What Is It?

Poetry speaks to the hearts of those who are willing to listen and create, and in that spirit Pick Me Up Poetry Presents Rasheed Copeland.

Pick Me Up Poetry in Associated with Hear My Voice are presenting talented and verbally expressive, Rasheed Copeland.

Rasheed will be bringing the wit, realness with hard hitting sociopolitical issues. To add some spice, there will be some supporting artists so make sure you are there.

It's poetry y'all...come and be inspired.

When Is It?

Tuesday, 23 July 2019 at 19:00

Where Is It?

The Countess Melville, 27 Boxes, 75 3rd Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg, Gauteng.

How Much Is It?

Entrance is R50 per person. (At the door)

For More Information

For more information, click Here.

Thunder Gun

Thunder Gun has been around since the late '60s. I'ts always buzzing with people and a vibey ambience - and the reason why is because the ribs at this rack of heaven are absolutely amazing. Think of a sticky stack of saucy and juicy ribs...I don't think you need more convincing.


If you don't know Craft, then you have not lived long enough to hear about their amazing food, but what I specifically want to talk about is the ribs. Holy mother of food - remember when you were a child and you ate carelessly, sauce all over your face and everything? This is where you go back to your childhood, down to the points when you finish it off with their artistic wash downs.

Rib Joint In Joburg


Fireside Bistro and Grill

Norwood has been blessed to have the Fireside Bistro, I mean, what town wouldn't want to have a piece of what heaven tastes like. You should try the ribs here, they are amazing - and I personally feel that open fire certainly gives food that extra love. The slow cooked,  smokey ribs are stammeringly tasty and juicy. To die for!

Rib Joint In Joburg


Crave the scintillating idea of slightly smoked ribs at a groovy joint with spontanious touches of Mexico, Calexico is the place, situated at the infamous 44 Stanley. You have a choice between juicy beef or mouthwatering pork. Me; I'd take both - I'm weak to good food, and well can't exactly say no to ribs fam, no ways!

The Grillhouse

When we talk steakhouse, The Grillhouse is you place, no matter what kind of ribs you like - the ribs here will not disappoint you. Plus you are spoiled for choice to get more of your ribs fix because The Grillhouse is available in Rosebank, Melrose as well as Sandton. Here is an add that you don't find at any random steakhouse, at Grillhouse you get the option to either baste or spice you rack of goodness.

Rib Joint In Joburg

Alpine Restaurant

Alpine Restaurant, the ultimate rib gem of Randburg. The one thing that always stands out with this hot spot is that it is part of a butchery. you know what that means, fresh meat alert. The ribs are out of this world, just order yourself a good stack of sticky yummy deliciousness and you won't regret it. So the next time you want something that will not disappoint, Alpine will save the day!

Rib Joint In Joburg

The Countess

If the end of the rainbow had food, the ribs at The Countess would be the one. Guys! These babies are slow smoked and served with wood chips, this has to be the best combination one can ask for. You can enjoy a smaller portion of their ribs as a starter, but i'd suggest you just go big...having them as some form of aperitif will just have you wanting more. You can find this yum in Melville.

Now, let's get some sticky fingers!

Confucius once said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. It should also be said that eating your way through the best restaurants in Melville begins with a single bite. Now, it's worth noting that we are no strangers to Melville. We've dined at the Leopard (which recently moved to 44 Stanley), danced at Roxy's and got drunk at Cool Runnings. So, if there's anyone publication worthy of telling you all about the tastiest spots in Melville, look no further than us. With that said, this list is far from complete and we took the liberty of choosing our top picks on a food-to-cost ratio... if that makes sense. Anyway, feel free to let us know all about your favourites in the comments below. Here's our cullinary guide to Melville.

Culinary Guide To Melville

Breakfast In Melville

The Countess

Known for its burgers but not so much its breakfast, The Countess at 27 Boxes offers a range of goodness when it comes to the most important meal of the day. The menu reads like a fairy-tale filled with wonder. Variety is what makes the Countess a stunner when it comes to good food. The attention to detail (that goes into the industrial-age inspired decor) can also be found in the kitchen. To give you an example, one of the interesting choices for breakfast would be the Breakfast Burger. It’s made up of a 200g beef patty served on a brioche bun with bacon, smoked cheese and two eggs. Now, I know you are tilting your head sideways and asking, “a burger for breakfast?” Let’s inform you quite promptly that the Countess is known far and wide for her burgers. Are you stuffed or can we carry on with this Culinary Guide To Melville?

Cafe De La Creme

A local favourite, Cafe De La Creme is a bakery/cafe/ patisserie serving up breakfast and brunch just like the French folk do. Their croissants are made in-house and are the most beautiful little things that we simply enjoy stuffing our gullets with. In fact, they are so tasty that one of the writers at our office has a freezer full of Cafe De La Creme's croissants. The breakfast menu sings a classic tune with items ranging from fruit salads to Eggs Royale (poached eggs with smoked salmon served on an English muffin smothered in hollandaise sauce). The cafe itself is decorated like something out of a home décor magazine and gives off quite a homely feeling. The service is great, though the place can get packed pretty quickly... but that just shows how good the overall experience is at Cafe De La Creme.

Lunch In Melville

Lonely Hearts Club

Right across the way from the (in)famous Hell's Kitchen lies the Lonely Hearts Club.Dishes include grilled artichoke hearts, fire-roasted prawns with garlic, chilli, basil and coconut; crispy squid heads with burnt lime and brandy butter sauce; and albondigas – lamb meatballs with spicy tomato ragout. The restaurant also encourages sharing where diners order a couple of plates for the table. The menu also features a range of traditional main dishes. For single diners, there is the option of dining at the bar. Solo patrons are encouraged to come into The Lonely Hearts Club, sit at the bar and order a quick tapas dinner with a glass of wine, cold beer, or a shot of their favourite whiskey… It’s restaurants like this that make me wish we had the Michelin Red book in SA. If it were up to me the Lonely Hearts Club would get a solid two Michelin Stars… that means it’s worth a detour on your way to wherever.

Service Station

No Culinary Guide To Melville would be complete without a stop at the shop down the road. Since 1999, Service Station has been a fan favourite lunch spot in Melville for locals and visitors alike. It's the one place on 9th Street that has stood the test of time. Through thick and thin, the Service Station kitchen has kept their ovens preheated and their griddles piping hot. Their lunch menu consists of artisanal burgers, toasted sandwiches served with crunchy salads and their infamous charcuterie platter.

Culinary Guide To Melville

Dinner In Melville

Xai Xai

We don't care what anyone says – Xai Xai serves the best pizza in Melville. Hands down. Their Capone pizza is what dreams are made of. It's topped with chicken, bacon, avo and tons of mozzarella. But the boat does not stop there... Named after the iconic holiday destination in Mozambique, Xai Xai's menu is filled with exceptionally well-prepared Mozambican food. You can expect peri-peri chicken and prawn platters. The service is sometimes slow but it doesn't detract from how cool the place is. Don't expect the decor to be in competition with other restaurants in the area – the vibe is laid-back beach style, so kick off your sandals and enjoy the atmosphere. Xai Xai is for sure a highlight for us in this Culinary Guide To Melville.

Love Me So

Feel like something a little more interesting? Then check out Love Me So on 4th Avenue. It’s an eatery with a diverse menu, kitted out to tantalise the taste buds of even the weirdest food critics around town. Spoilt for choice, their food items boast an eclectic mix of Asian inspired dishes from dim sum, smoked trout steamed buns to bowls of ramen.

By Shawn Greyling

Have we left out your favourite eateries in Melville? Then let us know all about them in the comments section below. Sharing is caring, so show this to that foodie friend of yours on social media. 


We may no longer be in the era of gastropubs and comfort food joints, but Joburg restaurateurs still excel at putting out hamburgers. The Countess, a steampunk meets American smokehouse-style eatery, is a particularly great place to visit for well-sized, super-tasty, wonderfully juicy burgers.

Tucked away in 27 Boxes in the eclectic suburb of Melville, you can trust me when I say that their their Burgers are well worth popping in for! You can expect everything from a flavourful creamy mushroom veggie burger, to a baguette loaded with cold-sliced brisket.


Another member of the team, Shawn, and I were lucky enough to attend the pre-launch of The Countess’s tantalising new burger menu over the weekend, and we can’t wait to share all the juicy information with you.

Gregg Abell, owner of the restaurant, welcomed everyone inside with open arms and copious amounts of Jack Black beer and soon enough we were tucking into some serious burgers, dressed up with all kinds of tasty, wonderful things.


We sampled all eight components of the new burger special menu – three beef, one veggie, one chicken, one rib, one bone marrow and one brisket – and you can bet that each bun boasted its own unique combination of flavours.

For me, the star of the show was the southern-fried chicken burger, drenched in “real” maple syrup, served with homemade tomato sauce on a potato rosti waffle bun. However, I must admit that the bacon and blue cheese beef burger was a close second!


Shawn, on the other hand, particularly enjoyed the steaming hot jalapeno beef burger (be assured it isn’t for the faint-hearted). He also reckoned that the sticky rib burger was in fact one of the best rib burgers he’s tasted – and you can trust that he’s a burger connoisseur of note.

When I say these burgers are gigantic, I mean it – and The Countess doesn’t compromise quality for quantity. All meats used are ethically sourced and of superior quality. The toppings are all fresh and flavourful, and overall the burgers are artfully presented, as is everything at this wonderful spot.


We’re certain that things are going to get pretty busy (I mean, just look at these glorious burgers!), so booking a table is highly recommended. Oh, and be sure to arrive hungry. Very hungry.

PS: Follow The Countess on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all the details on this fabulous new special.

by Candice May

Where are you eating out tonight? Luckily for you (and your taste buds), Joburg is constantly welcoming new restaurants to its foodie scene. Whether you’re craving an artful yet affordable menu, a soul-satisfying platter of the city’s best tapas, or world-class Mexican food, there’s a Jozi restaurant that will satisfy.

The Countess

Tucked away inside 27 Boxes in the eclectic suburb of Melville is The Countess, a charming steampunk meets American smokehouse-style restaurant. The industrial decor and vibrant atmosphere are sure to thrill you, but then again, so will the Countess Burger, or the Truffle Mac & Cheese. After scoffing down your generously-sized main meal, you may think you have no space left for the Pot de Crème, but carry on — this decadent dessert is an interesting twist on your standard crème brûlée that you simply have to try.

Get more details here.

The Fat Zebra

Whether it’s a quality cup of coffee and a stack of buttermilk crumpets, or a glass of fine wine and tapas, The Fat Zebra has that and more. The upmarket Linden eatery offers a moreish menu of breakfasts, lunches and dinners and an impressive list of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages options. No matter what time of day you decide to visit, make sure you don’t leave without indulging in a slice of their flourless lemon and almond cake slice.

Get more details here

Joshua Tree Restaurant & Bar

For pub grub, craft beer and great cocktails, Joshua Tree Restaurant & Bar is the place. This vibey spot has an extensive menu of simple fare done well, with a background of live music on certain days. Enjoy a platter of appetisers with a bunch of friends or tuck into one of the hearty mains. For their happy hour specials, we suggest you try the Tequila Daiquiri or Hazelnut Colada. Cheers!

Get more details here



You may associate the trendy, well-loved Mexican joint that is Perron with the bustling suburb of Illovo, but the Bryanston version is just as much of a foodie hotspot. Perched in the culinary hub that the Hobart Centre has become, we know you'll love everything about Perron from the wonderfully loud interior and festive atmosphere to the moreish churros and potent tequilas.

Get more details here

Baha Taco

Another great Mexican eatery in the city, Baha Taco is a quaint and quirky little place that serves up some very tempting dishes, such as the halloumi-filled taco, which I just can’t seem to get enough of right now. I’m also a huge fan of their decor — think a pink pizza oven (yes, a pizza oven in a Mexican spot, and it's pink, don’t ask questions), mosaicked tabletops and cacti displays. This all makes for a cosy, comfortable setting to enjoy simple and delicious Mexican street food made with locally grown, organic produce.

Get more details here.

The Eatalian

From a classic lasagne to a thin-crust pizza loaded with gourmet toppings, The Eatalian caters to your every craving. All the dishes at this modern Italian spot are handmade from scratch, and the cosy atmosphere lends itself to both intimate dinners and fun, rowdy tables of friends. Be sure to end your meal off with one of their speciality coffees — it’ll be love at first sip.

Get more details here.

Top Restaurants

Piccolo Mondo

Want to treat yourself and your loved one to a special meal? There’s nowhere more intimate to go than the luxurious establishment that is Piccolo Mondo at the Michelangelo Hotel. Once a month, the fine-dining eatery brings you their renowned Gourmet Dinner, which offers the ultimate culinary experience paired with some of the Cape’s finest wines. On any other night, the restaurant has an excellent à la carte menu.

Get more details here.

Gemelli Cucina Bar

This fine-dining Italian restaurant in Bryanston offers a menu that couples modern, playful cooking styles with solid, classic flavours. Must-tries include the Penne Alessandro, created by the restaurant’s founder, with smoked chicken, prawn tails and prosecco-mustard cream, as well as the pork belly braised in white wine.

Get more details here

Parc Fermé 

This restaurant offers an international dining experience with a variety of French, Mauritian and Asian cuisine on the menu. Designed to tantalise any palate from sushi to sizzling grills, there are also two notable traditional classics with modern twists — the Cajun chicken alfredo and the seafood tagine that serves two. An exceptional dessert is the chocolate parfait with pistachio crust.

Get more details here.

Are there any other restaurants you think we should try, Joburgers? Leave your suggestions in the comment box down below.

Hangover Food

Are you feeling it this morning? Dehydrated, pounding headache, sensitivity to light? Are you finding yourself muttering 'never again' as you belch up a bit of last night's pilsner? No worries, we've got you. Here's our guide to the ultimate Hangover Food in Joburg.

Love Me So

Situated on 4th Avenue in Melville, right where the old video store used to be (RIP), Love Me So is an Asian fusion restaurant that's well versed in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cooking. Sounds strange but in Japan they swear by ramen as a Hangover Food, and here it's no different. Give Love Me So a go the next time you're recovering from a bender.

Our pick: The sticky chicken wings and a beer. Hair of the dog that bit you, my dudes - the only thing that works.

Address: 63 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, 2092

The Countess

The breakfast from this fab steampunk-styled Melville spot will set you straight. Before you order, no matter how you’re feeling, walk around and admire the décor. It’s amazing. Okay, back to the food – they’ve got options to suit everyone (even the hungover vegetarians out there) so you’re bound to find something to make you feel half human again. The Countess offers the ultimate Hangover Food in Joburg.

Our pick: The Full English: two eggs, thick-cut bacon, mushrooms, chicken livers, roast tomato, cheese, and toasted ciabatta... or the crispy chicken burger

Address: 27Boxes, 75 3rd Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg.


Knead’s got a lot of options to choose from - even healthy ones – but that’s the last thing you want when you’re feeling, ahem, under the weather. From omelettes and brioche French toast to sweetcorn fritters and more, you and your belly are spoilt for choice.

Our pick: Brace yourself for the roast pork belly breakfast. It’s jam-packed with slices of grilled pork belly, eggs, crispy bacon, seared cherry tomatoes, roast filed mushrooms served with a homemade tomato and apple chutney.

Address: Shop L 08, Michelangelo Towers Mall, Upper Level, Opposite Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, Johannesburg.

Vovo Telo

This is another one of those ‘something for everyone’ spots so decision-making can be tough. Do you want a baked treat or a classic egg dish? You can even have the best of both worlds with an eggy croissant – that’s sure to sort your stomach out, isn’t it? You might want to skip the coffee, although it’ll be a brave move (it’ll only dehydrate you further) and have a refreshing apple and mint frostee instead.

Our pick: Creamy scrambled eggs served on ciabatta with smoked salmon trout.

Address: The Factory, Grant Avenue, Johannesburg.

Ent Eatery

Ent Eatery churns out good quality, delicious food - there’s no doubt about that. Situated in Braamfontein, Their coffee is fab too and goes perfectly with their meals – whether you’re going for the ramen served with pork or the variety of dumplings. After ordering from the counter, perch yourself outside and get some fresh air – we both know you need it.

Our pick: Korean Sweet & Sour Chicken for the win.

Address: 70 Juta Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.



Firstly, start with a traditional Greek coffee. It’ll wake you up in a second! If that’s too harsh for your system, Daleah’s offers a digestive juice, which is hot fresh ginger lemon water with a dash of honey. Browse the menu and pick one of the many drool-worthy options!

Our pick: The breakfast pita, which is filled with eggs, halloumi, bacon and tomato.

Address: 6 De Beer Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

The Royale 

Born out of a love of Cuba’s unique culture, The Royale gives diners a little slice of the local experience in their backyard. Taking inspiration from the flavors and spices of the region, the menu is carefully curated, offering a selection of the best Cuban dishes. Complimenting the restaurant is an award-winning bar with a wide selection of freshly mixed cocktails and cigars on offer.

Our pick: Pretty straight forward: get the shareable platter. It comes with four burgers, a mound of chips, sticky ribs and tangy chicken wings and slaw. Add some Tobasco sauce (and maybe a bloody mary) into the mix and you'll live to fight another day.

Address: 357 Jan Smuts Avenue, Corner St. Alban's Road, Craighall Park, Craighall, Johannesburg.

Hangover Food

MR. George

It used to be called JB's Corner, but now it's Mr. George. Fortunately, it's the same owner, just with a new look and feel. Do yourself a favour and brave the traffic to Melrose Arch and grab a seat at Mr. George along the High Street. Order a big glass of orange juice, a Creme Soda, a shot of espresso and a bloody mary. Then dig into the menu like there's no tomorrow. You'll be feeling much better come lunchtime.

Our pick: Big breakfast with all the trimmings.

Address: 3 The, The High St, Melrose, Johannesburg, 2196

Service Station

Service Station’s eggs are truly delicious - in fact, they are reason enough to pay this place a visit. Whether you want a classic combo or a breakfast sandwich, you’ll find the right meal for you. Start off with a freshly-pressed juice to get some nutrients back into your body and feel better!

Our pick: Weekend brioche French toast with mascarpone and berries.

Address: Bamboo Centre, Corner of 9th Street and Rustenberg Road, Melville, Johannesburg.