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Glamping Glamour: Affordable Vs Upmarket Glamping

Splurge Tented Adventures The Glamping experience that Tented Adventures offers consists of snug accommodation in sturdy canvas-constructed tents. The best thing about this experience is that you don't need to sacrifice comfort for the roughness of outdoor adventure. Fortunately for fanatics, Tented Adventures is currently at two destinations: Pilansberg and the mighty Kruger National Park. These […]

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An Amazing & Authentic Safari Experience With Tented Adventures

Escape To The Bush Living in the city means we get carried away in the daily swirl of life all too easily. We long for an escape from our usual routine of traffic jams, ringing phones, tedious chores and absolute exhaustion. We crave the solitude, tranquillity and the raw beauty only the bush can offer. The […]

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Exploring Small/Medium Enterprises With Lucid Ventures

Section 12 J of the Income Tax Act was introduced in 2008 to stimulate much-needed equity funding for small and medium-sized enterprises. What makes this attractive for investors is that they get a 100% tax deduction against their investment into a Section 12 J venture capital company. This has a positive impact on the South […]

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