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Visit Random Harvest Indigenous Plant Nursery In Level 3 Lockdown

You don't have to be a green fingered garden enthusiast to enjoy a plant nursery. I often visit my local nursery simply to take in a breath of fresh air and enjoy nature. However after months of being cooped at home, I've felt the call to go out and explore a little further. Of course, […]

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Urban Gardening Thrives At The JFF Rooftop Farm

Living in the inner city certainly has its perks - the bright city lights, lofty apartments and the best secret party venues. However, there is rarely ever the space to grow your own garden in these cramped quarters. That's why in recent years we've been hearing a lot more about urban gardening. Not only does […]

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The Open Gardens Meander 2018!

What Is It? With Spring about to be sprung on us, why not get some stunning garden inspiration at the Johannesburg Garden Club's Open Gardens Meander? Five previously unseen gardens will be made open to the public this September to raise funds for a wonderful cause – the Johannesburg Child Welfare. With sustainable gardening more popular than ever, […]

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