chocolate, white chocolate and caramel sauce. Yum!


Dessert being my favourite course for any meal sitting, I couldn't help but scout how the other dessert options looked... sweet-tooth problems. I spotted the deep fried snickers bar with vanilla pod ice cream and fell in love. Of course, I didn't have enough room in my stomach to try that as well, but I will definitely give it a try next time!

Snickers bar

Text & Images by Cleopatra Shava

For more information about The National, see the above contact info box.