The Muffineers is a group of university students who have paved their business success through baking. From humble beginnings, their story (and recipe for success) is one for the books. We are HUGE fans of this inspiring group and their resulting brand!

So, what’s your story?

"In simple terms our baking business started when we came back from our last class at school and were starving. We thought, why not bake? That's when we started baking, taking it seriously and selling to other students. And voila! The Muffineers was born".  Our story still needs to be mastered and told well, because I believe we are still growing and finding our feet in the business industry. It took a lot of courage to start this business, especially as university students with financial constraints - it just seemed daunting. But we tested the waters, and here we are today."

Mohapi goes on to add that the money they have made through baking and selling the muffins on campus, has freed them financially and allowed to be able to pay for their own tuition fees, books and food. They have also continued to expand their target market above and beyond campus grounds, and are intent on winning every customer’s heart - one muffin at a time.

The Muffineers

The faces behind the origin of the Muffineers are a group of three friends: Mohapi Motaung, Thato Moeng and Tshepiso Maimane, who are all studying Economic Science and Information Technology. The group is determined to create jobs for themselves and others, help each other financially, and supporting their dreams.

They share their recipe for success with us:



  1. Always live like you are in an oven - in simple terms, never be found in your comfort zone, at least not too much. Put all the ingredients in one bowl, mixing courage, knowing who you are and continuing to work towards your dreams, no matter the challenges that may prevail.
  2. While the success bakes, pave the way for yourself. Make room for growth and expand your horizons. You will learn to know the difference between salt and sugar along the way, because it may be trying sometimes and not everything may be sweet all the time, but we can work with it!
  3. And most importantly, when you are done baking your success, sprinkle your life with colour and a little bit of faith.
  4. Above everything, surround yourself with like minded individuals.

The Muffineers

The Muffineers was founded in 2013 and they have been growing strong ever since. They went on to later register their company in 2014, and continue to motivate many other young people who know them.

Where To Find The Muffineers:

Like their Facebook page, follow them on Instagram, or give them a call here 079 080 4883.