If you want to treat yourself to something different and unexpected, then here is something for you. It's time to indulge and treat yourself to a well deserved-pamper session.

We all love to look good, but sometimes we don't know where to begin. So we have found a few places where you can treat yourself with some TLC.

The Brow Studio

Brows - The Brow Studio

The Brow Studio, situated in Melrose Arch, is precisely what the name suggests. They specialise in all things brows. They shape, correct, colour and tattoo eyebrows.

The Brow Studio has a lot of treatments to choose from, including something for the gents.



AFRICOLOGY is one of the best spots to treat yourself with a relaxing facial. They offer multiple treatments that focus on making your skin feel and look great.

AFRICOLOGY offers nourishing products made with the best organic ingredients, that feel and smell amazing.

Franco International Sandton City

Hair - Franco International

Franco International is situated in the fabulous Sandton City, and has become a popular hairdressing spot for many.

Give your hair a bit of love, whether it's a simple haircut, subtle highlights or a wild colour combination.

Beauty The Zone @ Rosebank

Add On Treat - MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics is one of the most well-known brands in the make-up industry.

For the best make-up and endless options when it comes to products, make it your priority to visit one of their studios.

MAC offers quality products and professional make-up artists, which is the best combination for anyone who loves make-up.

And there is our guide to giving yourself a well-deserved treat.

The minute people hear the word "wax", they automatically assume being completely bare. I think before we make a hasty decision of dropping the idea of waxing altogether - let's explore a few of treatments available that you could try.

Truth of the matter is, a lot of people would prefer to rather not wax because we're just scared of the pain, however the select few have seen the light and are getting out of their comfort and trying new things but the question still stands: to wax or not to wax?

I'm going to literally rip it like a wax and tell you the truth. It can be quite daunting preparing yourself to go for a wax when the idea of pain gives you the heebie-jeebies, but one way to ease the pain is keeping in mind the benefits.

In the case that maybe you are misinterpreting the idea of waxing, waxing does not necessarily mean removing absolutely everything, it can vary depending on what your preference is.

Article - Wax or Not To Wax

Take It All Off

Some people prefer a full-on Brazilian wax, so basically that means removing everything - like completely! For those who have the courage, this one is for you, honey! Be ready to feel liberation.

Take Some Of It Off

A good trim never hurt nobody, if you just want to patch here and there, then this is definitely your kind of thing. Your bikini will thank you for this one. (Gents, I'm not excluding you from waxing. Yes, you heard right! Guys wax, too - we will get back to that in a bit)

Take It All Off...Forever

Ever heard of laser treatment? This is how you can remove and never get it back. Laser treatments have become a thing because they are easy to do and it's easy to keep your result. It's not for everyone, but its definitely something to explore. If you are clueless about where to begin, here's a kickstart.

Take None Of It Off...But Groom!

I think we are all familiar with this one, its probably the simplest to manage. No wax, just groom. There isn't much to babble on about - one perk though you can enjoy when it comes to this is that you avoid the itch when all your "naturals"start to grow back ūüėĀ

Waxing For Gents

Guys! Reality is, guys have also joined the train and are waxing away. Trust me when I say, you won't feel less of a man by waxing. It's absolutely normal to be a metrosexual and actually love yourself. Don't get me wrong, i'm not saying go for a Brazilian but grooming is important.

Article - Wax or Not To Wax

Extra Perk

You can look at how to tame those brows at The Brow Studio


Tammy Taylor Nails 81onCorlett

Hidden in the heart of Melrose and just a stone's throw away from buzzing Melrose Arch sits Tammy Taylor Nails at 81onCorlett. This gem was designed with love, passion and warmth and offers visitors a serene haven to indulge in a pamper session or four. They offer a variety of treatments to soothe, rejuvenate and beautify, including waxing, massages, facials, hand and feet spoils and lash extensions!

Details:¬†www.tammytaylor81oncorlett.com |¬†011 568 7537 |¬†[email protected] |¬†81 Corlett Drive, Birnam, Johannesburg.

Allure Lashes and Aesthetics

Brows and lashes are definitely the features that frame and accentuate our face, which is why Allure Lashes and Aesthetics offers exceptional eye services at great prices. From lash lifts and microblading to permanent makeup, spray tans and your choice of classic or volume lashes, you're bound to walk out looking and feeling like a new person. You can get your initial full set of volume lashes for R950* and classic lashes for R750* (both of which will take two hours to apply). After that, you can opt for a fill if you want to keep your lashes on fleek (the initial set will last two to three weeks) or get them removed. There is also a deposit needed to secure your booking.

Details:¬†www.allurelashes.co.za |¬†011 029 4422 OR¬†061 533 6940 |¬†[email protected] |¬†Stonewedge Office Park, Block C, First Floor, 01 Wedgewood Link Road, Bryanston, Johannesburg

Lash extensions

Lash & Brow Bar

The name says it all. Lash & Brow Bar is the place for matters of the eyes. When it comes to lash extensions specifically, you can take your pick from a classic set (R778* per new set) or a volume set (R889* per new set). Fills cost between R333* - R495* depending on how long you've had your lashes (between one to three weeks) and as for removal, it'll cost R111 at the studio. If you're unsure about whether lash extensions are for you, they have an really informative FAQ here.

Details: www.lashandbrowbar.co.za |¬† 011 463 8471 |¬†[email protected] |¬†131 Wilton Avenue, Bryanston, Johannesburg

Wink & Whisper

For a lash and brow professional that pays attention to detail, make sure you make a booking with Falon at Wink & Whisper in Sandton. She specialises in microblading and various lash extension techniques to ensure that your eyelashes and eyebrows look absolutely flawless. Book yourself in for an accentuating lash lift (R500*, takes 30-45 minutes and lasts 6-8 weeks) 6D microblading (R1 900*) or a full set of fluffy and natural looking Russian volume lash extensions (R1 100*).

Details: www.facebook.com |¬†072 034 6056 |¬†[email protected] |¬†52 Kingfisher Drive
Sandton, Johannesburg.

The Brow Studio

The Brow Studio in Melrose Arch specialises in the shaping, correcting, colouring and tattooing of eyebrows, and they also beautify lashes. Not so long ago, our beauty enthusiast, Kim, paid them a visit to give her brows and lashes a new lease on life, and she was thrilled! Read her review here. Other than giving clients stunning brows and fan-like lashes, they also offer permanent makeup, microblading, manis and pedis and, of course, lash extensions. Give yours a little oomph with either a classic (R1 050*) or volume (R1 500*) set.

Details: www.thebrowstudio.co.za |¬†082 928 0088 |¬†[email protected] |¬†Shop 11, The High Street
Melrose Arch, Johannesburg

Lash extensions

Head To Toe Beauty Spa

Kim had her lash extensions done here not so long ago, and she was absolutely head-over-heels with her 'new' fluffy, long and luxurious lashes. It took about two and bit hours, but the end result was definitely well worth the time investment. Here, you can get your full set of lash extensions for R650*. A fill will cost R370* and removal is R150*. Other than the lovely lashes, they also offer a wide range of beauty treatments. Give their website a squiz to see what else they offer.

Details:¬†www.headtotoebeautyspa.com |¬†011 792 5799 |¬†[email protected] |¬†7 Philip Le Roux Avenue, Malanshof, Randburg, Johannesburg

Bloom & Bare

For a luxurious pamper experience, make sure you make an appointment at Bloom and Bare, situated in the little suburb of Boskruin at the Boskruin Village Shopping Centre. They offer a range of treatments that'll leave you feeling relaxed, spoilt and rejuvenated. There's everything from waxing, facials and brow treatments, to manis and pedis, peels, massages and lash extensions (individual lash extensions which lasts 4-6 weeks, R650*). Their fully trained therapists are committed to offering a lush experience along with attention to detail.

Details:¬†www.bloomandbare.co |¬†011 516 0051 |¬†[email protected] |¬†1st Floor, Boskruin Village Centre, President Fouche Drive, Boskruin, Randburg, Johannesburg

Lash extensions

If there is one thing I'm protective of, it's my eyebrows. Not only because I have heard SO many horror stories of ladies over-plucking their brows, brows never growing back or being scalded by extremely hot wax. But also because I'm a survivor of a brow tragedy (not self inflicted though). Too much peroxide and a whole lot of burning equals losing your eyebrows and months of regrowth. I'm lucky they grew back unscathed!

It has been many months (perhaps years, I lost count) since that tragic incident, so I thought it was time to pluck up the courage (excuse the pun) to try again and get my eyebrows shaped and tinted by a NEW and QUALIFIED brow professional. So, when a few of my girl friends recommended I go to The Brow Studio, I thought I'd give them a try. Heck, why not go all out and do an eyebrow tint and shaping AND lash tint! After all, my friends' eyebrows and lashes looked amazing, so they must be profesh!


The studio is small but oh-so-modern and sleek in it's design and decor. Think black decor and furnishings against a light grey backdrop. While waiting for my appointment with my brow specialist angel, Dudu, I took a good look around and sussed out their treatment list. What put me at ease the most was the fact that The Brow Studio specialises in the shaping, correcting, colouring and tattooing of eyebrows. Which means they know exactly what they were doing when it comes to eyebrows. A few treatments that caught my eye were:


Now, for those who don't know, I'm blonde. So blonde, in fact, that my eyebrows and lashes are far too fair to see without any sort of enhancement. Practically invisible. If I didn't tint them or fill them in with makeup, you probably wouldn't know they existed (brow-shadow and mascara are my BFFs).

Here are a few before shots of my nonexistent brows and lashes so you can see the difference once they're tinted. Don't laugh!



Dudu did an amazing job and brought new life to my nonexistent and neglected brows and lashes! She talked me through the process (which I appreciated considering my last brow experience ended in a catastrophe), plucked where necessary, pinpointed my brows' problem areas, tinted every single brow and lash hair (every hair counts, right?) and made me feel as comfortable as possible with some lighthearted chitchat. She even gave me a bit more insight about microblading, which has been on my bucket list for the last year or so. I think that might be my next adventure!

Once I got to see my beautiful "new" eyebrows and lashes, I was surprised and oh-so-happy. It's amazing what a little bit of shaping and tinting can do with the help of a brow angel! I happily walked out of there without a smidgen of makeup on my face. And the cost wasn't too bad either (R370* for an eyebrow shape and tint and lash tint combo). It's needless to say that I'll be visiting Dudu again in the future, when my brows and lashes need some sprucing up. I love the fact that I don't need to waste time fussing over my brows or apply some mascara in the mornings. It's liberating!

Here are the after shots... excuse the tint in the pores (oops!)



For More Information

For more information about The Brow Studio and their treatments, visit¬†www.thebrowstudio.co.za, call 082 928 0088, or email [email protected].

You can also make your bookings online at www.myappointment.co.za.

Don't forget to check them out on Instagram and Twitter.