Edenvale is the place for hidden coffee spot gems. Some are so well hidden, that even the suburb's most savvy residents don't know they are there. One such cafe and eatery is The Landing. Tucked away just off Linksfield Road, this is a coffee and cake lover's ultimate dream. They opened in 2017, but I only recently spotted their signage while stuck in an afternoon traffic jam. Needless to say, I headed back that same weekend to check out what they have in store. I was not disappointed in the least.

The Restaurant 

The Landing is more than just a coffee shop. It has an attached artisan deli, which features top quality cured meat, preserves and cheese. But, let's begin with the restaurant. There are three separate dining areas, 'Landing 1', 'Landing 2' and 'Landing 3'. I chose the third option, which is outside under the shade of lovely old trees. The overall feel of the restaurant is rustic, home-style with an urban sensibility. The decor is simplistic and comfortable. It accommodates both family-friendly dining and date night diners. As far as quaint coffee shops go, this is one of the finest that Edenvale has to offer. Open from 06:30 am between Monday to Saturday, there really is no reason not to stop by.

The Landing

Brekkie Sorted

The Landing's breakfast menu offers a variety of options, including budget breakfasts and healthy choices. I tried the Bacon, Egg and Avo Rosti - two potato rostis topped with crispy bacon, two eggs and avocado. With four rashers of bacon, this breakfast is super generous. The much-loved combination of bacon and avocado works perfectly alongside the salty potato rosti, which is a great alternative to the usual toast. Paired with a famous Landing Cappuccino, this went down quite well. Breakfast is served between 06:30 and 12:00, so you have ample time to get yourself down to the Landing.

However, if you are unable to rouse the family for breakfast, the Landing also serves up a selection of Mediterranean and French inspired lunches. I will definitely be back to sample the Sandwich au Jambon - ham, emmentaler cheese, mustard and cornichons on a French baguette, served with chunky chips and salad. If that doesn't float your boat, they also offer quiches, hamburgers, wraps and salads. Kiddies have their very own menu, too. With scrambled eggs, chicken nuggets and fries and a cheese and ham toastie on offer, their bellies will be singing with joy.


The Landing recently extended their hours to offer their patrons a cafe dinner experience. The dinner menu is still in development, but so far it's looking pretty good. With starters of mussels, peri peri chicken livers, crumbed mushrooms and caprese salad, you are off to a good start. Follow up with a choice of salad, seafood, steak or pasta dinner. We are particularly intrigued by the Salmon and Asian Salad, which includes a 200g Salmon fillet served with an Asian salad of carrots, cucumber, radishes and a soy sauce dressing.

Their selection of wine, beers and ciders makes any date night just that bit more romantic. Enjoyed on the patio, under the glow of the stars, there is no better way to spend time with a loved one. While the drinks menu isn't extensive, it offers all the good old classics. But, The Landing is always open to suggestions on their menu, so go right ahead and let them know what you would like to see on the list.

For dessert, you are equally as spoiled for choice, with classic Creme Brulee and Amarula Creme Brulee, as well as a divine selection of cakes, including their famous Baklava Cheesecake. For those without a sweet tooth, there is a three cheese platter to enjoy. Overall, it's a superb dining experience.

The Village Deli 

I suppose that Edenvale could be described as its own village. Although, you need not reside in the avenues to enjoy the wide array of treats at the Landing's Village Deli. Their freshly baked bread is picture perfect, and it tastes good too. This is ideal for a quick lunch after the big breakfast feast you have indulged in at the restaurant. Pick up some deli meat, fine cheese and preserves to serve with it. The deli also stocks kitchen staples and luxury items, such as pastas, sauces, olive oil and spices. Sourcing their products directly from manufacturers, this humble store will have you whipping up Nonna's old recipes in no time.

Looking for something sweet? The Village Deli's cakes are available in slices for sit-down, or as whole cakes with pre-order. So, whether you need a little sugar fix or a last-minute celebration cake, they can help you out. The cake menu features classics like carrot cake, red velvet, chocolate and lemon meringue. They also make gourmet cakes - Lindt Chocolate, Red Velvet Cheesecake, Apple Toffee Caramel Cake, Rocky Road, Oreo Cheesecake and gluten-free flourless Lemon Poppy Seed Cake! Don't waste time trying to bake your own birthday cake next year. Give the Village Deli a call.

For More Information

Visit The Landing Restaurant's website for more information, or follow them on social media:

Facebook - facebook.com/thelandingdunvegan

Instagram - instagram.com/thelandingdunvegan

Details: 15 Linksfield Rd, Dunvegan, Edenvale, Gauteng | (011) 453-1936 | [email protected]

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Wakey Wakey 

What puts a kick in your step better than a piping hot cuppa joe? Come and get your wake up call at the newly refurbished Wakey Wakey Cafe. This little corner cafe has been known by many names, starting out as Cafe Bruegel, before becoming Paoletto Cafe and now Wakey Wakey! But, it doesn't really matter what their name is, this place is known for their Italian coffee, Belgian-style waffles and great ambiance. With free WiFi, there really is no reason not to stop by here on a weekend morning.

Details: Cnr Horwood Street & 8th Avenue, Edenvale, Gauteng | 011 454 5325 | [email protected]

De Molen Pancake House

Not in the mood for waffles? Pop down the avenues to De Molen Pancake House at De Bakery. This traditional Dutch bakery and restaurant is housed inside a windmill, offering the quaintest and most authentic dining experience. Plus, their pancakes are to die for! We recommend the Dutch Apple and Cinnamon paired with a frothy cappuccino. While De Molen is not known for its barista skills, the coffee is good enough to enjoy out on the windmill balcony. This eatery is all about good home-style Dutch cooking, so expect generosity and ample kindness.

Details: 47 Van Riebeek Avenue, Edenvale, Gauteng | 011 453 2222


The Red Door Cafe

Still not hitting the spot? Try out The Red Door Cafe's variety of hipster-esque Illy Arabica drinks. Alongside the Illy brand, the Red Door also hosts an alternative 'guest coffee' of the month. Currently their guest is Kingsman Coffee Roastery, an ethically sourced high-quality green coffee loved around the world. The menu features all the good old classics, but with a nod to the vegans of Edenvale. Order your favourite coffee with almond or soy milk, a dash of cinnamon and a little honey - heavenly. The Red Door's bakery is famous for their chocolate croissants, cruffins and other assortment of sweet delights. Now you can have your cake and coffee and eat them!

Details: 26, 5th Avenue, Edenvale, Gauteng | 011 453 1926 | [email protected]

La Tazzina

Now, this one may be a little difficult to find. La Tazzina Restaurant is so well hidden that many Edenvale residents don't even know it's there. Unassuming from the outside, this cakery and cafe is a must-visit hidden gem. Their outdoor dining area is idyllic and sweet, with pops of pastel and sprawling plant life. However, what really leaves a good impression is the sight (and smell) of their confectionery display. Adorned with indulgent chocolate cake, scones, cupcakes and pretty macarons, this table is well worth drooling over. Partnered with one of La Tazzina's strong Italian blends, these dessert delights will have you coming back for more. This is the perfect place for a catch up with friends or long brunch. The coffee here is always perfectly prepared, so give it a try.

Details: Cnr Of 1st Ave & Amelia St, Edenvale, Gauteng | 011 454 4334 | [email protected]

Little Penny Farthing Coffee Shop

Directly opposite the Red Door Cafe is the Little Penny Farthing Coffee Shop. Offering a more family-friendly environment, this coffee shop is the best spot in Edenvale for a quick cuppa with the kids in tow. There is ample space for them to play around here, so you can enjoy your beverage in relative peace. With its cosy setting, Little Penny Farthing is a welcome escape for many moms and dads. Bring the family along for a hearty breakfast served with good, rich coffee.

Details: 25 Fifth Avenue corner 2nd street (BG's on 2nd), Edenvale, Gauteng | 011 454 4744

Royal Coffee Roasters

Edenvale's truest coffee connoisseurs know that there is only one place to go for premium roasts, perfectly ground and percolated. Delivering a subtly bitter, yet round coffee flavour that always beckons for more, Royal Coffee Roasters at Stoneridge Shopping Centre really know their way around a coffee bean. Serving up Ethiopian, Colombian, Nicaraguan, Kenyan and Ugandan brews with a smile. Give their Cinnamon Roll a try the next time you are there. Washed down with a Mocha topped with fresh cream, you're in coffee-meets-chocolate heaven. The best part about Royal Coffee Roasters is that you can purchase your coffee beans and equipment here. From French presses, to filters and even state of the art Italian coffee machines, they have it all!

Details: No 1 Stoneridge Drive, Stoneridge Centre, Greenstone Park, Edenvale, Gauteng | 011 452 2751 | [email protected]


The Landing Restaurant

Finally, we have the Landing Restaurant. If its designer coffee you are looking for in Edenvale, then this is where to find it. While they do offer all the classics like espresso, macchiato, flat white, americano and cappuccino, the Landing Restaurant also delivers gourmet coffee unlike anywhere else in the East. Think Creme Brulee Latte, Dirty Chai, Tiramisu Latte, Popcorn Latte, Lavender Latte and a super healthy Tumeric Latte! Their iced coffees are also a big hit. Our favourite is the Greek Frappe - a sweet blend of espresso, condensed milk and ice. Yum!

Details: 15 Linksfield Rd, Dunvegan, Edenvale, Gauteng | 011 453 1936 | [email protected]

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