On Zomato


Horak Corver also known as Traverate is a well-known Johannesburg influencer and currently the top Johannesburg Zomato reviewer/ foodie. Having written over 200 reviews of various restaurants in the city, one can tell he loves food and gives an objective opinion on quality and service. Needless to say, his images are highly aesthetically pleasing too.

Carien Jakovljevic

Ranked second as a Johannesburg Zomato foodie, Carien Jakovljevic is definitely worth a follow as well. Her food and restaurant reviews aren't always rainbows and sunshine, like any good reviewer is she able to give an objective opinion about the food and restaurant based on her experience. It's a good idea to reference her reviews before visiting a restaurant you might be unsure about.

Heather Hook

Heather Hook is a media personality, radio host, writer, social media collaborator and most importantly, ranked third on Zomato as a Johannesburg foodie. Although her food reviews are generally positive, her insight still gives you a good idea of the type of food and service to look forward to. Not only that, but the way she coveys her experience, you can even envision the décor setting of the restaurant itself.

On Instagram

The Jo'burg Foodie

When it comes to food, photographs and food staging, you'd swear The Jo'burg Foodie has credentials in each of those. His Instagram is absolutely tantalising, with images of gorgeous looking food, nifty restaurants and cool locations to get all this glorious food. If you don't already follow him, do it now.


Not only is J'Something here to serenade us with beautiful songs but the man cooks... and cooks well! His Instagram showcases his lifestyle in general but his food images do tend to get people particularly excited. If it's pleasing on the eyes, then surely it must be beyond pleasing on the tastebuds. Follow his cooking and eating adventures now if you don't already do so!

Glam Foodie

She's a foodie and she's glamorous – have you ever thought of a more fabulous combination? Glam Foodie showcases her food loving lifestyle on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. So, if you want to get a peek at some of Joburg's good food, wine, cocktails and all things glamorous, check out her Instagram page for some awesome foodie delights.

Personal Blogs


With their beautiful images and flawless interface, Jo'best is definitely one of the foodie blogs you should be following. Offering insight on nifty restaurants and yummy food to try (typically only the best of the city), you definitely won't regret having their blog on stand-by for a quick reference, review and of course, food porn. Yum.

Jozi Foodie Fix

Jozi Foodie Fix created by Thando Moleketi is one of the best blogs to visit if you want to have your foodie craving satisfied. Coupled with stunning food photography that might literally have you drooling at your computer screen, as well as food and restaurant reviews, Jozi Foodie Fix can definitely be a great reference to look up before going out for your next meal.

Just Puly Beast

Just Puly Beast created by Pulane Mota – brand influencer, Public Relations student and founder of Puly's Cupcakes – explores food, travels and fun times in and around Joburg. Naturally, as any foodie and food blogger has to have, Just Puly Beast has some mouthwatering food photographs that can be easily titled as food porn.

By Cleopatra Shava

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